SERBIA stopped buying Su-30 fighters

Our homeland and Serbia stopped negotiations on supplying Balkan country of functional Su-30 fighters. This in an interview to RIA Novosti Deputy General Director of «Rosoboronexport» Alexander Mikheev. According to him, negotiations on supplying warplanes conducted a little earlier, but that Serbia «had difficulties with financing.» Meanwhile, in the current time is in Belarusian Baranavichi party of 18 Su-30K fighters returned India on the system «trade-in» in exchange for more advanced Su-30MKI. According to Mikheyev, the currently being consulted on the modernization of fighters and supplying them to Ethiopia. Details of negotiations Mikheev did not elaborate. He also did not

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Tribunal in The Hague hid hidden documents about the war in Bosnia

Documents were in the Hague tribunal in 2003. Weave folders contain transcripts of meetings of the Yugoslav government, including former President Slobodan Milosevic during the Bosnian war. Of them namely that the Bosnian Serb army directly controlled from Belgrade, where there for her special hidden center. About 2-thousand soldiers and officers from Serbia even served in the Bosnian Serb army. Documents opened their role in the bloody events in Srebrenica, where in 1995 waskilled about 8 thousand Bosnians — boys and men. But the tribunal allowed Belgrade to conceal part of the archive to a secret and did not consider

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Extrusion complex BRONTO feed for dogs and cats in Serbia

In September 2013 authorized dealer in Serbia — the company PRO-X shipped extruder with pre-conditioned E-1500 and E-500 extruder for the assembly of the complex for the production of food for dogs and cats.

A.Sharov: Karadzic process can be quite frisky

Yang Maksimyuk: "Andrew, please tell us why arrest Karadzic place only at the moment, 13 years after the International Court of Justice has put forward his charges of genocide? "

The main question — is a political decision, the political will of the Serbian administration, which apparently felt myself just then quite hard to afford for themselves before such a risky step

Andrei Shary: "I think there are several events coincided. On the one hand, of course, that masterfully worked security of Serbia, or rather, a special unit that was created specifically in order to grab Radovan Karadzic. It operates

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Serbs protest against Kosovo’s independence

In a public meeting convened today in Belgrade by the Serbian government, uchavstvujut 10s thousand people. To ensure mass action, railways offered free tickets to those who are heading to the capital, were canceled classes in schools. Authorities said thatdo everything likely to present the action took place peacefully. In last Sunday and Mon stoned the U.S. embassy in Belgrade and Turkey, also damaged the embassy of Slovenia, currently chairing the European Union. Serbian Infrastructure Minister Velimir Ilic said that these actions were a protest against the Serbian youth razryvannya country and that such incidents are a manifestation of democracy.In

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Kosovo independence under a protectorate?

Chap. also: Kosovo — audio slideshowBut the newly formed European government will not be recognized nor Serbia, Russia or the United Nations. Kosovo will mostly exist as a protectorate of the Euro Union.At UN headquarters in New York ended with an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council on Kosovo. 5 members of the council of 15 supported the plan of Martti Ahtisaari — the special envoy of the UN Secretary General in Kosovo. His plan provides for the independence of Kosovo. Agreed with this permanent members of the UN Security Council the United States, France, England and Belgium and

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Serbiya before elections

Unlike the pro-Western Tadic, Nikolic perceived as pro-Moscow politician. But days are Nikolic said Serbiya never be a Russian province, but it is not converted in a European colony.In the last days Tomislav Nikolic changed style — he changed costume, playing with a measured, gentle tone, and even agree to agree that European Alliance — is quite good. Lost and anti-Western rhetoric.

On days of Nikolic accused President Tadic that he did not resists separation of Serbia and reprezentovat himself as the candidate of reconciliation:Nikolic: "I wish to establish peace in Serbia. We were divided into aggressive groups — men

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Understanding between Albanians and Serbs unenforceable?

When it comes to Kosovo, the main question in the political and geopolitical dimensions. How are ordinary people live there? What relations between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs? How to apply to everyday difficulties Kosovo Serbs in Belgrade?Drakakhrust"Valentinas that your memories of life in Kosovo?"Mite"In short answer to this question, people live very hard. Unemployment in Kosovo — more than 60%. When you go out on the street Kosovo’s capital Pristina, is to note that around almost no old, very often young people everywhere.Have the highest unemployment particularly among young people, young people do not have jobs, or they are trained,

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Serbia and NATO: Woe to the vanquished

Karel Schwarzenberg

Karel Schwarzenberg, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic — a country long recognized the independence of Kosovo, dal, finally, a clear definition of what everyone knew or guessed, but were afraid to speak out loud. Serbia — a country defeated in a war with NATO. Now, the West's policy towards Serbia is determined by this fundamental starting position: the losing party must pay the price war with the winner of resource and territory … As they say, vae victis — conditions always dictate the winners and losers have to

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Why Yugoslavia no longer need the West

In the analysis of the subsequent tragic events that took place during the early nineties of the twentieth century on the beautiful open spaces of the SFRY, the reader might ask the question — why is the United States, and along with the IMF and the West in general, so generously funded the Tito regime in the period 1950-1985 years, suddenly in the late 80s stopped not only financial support, but also a 180-degree change its policy toward Yugoslavia?

Why would a civilized West has decided to divide and destroy Yugoslavia, why it ceased to be necessary,

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