Self Defence

Lon Nordeen and John Quigley conclude their report on the evolution of aircraft self-protection systems over the past three decades.

IN THE second, concluding part of this self-defence system article, the authors review Electronic Attack, Electronic Warfare Support, Suppression and/or Destruction of Enemy Air Defences (SEAD/DEAD) and the application of GPS-guided weapons in those roles.

Electronic Attack

This activity involves jamming or deceiving an adversary’s radar or radio communications. Jamming aircraft such as the US Air Force EB-66, US Navy EA-1F, EKA-3B plus US Marine Corps EF-10 and EA-6A added an electronic ‘punch’ with which to suppress North Vietnamese surveillance

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Notes to self

This month, things get personal for Sophie Goodwin and Annabel Rivkin

Some people find joy in sex, others in world peace or at the bottom of a tub of Viennetta. We find it in personalisation. Our names make us… us. They are magic! Personalisation makes everything nicer, see. And the proper joy of it is there isn’t much you can’t embroider, emboss, stamp or paint. Pyjamas with your name hand-embroidered on the pocket? You’ll sleep better. A toothbrush with your initials on the handle? Cleaner teeth. Your monogram spelt out in fishfingers (tricky, but persevere)? Much tastier and definitely less

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1. Let’s go around the world.

The average level of self-esteem in women, surprisingly, may vary significantly depending on the place and date of birth.

According to a survey conducted in 53 countries by experts of the World Health Organization, the highest self-esteem in the world have:

— American,

— Englishwoman,

— Swede,

— Germans,

— Italian,

— French,

— Spaniard.

Our compatriots are approximately in the middle of the list, and it’s short women godforsaken Australian tribe, who did not know what and how to value themselves, but feel quite happy and satisfied with their lives.


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3. The self-esteem in 60 seconds.


Oksana, 26y.o.. I know why we women are so fond of roses. They enhance the sense of their own attractiveness and relevance. I once worked on a flower stock. And all the color I like, but next to the roses, I felt like a queen. You come into the hall, where they are stored, and a minute later the mood is changing. I looked in books on aromatherapy — it turned out really smell the roses increases self-esteem. The main thing is that the flowers are fresh. Suitable and rose oil — two to a room. But the

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Authorized picket held exclusively in Brest

Brest City Executive Committee resolved to hold a rally on Sunday the 15 th and 17 th at the stadium "Locomotive", although the applicants were asked to give a more crowded places in the center of town. About how to picket at the stadium "Locomotive", knows one of the organizers of the rally Leonid Maistruk:"We again sure that there are plenty of us fans. It’s about hundreds of people. Stands were with the motto: "Children, the disabled, students and retired persons — preservation of social guarantees," "Hands off social safeguards for children, students, pensioners!" In addition, the collected signatures. People

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Krichevsky electrician and publisher of waging war against the weed and Dad

In the town of sovereign Kudryavtseva called "a walking political phenomenon." He is a member of the inception of the BPF front, retired, the house is officially unregistered edition-independent newspapers. A constantly running 52nd year as an electrician at the most prestigious is the cement factory. If that happens on the electronic part, although at three o’clock before This time call to Vladimir, as — a specialist. "That’s the background that I keep …"I asked whether there were all the same repression against his trial?"When there were elections in 2006, our guys here pohvatali police planted. And me, as I

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Age-related development challenges in children

Each child's age correspond to their development objectives. Their implementation is a prerequisite for the normal development of the child. Here are the basic skills that a child must master a certain period.

Infancy (birth year)

Develop basic motor skills and the rudiments of speech, there is an understanding that people and objects exist, even if they are not visible, there is a sense of attachment to one or more people.

Early childhood (1-3 years)

There is a further development of speech and motor skills, and improving it occurs, through play is the study of peace and

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Unplanned pregnancy: personal aspects

Of course, perfect when everything in life is going according to plan — education, career, marriage, birth of a child … But, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the facts and then make our lives its own changes. And it is likely, such a circumstance may be, andpregnancy, The onset of "suddenly" came on, when nobody was waiting. Whether somewhere miscalculated, or relied on Russian random, and whether contraceptive failure (a rare case, but then it happens). Most likely, you've already made the decision to keep pregnancy, otherwise you are unlikely to be interested in our encyclopedia. Butstill a variety of

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The proximity of the Yom Kippur

  Human rights activists feared uprising machines International non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch, together with the Harvard Law School published a report on the threat or use of completely autonomous combat bots and mechanized weapons and urged all governments to abandon their development. Report submitted to the organization for 50 pages, but its essence can be expressed in one sentence — independent bots will kill indiscriminately. Military is just insist that artificial intelligence and bots will significantly reduce collateral damage and civilian casualties in the midst of the population. According to the report «Losing humanity: The reasons against killer robots»

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Illegal tourist planning to undermine the Capitol … hoax explosive

Security services detained in Washington terrorists from Morocco, who wanted to undermine the Capitol. FBI agents tracked down the offender. Cops stopped in front of the Moroccan Congress. Now he faces unlimited time in the slammer.

Villain for about 30 years, he is from Morocco, came to the USA on a tourist visa. Term visas acts, but has expired, and Moroccan was in the States illegally. Almost a year after it was monitored security services. "Tourist" was behaving suspiciously tried to buy explosives. Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which issued themselves for a member of the "Al-Qaeda" Moroccan

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