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You don’t always have to splash out on high-end bottles when winemakers are producing such great-value ‘ready-to-wear’ wines under their second labels.


‘diffusion labels’, in wine they’re known as ‘second labels’, the range somewhere-close-but-not-quite-at-the-top-of-the-line, offering wines of a great pedigree but not always for the same high price. Different tiers originally reflected natural differences in quality. These days, they also depict varying prices, styles and drinking occasions. Second labels are those made by a particular winemaker which, for various and usually honest reasons, aren’t as expensive as their top-tier counterpart. Due to the trickle-down effect,

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Second Generation Jets — The Need for Speed

In warfare, time is always a paramount consideration. The general rule appears to be if you can operate at tempos above that of your enemy, you gain and hold the initiative.

In the Second World War time was critical as it gave the defenders the opportunity to climb to a suitable altitude from which to gain speed and engage the enemy. However; as jet fighters started to evolve, tactics became driven more by the closing speeds between an air defender and an incoming threat.

If the enemy aircraft was thought to be carrying a nuclear warhead, it became even more

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Second Turkish Peace Eagle 737 Delivered to TAI

TUSAS AIRCRAFT Industries (TAI) took delivery at its facility in Ankara, Turkey, on October 2 of the second Boeing 737 for conversion by TAI under the Peace Eagle airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) programme for the Turk Hava Kuwetleri (THK -Turkish Air Force). The aircraft, Boeing 737-7ES N362BJ/1979 (c/n 33964), left Sussex County Airport, at Georgetown, Delaware, on September 29, routing via Bangor, Maine, and Rome/Ciampino, Italy, before arriving in Ankara on October 2.

Although the first aircraft, N356BJ/1614 (c/n 33962), was converted by Boeing in the USA, the remaining three of the four on firm order will be

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Two decades after first seeing it, Paula and Gary Yallop bought and extended their dream rural home

Paula and Gary Yallop first spotted their impressive home near Guildford, in Surrey, more than 20 years ago. They loved it on sight, but had to stop themselves buying it, firstly because their two daughters, Keeley and Danielle, needed to stay close to their school and friends, and secondly, because the couple were unable to sell their own property.

However, Gary never forgot about this dream house nestling in nearly four acres of land, so eight years ago, the couple drove down the

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Solo for the second violin.

What a child draws us to the theater, the arts, philosophy married mischief? Perhaps the brutality of real existence. Nature play something close to human — his life is limited in time. But did not get applause for fussy meal of past days, we buy a paper ticket entrance and go to the theater, as in the Emerald City, where he lives Goodwin Great and Powerful, it will fulfill all. And as well as behind the scenes turns out that the force endowing the Tin Woodman heart, courage, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow straw mind, born through the sometimes

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Hasselblad Announces Second Consumer Camera

Following up on the promises it made at P h o t o k i n a 2012, Hasselblad has released details of a second consumer-level digital camera, this time a fixed lens compact. The new Hasselblad Stellar continues the company’s co-operation with Sony and is largely based on the letters DSC-RX100 model, but with a different finish and a choice of sculpted handgrips in six different materials. The body shell is aluminium. The Stellar follows the Lunar which is based on Sony’s NEX-7 compact system camera and is just becoming available in Australia at selected outlets.

The Stellar uses

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In «KUGE» second.

The second generation Ford Kuga just quarreled with his son Dmitry Sirotkin are presenting to your attention a fascinating account of his hatred, confusion and sleepiness.

This machine I will remember for a long time: Kuga is the first car that drove me to distraction. And all thanks to the trunk opening without using their hands. My three year old son Roma view opens with a wave of his legs back door led to such an indescribable joy that pull him from the continuous kicking rear bumper crossover was not easy: a child raised wildest op as I tried

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In the coming weekend at Ohio State will make its own final flight of the famous bomber since the 2nd World War II B-29. «For their survivability and firepower of these rotorcraft called» Superfortress » / Superfortress /. After almost 70 years, the plane, named fighters gentle French naming «Phi Phi» until that time flies, as in the old-timey «- said Fox News Channel now second bomber pilot Paul Mapin. He noted that the aircraft took part in battles during the second world war, namely, the Japanese bombed the town of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. «Phi Phi» — The last of

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The Pentagon intends to purchase 71 F-35 fighter

U.S. Department of Defense reached the preparatory agreement with the American company Lockheed Martin for the supply of fighter F-35 Lightning II second and seventh installment of small batch production. As reported by Defense News, a total difficulties the military wants to acquire 71 combat aircraft.   Fighters will be ordered for the United States, Australia, Italy, Norway and England. In the sixth installment will include 36 small-scale production of combat aircraft, and in the seventh — 35.   Deliveries will begin in the midst of fighters 2014 and mid-2015 respectively.   Clear price F-35 has not been disclosed, but

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Your choice: more readable materials Sunday

First Lebedko: "This is the best action of opposition" In the second Synkavitskay church now sounded "God Almighty" 3rd Minsk commemorates victims of Stalin’s repression Fourth "Names of Freedom" — the new presentation 5th Week in Belarus in photo: 22 — 30 SeptemberIra Kazulina choice — national editor this weekFirst "Prague accent": in Europe — means Pyatkevich Saakashvili Second Parafyanovo: "The meaning of the farmers — to steal, to drive, to drink" Third in the regions police hunted for leaflets and newspapers Spouses Giusto fourth-Bornachin wrote a letter to Vicky Frost 5th Week in Belarus in photo: 22 — 30

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