We’ve covered all our bases in terms of data security, but what about the physical security of our machine? What happens if we lose it, misplace it, or it gets stolen? Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to combat these scenarios, as well. Let’s take a look at the options.


Most all Macs include what’s known as a «Kensington Lock» port. This security port allows you to lock down your Mac using a simple cable that’s similar to a bicycle lock. You can get very fancy locks with all kinds of bells and whistles,

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The development of means of signaling and communication (1838-1938 gg.).

The period in which the alarm can be regarded as the end of the 30s, 40s and early 50s of the last century. It was the construction of the first railways in Russia — Tsarskoye Selo, St. Petersburg-Moscow. Tsarskoye Selo road was opened to traffic in 1838 Researches and construction of St. Petersburg-Moscow road lasted from 1842 to 1851

Measures to ensure traffic safety on the road Tsarskoye Selo were very primitive. A certain K., published in the magazine «Weekly new time» N2 for 83 in 1880 his memoirs, he wrote: «As the locomotive whistles were the terror of the

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Five safety tips for small businesses

Cybercriminals do not leave any of his attention, even the smaller companies. By the week of the National Small and Medium Business Administration, we have prepared a few tips to help small businesses protect their data from intruders, and its customers — from malicious programs.

Guided by a common false beliefs, many small business owners are hiding their heads in the sand like ostriches. «With me it will not happen» — they convince themselves, when they hear about the targeted attacks, phishing and sophisticated malware. «My business is too small to be of interest to criminals» — they argue in

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Security Premium

«FIGHT armor and shells» continues!

In this case, the logical to think that we are talking about the armor. And if you do not go to a highway tank terminology, Alligator S-500 — is a combination of all known types of armor power, punch which probably just does not make sense — are some alternative ways to weaning of private property, which is for the car. However, it is the methods from the arsenal of whether citizen Bender, whether Mr. Al Capone, in any case, beyond the range of interests the readers of this publication …

And so, in

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Train safety in the Automation and Remote Control.

West Siberian Railway — the main transport artery of Siberia. It passes through five regions of the Russian Federation. Constituting 7% of the length of the network, 20% highway performs network-wide load and 12% of turnover. The road serves the largest complex in the Kuzbass coal, and coal is about 70% of its structure loading. An important role in the rhythm of traffic plays a farming automation and remote control, which maintains uninterrupted operation of signaling systems and traffic safety. The scope of work for the whole economy in 2007 exceeded 4225 tehn. u For six months of this

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The new European safety standard escalators and passenger conveyors

Information of the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 209 «Lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors and lifting platforms for people with disabilities»

May 29, 2008 by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) approved a new European standard «Safety of escalators and moving walks — Part 1: Units and installations» EN 115-1: 2008. The document, prepared by the Technical Committee CEN / TC 10 «Lifts, escalators and passenger conveyors», from December 2009 to replace standard EN 115: 1995, well known in Russia by adapting it «Recommendation on the design and installation of floor escalators and passenger conveyors» RD 10-172-97 Gosgortechnadzor Russia.

The standard

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MOSCOW — to grow flowers — blooming

Flower on the palm and around the blue of a cloudless sky …

In this symbol, there is probably an exaggeration. Moscow is considered one of the cleanest capitals in the world. It has become customary fishermen with fishing rods in the capital’s embankments, parks and gardens, full of flowers and greenery. For each Muscovite today have an average of forty-five square meters of green space, more than double the accepted norms. But Moscow is not only the center of science, art and culture, but also the largest industrial center. No one was surprised that nature coexists peacefully with

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Mobility + Security together and not always …

Grigory Vasilyev, product manager for the company «NII SOKB»

Methodology VYOD) — an inevitable trend in the development of the corporate sector ?! And always she safe?

Consumerization, BYOD, COPE — which is which?

"Consumerization" — Is the process by which employees are allowed to use consumer-grade devices for business purposes. It is believed that for the first time in the context of IT, the term was coined in 2001 by employees of research and consulting company, Leading Edge Forum, and in 2004 the same company released the first publication on the subject.

Most often the devices involved in

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Labor protection knowledge workers CC.

Publisher «Engineering» in 1985 issued a textbook for students of secondary special educational institutions «Labour protection in the data center.» The authors — G. sybarite, NN Skolotnev VK Vasin, VN Naginaev, -Problems labor protection in the context of the scientific and technical progress, and intensification of production are very serious. The technological revolution, which determines productivity growth and to facilitate human labor, is associated also with the negative factors in the growth of industrial injuries, fire hazards and occupational diseases. These circumstances largely determine the relevance of this book, which is a summary of modern scientific achievements in the

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Before the rail are important tasks for better meet the needs of the economy and population in transportation. Implementation of these objectives is largely determined by the coordinated work of all parts of the transport conveyor, in which the signaling and communication sector plays a major role.

The main purpose of railway automatics and connection is to improve road capacity and safety of trains. These functions will be more successful, the more reliable devices will work. Reliability also depends on the adopted system of maintenance of theoretical and practical training, observance of labor and technological discipline.

As the main


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