Search for life.

The five most important people in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Every month we hear of incredible new exoplanets in planetary systems seemingly like our own, and we learn more in the search for past or present microbial life as missions like Curiosity gain worldwide attention, but for some reason the notion that we might be just one intelligent race among many is yet to receive much support from the public at large.

Many people today still seem to have the same opinion that was prevalent in the mid to late 20th Century, that aliens are something that belong only

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Make Yourself Automatic Music Search System

Automatic music search system, popularly called AMSS*, is nowadays incorporated in many commercially available cassette recorders. With AMSS one can skip the present music or go to the starting point of the presently played music by pressing ‘Cue (FF)’ or ‘Rew’ keys. This reduces repeated cueing and rewing of tape in order to reach the desired point of the tape.

AMSS does not require elaborate circuitry, but the mechanical modifications necessary in the cassette deck mechanism alienate an average electronics enthusiast. In this article, it will be shown that the mechanical modifications are not as complex as imagined and that

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«Charon» returns the names of the heroes

In Russia there are places where the land mines and shells pitted, keeps the remains of those who for nearly seven decades ago, defended our right to a free life. When you step on it, you feel what the price went to Victory in the Great Patriotic War. For the statistics of the fallen and missing — hundreds of thousands of mothers, wives, sisters, and that was not to learn the fate of their loved one.

On the eve of the anniversary of the victory in the country undergo Memory Watch and the solemn ceremonies at the disposal of the

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Find the unknown soldier

When Cadet School of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation of Alexander Nevsky to improve the effectiveness of military-patriotic work, to integrate and coordinate actions in the various fields of military education was created military-patriotic club search «Warrior.» At the root of his education was a reserve officer A. Kohanets, and the initiator and the soul of the project was Colonel Alexander Tsarev.

The main purpose of GTP «Warrior» was conducting a search operation in the field of fighting World War II. In order to gain experience, search engines «Warriors» make friends with Moscow search groups «Memory Metrostroi»

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Svetlogorsk activist in the apartment police found fertilizers

If the police saw filing cabinet to be independent of the local newspaper "The regional announcements," they have long consulted with someone on a cell phone. But it turned out that padshyvtsy there was only one instance of "Regional news". Nothing else "in the case of fertilizers," the police did not find and not taken.This is not the first search in the apartment of democratic activist. Shortly before 2006 presidential election apartment sovereign Maslyukova police found "weapons and drugs."At the end of last September Telman Masliukov was questioned as a witness in the local branch of the KGB in the

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Gomel searched the office of the regional offices of the UCP

In an interview with human rights activist and Chairman of the Gomel Regional Branch public organizations "Legal Initiative" Leonid Sudalenka noted that he connects with his search performance at the OSCE conference in Warsaw on 3-5 October."At the conference, I, as a human rights activist and public figure, twice served on the independence of arbitrators in Belarus and the freedom of mass events. OSCE conference was attended by representatives of the governments of 58 countries, including the official delegation of Belarus. Officials, of course, heard me speak," — L.Sudalenko said.According to human rights, the OSCE representatives prepared a special statement

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Gomel from computers in the office were only monitors UCP

This our Radio just said on the phone city party branch manager Andrew Tolchin: "We selected system units, as photocopiers. Blocks and took on personal computers, and even broken. I asked KGB officers, why they are not sealed data inputs and outputs of these blocks, possible thither what information you want. And they said, we have sealed the components. "On a personal home is a study of urban offices UCP. It is a legal address and the regional branch. As we reported earlier, the KGB produced a search warrant, signed by the prosecutor that area sovereign Polovinko. They uttered that

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Gomel: The search is related to the case of the Young Front

Deputy Governor of the regional branch of the United civilian party Vladimir Katsora on the phone said that this house is the legal branch of the address: "The house is currently four KGB officer (Some of them with kinakameray), Zinaida Shumilina landlady and two witnesses. The KGB produced a search warrant, signed by the prosecutor that area sovereign Polovinko. Neither I nor the UCP branch manager Andrew Tolchin they were not allowed to be in a search. KGB uttered us that check is performed within the case, which started against Homel branch "Young Front. " As I know, no relation

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Police took from Svetlogorsk communist party membership card

Militiamen been explained that the sovereign Dayneko familiar with Svetlana Mikhalchanka. She had seized leaflets devoted Soc march, and later conducted a search of the house. Militiamen raided the apartment of sovereign Dayneko, not only in his room, and the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the hall, also in the basement. Militiamen took his party card, issue of the newspaper "Comrade" forms with signatures on the nomination of the sovereign Dayneko local council members, of the newspaper "Free idea," a collection of labels, letterheads on petition campaign "For Freedom", the Congress resolution of the democratic forces and other things. •

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Svetlogorsk night searched the apartment of a minor student of YSU

Service and witnesses met minor activist early eleventh pm on the landing. Egorchenko parents were not home, but the police went to the apartment and searched.They confiscated the emperor Egorchenko notebook system unit, four white-red-white flags, Tabloid "Woodland true", "Regional News" and labels "European march".Arseny Egorchenko he graduated from high school and enrolled to study in Vilnius European Humanities Institute.Police Acts youth activist will appeal to the prosecutor’s office.

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