Approximation to the truth

In the film «Poem of Wings» retained the name of the hero, Andrei Tupolev, and the portrait likeness with him. It is safe! I cited to meet with Tupolev, unfortunately, rarely, but enough to argue that the way to get close. Sociability, ease of use, deliberate coarseness, some forgetfulness and at the same time focus. It — Tupolev!

But to show the creative process (what, apparently, the authors sought in part) and ten series is hardly possible. I remember, as a group of researchers working on a collection of articles about Sergey Ilyushin. It was possible, apparently, to show

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The most interesting and expressive image of the divine eye, we find by studying the symbolic images of ancient Egyptian mythology.

It is admirable: the principle of operation of the eye is used in construction and cameras! Indeed, the iris — a real aperture, which is constantly growing and shrinking, filtering and adjusting the light entering through the pupil of the eye. After passing through the cornea, aqueous humor, lens and vitreous body, the light falls on the retina. At this moment there is a surprising phenomenon -map, came to the attention of the man flipped. Thanks cones, converts the

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The Tribunal continues: disgruntled already 15

So makarom, it is clear that with an appeal to the supreme judicial institution of the country has turned 15. Earlier, the chairman of the Supreme Court Valentin Sukala read about 14 appeals, but once came in the mail. Because the Supreme Court did not rule out that there may be added a few complaints.Among those whose appeals now make out Supreme Tribunal and two representatives of one of the list of the UDF. It Alexander Apanasyuk (16th Stolin District) and Vasily Lopatin (61th Berezinski area).Supreme Tribunal also make out a complaint Larissa Shukailo Alexandra Kazakevich Tadeusz Kryuchkovsky and Yuri

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How to change the welfare of citizens of Minsk in the last three months?

Listen:Woman: "Prices actually increased."Grandma: "Everything is expensive! Eggs were 2,050 rubles, and at this point in 2150 rubles. Sausages that I always took to be 7250 rubles, and at the moment they are 8400."Man: "Not much, but life is more expensive. While we maintain. C one side, need to adjust to market relations. With On the other hand — hard, but what to do? Need to get used to this. "Lady: "I admire the bananas, the bananas rose. A utilities rose very noticeable."Man: "Creeping darazhenne goes: slowly but constantly. Surges But I have not seen. However, gasoline rose in price

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Mogilev opposition for the celebrations observed

Fifteen members of the PKB with party flags took part in the parade of veterans, rally and a theatrical performance of days to victory in Mogilev. Activists of the opposition Communist organization, more people are inclined your age at the parade distributed the newspaper "Comrade" and newsletter regional organization PKB "Komunist Mogilev." Them relentlessly watched people in civilian clothes. "In this day of victory should not be. I am convinced that no 1st Belarusian, Belarusian citizen who would not revere this prazdnichkom. Spoil it naturally here this observation can not be," — said "Freedom" Managing Regional organization PKB.Valery Berezienko  People

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If the person moves during the reading of the book out of sight, or has a "plus-" glasses, so he suffers farsightedness.Hyperopia — A violation of vision, in which deteriorates the ability to see close objects (distance 20-30 cm).

In ancient times, it is this defect of vision provided the impetus for the invention of glasses. It all began in the XV century, when there was the printing press. People who previously had no idea that difficulty seeing close up, realize that they are hard to read: the letters blurred. To help long-sighted, and have set up special glasses

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Invisibility cloak now a reality

British physicists were able to do a physical object invisible to microwave radiation. In a certain extent the result obtained is an illusion, because subject may disappear only when viewed at an angle. To achieve this effect in the visible spectrum of a person rather problematic, reports BBC.

Previous work do objects invisible only partially complete concealment could not reach. The problem lay in the fact that the ready objects with which can get an optical illusion of invisibility problem. Now, it is reported that there has been progress. Dr. David Smith and Nathan Lundy was created diamond screen which

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Eyewitness accounts of UFO 2009

Resurrection Sergei 30-11-2008V night from 29.11.08 at about 24.00 to 30.11 area Klimovsk (watched from an apartment building in the district of the 50th anniversary of October and leaving on TSNIITOCHMASH and Tube Works windows) observed unusual lights. At first it was barely noticeable points (third piece) then they became much brighter, though apparently were removed tens of kilometers from the place of observation. The lights that were disassembled, then joined horizontally, at the time of connection to a single point strongly reduced brightness and appear on top of the point object like a shadow with the outlines

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Meteorites highlight skies over Cuba, the U.S., Britain and the United Arab Emirates

Meteorites highlight skies over Cuba, the U.S., Britain and the United Arab Emirates (VIDEO)

After the "Space Attack" — the explosion of a meteorite in the sky over the Chelyabinsk — from abroad fell down reports that the fireballs in the sky were seen also in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and the United States, and even in Cuba felt like a heavenly explosion rocked building.

Thanks to DVR, luminous ball over the bay of San Francisco was recorded on camera. Runaway light was seen around eight in the evening on Friday, reports the NY

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Invisible northern lights

© Todd Salat | AuroraHunter |

February 14, 2013. Some species of the northern (polar) lights can be fixed only with the camera. They are called conditionally visible — they are so weak that they see with the naked eye, it is simply impossible.

This photo provided by NASA-owned website "astronomical image of the day", made in autumn 2012 near Anchorage (Alaska, USA). At the time of the shooting shine Green can be easily discerned in the sky without special equipment, but shine red color was observed only with the camera with a 20 second exposure. The

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