Vitaly Gibert: Dreams come true obligation

The winner of the 11th season of «The Battle of psychics,» not only impressed the audience with his exceptional gift, he was truly loved magician country. So who he is — an ordinary man or explorer of the truth? Where does your teaching, what they think, and to aspire to?

Vitaly, I heard that the last time you do not give interviews — what is that?

— After the «Battle of psychics,» I realized that our media is only interested in my personal life: what my car, I sleep with someone. And I do not need it all —

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Beer again available at kiosks in Grodno

Correspondent"At the moment I try to verify whether indeed again in kiosks at bus stops appeared beer, which authorities had previously forbade selling? And In-1’s disappointment kiosk with chocolate, beer, biscuits Stop on Dzerzhinsky Street next to the puppet theater disappeared completely, it is not … Follow the bus stop at the railway station, at the time of check out here. "Saleswoman"About that — you were selling or not, I do not know my boss brought beer, I put it on the counter." Correspondent"And how people react?"Saleswoman"They are already weaned, and such implementation, as previously, of course not at the

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Why destroy the newspaper Slonim?

But at the moment, and Slonim Editorial faced a number of problems that threaten its existence forthcoming. Municipal lessors shall be removed to continue a contract to lease office edition, and local authorities are threatening to cancel the current system of distribution of the newspaper.Not so long ago the team "Newspapers Slonim" celebrated its 10th anniversary. But there is no guarantee that this anniversary will not be the last. About dilemmas that appeared before the editorial board, is responsible for the executive secretary of Publishing Nicholas Kononovich:"Since the end of May, we completed tenancy contract wording. June 1 we can

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June 1 edition of Gazeta Slonim may appear in the street

"Since the end of May, we completed tenancy contract wording. June 1 we can just be on the streets, if not continue to rent in the room or when the editor still will not find some other room, which still can not be found. As there is such a prohibition vneglasnoe organizations, companies not to let our newspaper. "Reporter: "Your landlord — the state enterprise?""If accurate, the utilities, but our criteria that the utility that state — the difference really is not. Our landlord — combine public services. A second problem in this series — License executive committee for the

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Anastasia Slutskaya in Russia became Duchess Slutskaya

Since the presentation of the historical tape "Anastasia Slutskaya" 5 years have passed, but it is as before brings great dividends. However, not creators and actors, not the studio "BelarusFilm" and Russian distributors, which in a few thousand dollars have acquired exclusive rights to the tape and now sell it worldwide. Director Yuri Yalhov tried to focus attention on the problem of stakeholders. In response — silence:"Sell our studio, then was director Shenko. What, in fact, the entire crime? Sold" Anastasia Slutskaya. "A month later came a letter from the company" Ekaterinburg Art ":" Please change the title of the

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Authorities sell CUM

According to the official disk imaging, more than 132 thousand shares sold for 6 billion rubles.In the management of the property Mogilev City Executive Committee is the need to clarify verbovaniya investment and reconstruction of the building. Bureaucrats are convinced that the greatest trade to the town after the privatization of over 5 years to retain its current function. Also, say the bureaucrats will not change either the number of employees or fraction of Belarusian products in the range — 70 percent.Almost a month back the executive committee auctioned building townhouse life. In official reports indicated that it is sold

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Hitherto the 1990s lies shoes in the closet

Lida shoe factory in 1990 producing slippers. Mrs. Valentine then worked in the factory and received part of the wages of the native products of the enterprise: "Some percentage of earnings issued funds, and the rest is transferred to the slippers. Would funds — go to the market, sell. Not be able to realize — eat slippers. Imagine two thousand people, and each was given 10 — 15 pairs of slippers, whom they zbagryts? Until now pulling out of the closet, and when mol not eaten shoes themselves. Earlier, the 90 lies shoes at us. " Valentine recalls how funds

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Sex shops as an element of culture

Through a search engine, I found a whole only 5 virtual sex shops. Admin some of them,, says that their store appeared in 2001 first. And from since yavna trend implementation grow. During Christmas prazdnichkom — especially:"It’s natural … People want to make gifts to friends, family … And try to be unique — something is found not so, as usual …"But, despite this, my interlocutor believes that Belarusians still far to the perception of sex shops as normal. Admin: "Well, for our people, I think it’s likely, just attaching only to this area. Here it too far to

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Or implement Naftan Russians?

On the sidelines talking about operational meeting at which management "Naftan" announced on privatizing the plant over 50% of Russian oil company "LUKOIL". Sum likely deal with all this is not made public. But experts at range that the Belarusian government swiftly venture for sale "Naftan" because it brings in a significant proportion of the budget money income.Refining noticeably stalledAttempting to clarify the incident likely deal in a telephone conversation with Deputy Director General "Naftan" Nicholas Kalbasenkam result not given: "After we have phone interview this topic do not give. Come, please, let’s have a conversation. Write the name of

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I work in a queue for bread

The picture that comes to mind for most people when they think of the Great Depression — all over the bread. Black-and-white photographs of people standing in a queue around the block to get a loaf of bread and take it home to his family. It was a time of great famine that not all survived. It has been estimated that from hunger and disease due to malnutrition died about 7 million people.

Today, in this great depression, which some call a recession, and some even say that it ended four years ago, the bread

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