I have several hundred RAW files that I need to make into JPEGs. Is there an easy way for me to do this without having to go through Photoshop?

I’m trying to done a railing from one side of a picture to another. The problem is that the right side isn’t exactly even with the left — it tilts up. How can I get the clone to match up correctly?

The Clone Source panel is often overlooked, yet holds a lot of power for making your cloning tasks easier. Click the Create a New Layer icon in the Layers panel,

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Sunday at Liberty

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast Saturday. 6:30* Bykov says — On the position of the creator to the authorities: "For them to win, but for us — the truth" 6:45* Mailbox-111 — Review letters on "Freedom" 7:00 * Saturday replay of the webcast. 7:30 * House of Writers — Olga Ipatova about his own recent book, Anatoly Sidorevich — about emigrant prose and Severin Kwiatkowski about his book "yes frashki bottle" Evening18:00 * Prague accent — What are the motives of the EU’s decision deprive Belarus of trade preferences? Why Belarusian authorities did not agree to do the

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Sunday at Liberty

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast Saturday. 6:30 * Says Vasil Bykov — Selected entries avdyearhivu Liberty. Throughout June — the month of birth and death of the writer — once a day on the waves of our radio sounds Bulls. Now Vasily Bykov thinking about writers who have made the greatest impact on him. 6:45 * Mailbox-111 — Letters from listeners on the freedom to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko. 7:00 * replay of the webcast Saturday. 7:30 * House of Writers — On why poets are prose writers, they say Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk and Valentina Aksak. Ratsya writer —

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35 Weeks Pregnant


Check withobstetrician-gynecologist all issues related to the upcoming birth — you may need to be hospitalized inpre-hospital (especially with plans to caesarean section). Engage in one hospital. It is advisable to learn more about the methods of pain relief in labor, choosing a posture for delivery. In advance Find out whether you allow the presence of a husband or other relatives in childbirth in your chosen hospital.

If you are going to enter into a contract for the delivery and give birth to "their" doctor, get choice of a suitable hospital or insurance company.


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The opposition will nominate district commissions to the last

CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik said, "Freedom", the commission recommended that the Central Executive Committees organize accepting applications in the coming Saturday and Sunday:"That all subjects that have the right to nominate their own representatives were able to enjoy this right. I no doubt that all without exception, the commission will be formed in a specific legal term. Topics more than that entities that produce, rather, candidates and usually more than places on the commission. " Coordinator applets "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko states that democratic forces do not rely select their own representatives in all 6,500 polling stations:"The

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L.Ermoshina: Decree on the election forward 24 or June 25

Officials, political parties, civilian society and the media — the main circle of contacts professionals. Secretary of the Communist Party of Communists Belarusian Lena Skrigan represented at this meeting the United Democratic Forces. It is associated with the arrival of professionals Bureau intelligence. Them more interested, changed the situation in Belarus after the presidential elections of 2006, on which the Bureau to observe, says Lena Skrigan:"Neither of us has made no special optimism that occurred in the configuration best side. Configurations if gone, then, on the contrary, the downside: with media, and with the ability to campaign, and that significantly

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U.S. re-invited Russia to participate in the European missile defense

According to RIA Novosti disk imaging, in 2010, at the Lisbon Summit, Our homeland and NATO signed a contract on cooperation in the European missile defense project, but then subsequent negotiations had stalled over the U.S. refusal to provide legal guarantees of non-targeting system deployed against Russian deterrent. In Moscow, said they wanted to expand in response to the Kaliningrad region missile complexes «Iskander» and take a number of other military and political measures. In his speech in Berlin, Rose stressed that in the U.S. as previously convinced of the reciprocal interests of both states, because cooperation in the

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Or implement MAZ 9th number of the richest people in the world?

According to Forbs magazine sovereign Deripaska — the most wealthy person of, in wealth, which is 68 billion dollars, he — on the 9th place in the world. The Belarusian leader confirmed the readiness to implement joint projects "Russian Machines" and the Belarusian MAZ. Lukashenko singled, after modernization of Belarus MAZ could work and compete without the help of others, but could and join forces with Russian partners. He said Deripaska that interested, Russian tycoon has made in Last year, but Lukashenko said Belarus has received similar offers from Russian and KAMAZ. "If we start to negotiate, I would like

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The administration refuses to engage in dialogue

This is evidenced by the answer, which is now co-chair of the Political Council of the UDF received from the deputy head of the presidential administration Natalya Pyatkevich. Opposition offered to conduct specific negotiations between the administration of Alexander Lukashenko and the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces, to make the conditions for elections whose legitimacy is not challenged either in the country or abroad. Co-Chair of the Political Council of the UDF Anatoly Lebedko says that in a letter they offered Presidential Administration discuss two issues: the electoral legislation and practice implementation. They believe that it would be

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Citations past: This is the flag chosen by history …

Lyosik wrote in 1917 in "Free Belarus", "Bolshevizm — is the cultural and public barbarisms and meanwhile, Great Russian nationality, nor looking at his indignation, nothing to do with it nor can. Public order and state economy zruynovany to the ground and Russian demokratyya, shrouded in fatal paralysis zanipadu only complains and whines sudarozhna clings zginuvshy post maskovskago centralism. ""Farmer’s Field" in 1927, said: "All the same occasion the name" petticoat Summer "has a base in old Slavic mythology. Our forefathers worshiped bozhastvav "Baba", which is represented in two people: "Golden Baba" and "Ezhybaby." Golden Baba belonged to the women

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