There is no death — Secret academician Bekhterev

January 4, 2012 23:56

In late 1924 the authorities thought about creating a secret laboratory to study Lenin's brain, which was to solve the mystery of the "Kremlin superman."

Later wrote futurist Malik Pasha, who was aware of this work, Lenin's brain "is, of course, the prototype of the brain coming superman." In fact, we talked about the fact that in the future to develop a method of superman Soviet Superman. That's the main interest was the power!

At the board meeting, chaired by the OGPU Felix Dzerzhinsky dealt with the study of

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Strange to say, the secret society. (30.03.2012)

War, bloody coups, assassination loud, violent revolution — each of these tragic events is the official version. But, according to some researchers, the real truth is known only to the elect, members of secret societies that control the world …


Russian Alaska. The mystery of the transaction. watch online

The Secret meeting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been appointed to day or hour. It was only so called "narrow circle of" insiders: Minister of Foreign Affairs prince Gorchakov, salting of in the American Edward de Stoeckl, the brother of the king of the majestic prince Konstantin. Last in himself Emperor Alexander II. The question that was discussing a "special meeting"Was a hidden and very unusual. After a little discussion, Edward de Stoeckl was entrusted to tell the U.S. government that our homeland is ready to cede Alaska … Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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Secrets of cooking barbecue watch online

Residing in the country is impossible to imagine without proper rest kebabs on the most fresh air — it's a tradition tyscham known to many people. Bungled the savory meat dish everyone is able to, but you have to know some secrets of barbecue.

Food and products

Secret signs. Tarot: 78 mysteries of fate. Documentary

According to legend, tarot created priests of Atlantis, to preserve and pass on to those most intimate knowledge. With these maps, you can not just tell fortunes, but also love to solve problems, to solve the dreams put precise medical diagnosis. To touch the mysteries of the future, rather spread out on the table tarot cards in a specific order.

However, experts warn: do not touch the cards without proper training. A deck of tarot cards is not forgiving, and can severely punish inexperienced experimenter. Look online documentary "Secret signs. 78 mysteries of fate"

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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Secret Plan


There are secret plans behind every aspect of our lives, which, once supposed to be apart. Science appears unfinished and unpredictable. Politicians are outside the protection of the confidentiality of national security, undermining people's privacy. Corporate America has become a "corporate Earth", as any national sovereignty at the very top of it is compromised by several wealthy families.

The formation of a trick to disguise the true history of the planet. Media produced to manipulate all the current events in the world. Sports and entertainment distract people and subconsciously affect the emotions color and sound, using sacred geometry

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Military Secret (04/09/2012)

Yuri Gagarin: the mystery of the death of the first cosmonaut. Second Chechen Chronicles of trench warfare. American artillery against Russian: who wins? "Pandora's box": a unique missile system, which can not be traced. In neighboring galaxy found an exact copy of our Earth. Wild West: The Truth about American cowboys and gangsters. Secrets of Russian grenades: check for yourself. The Unknown War: amazing naval battles. Human evolution: how a person will look like in a few centuries? Secret signs: why wheat fields appear mysterious circles?

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The phenomenon of out of body


Author: Stanislav DOCTOR

Collage B. Krestyaninov

Scientists have been trying to comprehend the phenomenon of "out of body", which is the most frequently recorded in the state of clinical death. Professor of Medicine Michael Sabom at Emory University in the U.S. thoroughly investigated 116 such cases, matching the description of the post-temporal death with what is actually happening at a time when they were on the "other side." The results of the study led to the conclusion that the soul after death of the physical body continues to exist while maintaining the

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Military secret. 23 days unconscious watch online

Why beaten fighter threw breathe in the basement of the barracks. Ordered, "Do not breathe". As a soldier managed to single-handedly fight off an attack by militants military echelon. Ships invisible. Where are developing a tool of the future. Who taught our rockets soar from the sea floor. New developments of Russian scientists. As sta immortal. Tumudo. Style of martial arts from Korea closed monasteries.

The military secret — a series of programs

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Is there a single organization of secret detention?

June 11, 1903 Filippov sent to the newspaper "St. Petersburg Vedomosti" letter in which he said that from his youth was thinking about how to stop the war. "I have made a discovery, practical design that actually abolish war …

In the conduct of war in the distance, I have said, the war is madness and should be abolished. I will publish the details of the fall in Memoirs of the Academy of Sciences. " The next day, the unique 45-year-old man was killed in his own laboratory. The manuscript, which contained mathematical calculations and the experimental

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