The mass death of seals in the Bering Strait



MOSCOW, Dec 21 — RIA Novosti. The mass death of seals in the Bering Strait, according to scientists, is caused by a virus, like "bird flu," according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA (NOAA).

Pathogen group A influenza virus was found in five of the 162 who died in the New England pinnipeds, the report said. The strain identified as H3N8, scientists believe that it belongs to the same group of pathogens that the virus of "bird flu." Moreover, as the report says, the probability of transfer of "seal" of the virus

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Troop Navy SEALs

"Navy SEALs" — an elite group of special purpose, which is involved in operations in at least some areas. A special emphasis is placed on training and equipping the unit for operations in coastal and marine criteria. Title «SEAL» («Navy SEALs") is the acronym for the titles of localities in which squad has been training: Sea — Air — Land (sea — air — ground). Their small, perfectly cooked squad silently conducting night operations of local significance. "Seals" are deployed around the world in order to protect the interests of municipalities. "Navy SEALs" and their high-speed boat, operated by staff

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A seal slaughter nearing rush hour


6.01.12.Vremya the last week of January to the beginning of the second decade of March could be the most deadly to the Caspian seal herds.

During this period, the female seals flock to the ice of the North Caspian Sea, where the need to give, like a thousand years ago, the new offspring. To his misfortune, "hospital" Caspian seals located in the North Caspian oil operations of the project, which is developing super-giant Kashagan oil field.

Deadly next season delivery of Caspian seals stanetiz kickoff-growing activity of the Kashagan consortium. On the basis of the marine oil operations artificial

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A mysterious disease is killing seals in Alaska. Photo


13.10.11. Unknown illness, probably caused by a virus, struck ringed seals (ringed seals) off the coast of Alaska, killing a lot of animals in July of this year.

Sick seals that independently selected on the Arctic coast, began to notice in July. According to the Department of Environment of the North Slope (North Slope), with time, the number of sick animals markedly increased. About a hundred injured seals were found near Barrow, the northernmost settlement of the country, half of the animals died, told local biologists. In other regions, a vast area residents reported 146 ringed seals were chosen

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27.03.12.Massovaya death of Caspian seals in Kazakhstan


27.03.12. Recently, the number of Caspian seals is reduced. The reasons are the reduction of the human impact, and changing environmental conditions, habitat of seals in the Caspian.

In this regard, on January 20 this year, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan is monitoring the state of the seals in the coastal waters and the coastal region of the Caspian Sea. With particular emphasis on the period of their pups (mid January — mid February).

Thus, during the inspection of 25 March 2012 at 07.00 hours state inspectors Tupkaragan fish inspection department on the foreshore of

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In the north-eastern United States about a hundred seals washed ashore


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16.10.11.Na coast of New Hampshire in the northeast United States for some strange reason, the mass ejected seals, CBS reported with reference to the Associated Press.

The first dozen emissions seals found surfers.

Seals always beaching at the end of September, but this year it did four times more animals than in the past, he said the group has worked to save seals, Tony Lacasse. Since the beginning of September on the shore jumped 94 seals. On average, their age is less than a year, and they look healthy.

"It's a kind of mystery" —

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By the 22nd century in Antarctica will be the first trees

Here is the forecast for the sixth continent, which is now feeling the results of global warming: the average temperature for a half-century here grew by 3 degrees, and began to appear'Overseas "species of flora and fauna. On the one hand, it can frown and to a violation of the closed ecosystem — some professionals do exactly this. But look at the issue on a global scale: we are witnessing the evolution of a new round of Antarctic nature. And this, at least, exciting!

Long ago, Antarctica was part of Gondwanaland superkontinta and life flourished here

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In New Hampshire, killing seals, and fish


07/10/11 On the beaches of New Hampshire threw over 50 dead seals and a lot of dead tuna.

Just dead marine animals found on the beaches of Maine and Massachusetts.

Marine biologist Ellen says that the cause of death — unknown, external damage in dead birds were found. She contacted federal authorities and they will hold a formal investigation.

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In the Mediterranean, found rare seals

Archaeologists discovered a previously unknown colony of rare Mediterranean monk seals on one of the Greek islands.

This species in danger of extinction in the world there is only about 600 individuals of Mediterranean seals.

The researchers deliberately not informed about the location of the colony, so that people do not disturb the occupants.

This is the only place in the region, where the seals are on the beach, and do not hide in sea caves along the coast.

Alexandros Karamanlidis, which is the scientific coordinator of the Greek community to protect monk seals (Mom / Hellenic Society), said that

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The massive sea of seals in the Caspian Sea continues


16.05.11. Mass marine seals on the Caspian Sea coast continues. In Mangistau region was found about 50 carcasses of dead animals, the message spread independent environmentalists. Veterinarians are in no hurry to make any conclusions about the new deaths of marine animals. According to them, the situation may become clearer after the examination of the internal organs in the metropolitan veterinary center.

Only a week ago in the same region near the village of Bautino were also found dead seals — more than ten carcasses. It is worth noting that over the last decade in the Caspian killed

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