Seismologists all countries unite!

Ross Stein (photo by James Brown / From J to B.)

June 20, 2013. In a dark room eight seismologists from Albania and the former Yugoslav republics listen attentively Ross Stein of the U.S. Geological Survey, which explains how the geological compression in some places the rock is moving upward along the fault, and in the other — the side. The suppressed until then energy can cause severe shock like the one in July 1963 killed more than a thousand residents of the Macedonian capital of Skopje. The scientists map the Balkans, bristling with pointers to possible earthquake

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Site Update — On-line monitoring

We have opened a new page with seysmomonitorami — watch here.

Starnitsa collected on several seismic services that show real-time earthquake on the planet. These cards represent or attempt to reflect the real picture of the earthquake.

And anyone interested in statistics on earthquakes (1990-2009 years) looks here.

Various analytical articles that deserve special attention: · Australia sinks into the ocean · U.S. goes under water · China is building a huge underground bunkers for evacuation in case of earthquakes · In 2011-2015, there is a high seismic activity · In the U.S., possibly an earthquake in the Mississippi Delta

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New Kamchatka

At the end of 2010 between the Ministry of Construction of the Kamchatka Territory and Federal State Unitary Enterprise "GUSS" Dalspetsstroy "a contract for the construction of a neighborhood housing development in the area of Northeast Highway Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

The construction was completed in December 2011 to build 17 homes on 3 to 12 floors 768 apartments to move people out of buildings that are not subject seymousileniyu.

Also within the framework of the federal program "Improving the sustainability of housing, essential facilities and life support systems in seismic regions of the Russian Federation for 2009-2014" in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is

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On SSHHPP set a new seismic sequence

As explained in the press service of the Sayano-installed equipment "… will allow for monitoring of the dynamic state of hydraulic structures and the registration of earthquakes." Moreover, data recording system will be maintained continuously and automatically. According to the information provided about the new equipment and its capabilities in comparison with the old: now in the updated seismometric complex involving 22 special pavilion, located in the dam body and intended for the seismic equipment. Previously, the station was used only 7 of these pavilions. The old system was in standby mode and ran when a seismic event

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In the Magadan region launched a project to develop offshore oil and gas

License for geological survey of Magadan Magadan-1-2-3 and Magadan owns OAO NK "Rosneft". The total area of the three sections of the order of 47 thousand square meters. m The total project cost is estimated at 416.5 billion rubles. The resource potential of the three sections of the preliminary forecast of 2.6 billion tons.? Depths of the sea in the area of the work is 50-300 meters.

In the 2013 field season run complex geophysical studies, including 2 D seismic and gravimetric. In June and July 2013 in the area Magadan-1 vessel "Akademik Fersman" successfully completed the

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The specialists of Rosneft began exploration in the Barents Sea

The largest Russian company "Rosneft" starts to geological and environmental studies in the Barents Sea. 

"Rosneft" embarked on a seismic survey in the licensed areas "Fedynskiy" and "Central Barents’ exploration of which runs in conjunction with the project partner — the Italian company Eni, the press service of the company" Rosneft ".

At these sites is scheduled to perform 2D seismic survey in conjunction with the on-board gravimagnitometriey of 9950 line km in two license areas. Data collection will take place at the same time a complex of geophysical methods with

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On Sakhalin, there were modern seismic

On Sakhalin completely refitted local seismic station. They are equipped with modern sensors and advanced computer programs to predict earthquakes. Only four of these stations around the clock to monitor the area of 3,000,000 square kilometers. Strong signal notifies duty equipment — in the area of responsibility of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk seismic earthquake. This time shift breathed a sigh of relief — it’s just a nuisance. Bowels of the earth while sleeping peacefully.

"Station of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk registers earthquakes around the world, but the zone of responsibility of our branch about 3 million square kilometers," — said the director of the

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Gazprom oil was the first in Russia begins using the technology of seismic UniQ

"Gazprom oil" was the first in Russia begins to apply innovative technology UniQ, which will be used for exploration on the site Vakunayskom Chonskogo project, implemented by the company in Eastern Siberia.

UniQ technology developed by Schlumberger, has no analogues in the world and is a unique complex of geophysical equipment and software, designed for high-resolution seismic c.Experience of using technology UniQ abroad testifies to its high efficiency in the exploration of new reserves in fields with complex geology, as well as the development of old deposits, the exploration of which by conventional methods is ineffective.These seismic UniQ

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Carbon tape FibARM (Composite): The second phase of testing for earthquake resistance

Specialists Institute of Defense Emergency summed up the second phase of tests on seismic stability of fragments of brick buildings, and to enhance the external reinforcement using carbon strips FibARM.

According to the study artificial earthquake of 9 points did not cause any harm to the model enhanced carbon materials.

In mid-August, the results of the tests were carried out on the seismic stability of the fragments of brick buildings: the conventional and enhanced The reinforcement system of carbon ribbons FibARM. The technology is developed Holding company "Composite". It is designed to enhance the buildings and structures,

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In Dagestan, the tunnel was opened Gimrinsky

Today, in a solemn ceremony held on the long-awaited opening of the tunnel Gimrinsky — the longest road tunnel in Russia and the CIS. It connects the city and the village of Buynaksk Gimry Untsukulsky district, providing the shortest and does not depend on weather conditions, transport links 9 districts of mountainous Dagestan with the central part of the country. For residents of these areas the way to Makhachkala decline for several hours.

Length of the tunnel — 4,285 m It is equipped with automatic fire alarm systems, burglar alarms, loud-speaker notification, telephone, TV surveillance and

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