We’ve shown you how to secure your user account and how to protect yourself from fraudulent website trickery, but you keep files on external drives as well, be it on a Time Machine backup or a thumb drive that you carry around.


Even if you have enabled FileVault on OS X, your Time Machine backups will not be encrypted. For OS X to encrypt your Time Machine backups, you’ll need to opt-in; unless you explicitly tell Time Machine to encrypt your backups, then the files from your Mac will be backed up in a way

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From the history of standardization

At the beginning of the XX century, almost all machine-building factories had their own branch of fasteners, but it was costly and inefficient production. Standards are not adhered to, respectively, and the quality of products was low. During the First World War in the United States and then in Europe have been set up factories for the production of fasteners. American experts in the field of industrial development were convinced that the key to success will be the specialization of enterprises.

Fasteners are the most common machine parts and structures. Only threaded fasteners account for about 60% of the

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Krichevsky district — a favorite in the theft of fuel from the pipeline

Criminal investigator Misha Myashkura Krichevsky police department refused to allow him our conversation was taped. Because in the presentation refer to the information afterdny theft — the third in that area. Preceding group of criminals hit the dock. Among them were watchmen pipeline.Now police search does not work. And local residents intensively discussions are his version. "Here it is necessary to such equipment, that the poor are not on pockets — you need a large fuel truck, pump, and almost everything else, also special knowledge. This theft — it hutkabagatyh people. They tend to be secured.’s And go to this"

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