2. egoism: WHAT WEIGHED?

A sign of high self-esteem — self-love, which is to be shown constantly. However, this is a case where the number of counts. The excess of selfishness hurts as much as the lack of it. In any situation. For example…

At acquaintance.

Women who have low self-esteem and ego (we call them conditional DOE) rarely get to know yourself. Feel the stress and, even if the person they like, do not offer to meet, to exchange phones. Then worry blamed himself that missed the opportunity to communicate. Those who have an excessive amount of selfishness (SE), are not familiar with.

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Selfishness is dangerous for mankind. Give ourselves a chance

More recently, some forty years ago, the company provides a person with a more or less coherent system of values. Socialism was as socialism, steady, solid, with decliners, but quite articulate ideals. Capitalism was all beautiful, especially through the Iron Curtain to admire him.

For people — users value system — the world seemed packed in a well defined blocks of concepts. Albeit sometimes it looked quite primitive. For example: "We have, of course, it's not that, but the fact that they have — it's just awful, so we are still the norm and we are proud of it." Or

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