Secret of Nikola Tesla. Online

An excellent feature film about the life of the genius of the 20th century: Nikola Tesla. recommended for viewing.

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Mystery Men in Black (Live 08.03.2012) online

Has a prototype characters from the movie "Men in Black" have been taken from real-life secret agents of organizations conducting research on UFOs, aliens and all that is connected with it. I propose to look very much not a bad film in this thread: Watch Mystery Men in Black (Live 08.03.2012:


In the Urals, filed for transmission of hidden objects pledged to the bank

The Investigation Division of Yekaterinburg commenced proceedings under part 3 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code (abuse of official capacity with serious consequences). The occasion was the transfer of some special secret face of the defense of property pledge Savings Bank of Kazakhstan.

According to the investigation, beyond the Ural Institute of Law was enshrined in the lifelong use (for operational management) 11-real estate second Yekaterinburg apartment-operational part of the Ministry of Defence and the ground area of 99 hectares within the area of 97th military city. With all of this military property had a "secret" and "very secret."

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German dishes and secret project V-3

Author: Vl. Zolotukhin UIGGM SB RAS, Novosibirsk

In the scientific and popular literature, discussed in detail the German secret projects "V-2" (A-4) to establish a controlled ballistic missile with liquid rocket engine (LRE), under the guidance of renowned specialists: Wernher von Braun and K. Riedel (Rocket Center in Dornberger Peenemunde — the island of Usedom, most often on the documents he was designated as a "Peenemunde-Ost"). Around the same time, in early 1942, another group of designers from the Air Force developed the project, which received the designation flying bomb FZG-76, later called "V-1" (polygon BBC "Peenemunde-West") (1). But the

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Aryan project for Europe. Continued Part 2

The idea was simple: to plunge the Western society in the long-term Troubles. Weaken the economic and military might of the West through the seduction of the mystical East. Toss in the European field of spiritual quest weed occult knowledge.

None of the participants had no doubt of a secret project undertaken in luck case. Eastern mysticism, was read by them as fuel for a string of suicide shocks Western society. Looking ahead, we note: the most optimistic among the conspirators could not suspect their involvement in the global redistribution of the world in the twentieth century. It was

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In ancient times, the aliens were flying silver shields




Today, July 2, humans celebrate the International Day of UFOs. On the "hot line" with readers in honor of this holiday, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has invited the country's main ufologist Boris Shurinova

Throughout the world, many people who believe we are not

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Secrets of the Maya Underworld. Online

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Secret site: Guests of parallel worlds (2012) online

Good day. There is a theory that the world is multi-dimensional, ie there are many parallel to ours. Ghosts, evil spirits dwell in some of them, but sometimes they find a way to sneak into our world. And then we see the unexplainable …

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Secret territory. Pyramids. Extraterrestrial technology. Online

Ether 09.11.2012. According to some scholars, the ancient pyramids — it's high-tech facilities. Among the findings of archaeologists have items whose origins are as mysterious as the history of the construction of the pyramids.

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Secret territory. UFO. Forbidden Technologies. Online.

The film tells the story of the long-developed, but not implemented new technologies. Ask why not implemented? Because those who supply the entire world with gas and oil that never will admit. Development of Nikola Tesla, alien technology, and more! Also learn why UFOs visit our planet.

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