Emma. Kiev. Rain …

Championship of Ukraine on auto sound and tuning EMMA

Championship of Ukraine on auto sound and tuning EMMA gaining momentum. Having started in the westernmost point-of Lviv, he moved to the capital. Second we must write

But in the «master» — but full of passions. Master without restrictions. Total half-score plays in the sound of his opponent Vladimir Baranovych of Rivne. The result — the second. And rightfully become the first Germans Alexander Nikolaev. Bronze — the guest from Minsk Kozicheva Dmitry.

«Experts». Those who are equal to the PA all athletes. And it’s not just the cost of

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Election night

At the press conference, which began in the second half of the night, the CEC chairman Lidia Yermoshina said the election results to 99 of 110 aurugav. Middle of the elected deputies or 1 representative of the opposition is not. If Yarmoshina asked why, in her eyes, one of the opposition candidates did not become deputy she replied as follows: "We can not say that our citizens were highly praised the authorities, can not say that about them they say that they are either in chocolate or zefiry, but even more of our citizens are afraid of sudden movements. They

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OSCE election did not meet standards

Your rating yesterday’s elections. Discussion on the loose 

Z.Paznyaka: "Blind artists stupid instructions Europe" Elections to the Chamber did not take place. Election farce regime abdurvanni people absolutely failed. That in spite of all the trivial failure, the Central Election Commission announced that Tipo 75 percent of voters voted, testifies frank and sassy usurpation of power in BelarusGuardian: "The severe fluctuation in sincerity Lukashenko" Western media comment the results of elections in Belarus.

Human rights activists and election resultsCommissions, the opacity of their work, forcing a premature voting closed on seeing during the count — it’s all for

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Activist Sergei Klyuyeva arrested for 10 days

Youth activist Police arrested Sept. 14 about the structure of the Philharmonic. Policemen have found Sergei Klyuyeva stickers with information about the "European march" and made him protocol.Process in Russian court, which on September 17, Sergei Klyuyeva brought the highest temperature. Activist asked to call an ambulance, but the police refused.Press secretary of the Joint civilian party Ekaterina Tkachenko said that the court police also refused to take warm clothes for Sergei Klyuyev:"They refused to take him to the water and a sleeping bag, although Klyuyeva temperature 37.7 is a perception that he was sick sinusitis."Deputy Head of Russian Vladimir

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Asked the heart does not stop, because not yet finished my earthly affairs

Vladimir Orlov: "When chuvstvuesch chill eternity, can not help recalling the most expensive for you people and the most expensive places. And yet the writer recalls his books. But not the ones that took place, and those who did not finish. Or not born. I return it in its own memory in action when I was taken to the operating room. I wish to say at once that I am infinitely grateful to the physician Ira Wales Feodorovna. Just thanks to her, I was urgently hospitalized and operated urgently. Specifically, she insisted on it. And my heart doctor specifically with

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Belarus has paid one hundred percent with Gazprom

The Belarusian side has to pay funds on July 23, but the fit did not. "Gazprom" gave Belarus two delay — up to 3 and 10 August.Official dealer of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov said our RadioThe claim that Belarus fully repaid, not quite correct: "Made, indeed, the last payment. But for some time the facilities are in the way, of course." The question why the Belarusian side tightened calculations, sire Kupriyanov says:

Sergei Kupriyanov, "All conditions to calculate as it is now seen to be"

"I think that analysts will answer this question. After saying that all the conditions

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Mogilev: 6 copies Herald freedom of conscience — Tribunal

Now Lenin council Interior Mogilev Senior Lieutenant Oleg Pakhomenko activist was on administrative violation protocol. Police blame Sergei Girkin raspasyuvzhvanni in printed materials without imprint. Activist threatened fines of up to half a million rubles.As said "Freedom" Sergey Girkin, for questioning the investigator did not allow his public representative, a human rights activist Boris Buhelya. Their actions Lieutenant Pakhomenko argued Code of Administrative Violations, which, according to police officer above the Constitution Republic of Belarus.Sergei Girkin arrested July 20 with six copies of the newsletter "Bulletin of freedom of conscience." Then the police activist became ill and it took emergency

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Sergei Skrabets blames the ambassadors of the European Union

Skrabets said Radio Liberty, that the main thesis of his speech — a concern that EU ambassadors are making little effort strongly to release from prison the former candidate for Presidents of Belarus Alexander Kozulin.Meeting former deputy held within so called "Diplomatic Tuesdays." With time nedavneshnego diplomatic missions leaders EU states began on Tuesday to hold joint meetings with famous people of Belarus. Behind their conversation with the co-Political Council united Democratic Forces and chairman of the Belarus Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yaroshuk.Details — later in our air • Brothers Skrebtsov wish to organize rock festivals and pickets

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Customs officials convicted of bribery, although not found the means

June 20 were accused in the case, among them fourteen customs.In the midst of the most senior customs — Sergey Dmitriev, who until his arrest in 2003, he served as Head of the Municipal Customs Committee.Sergei Dmitriev and several customs in Last year recognized guilty in a number of crimes committed during the customs. Then last customs received 13 years in prison.Now for the same articles of the Criminal Code, but for other crimes he was sentenced to 13 and a half years, the increment sentence of 6 months. Dmitrieva accomplice received from 3 to 12 years. Behind bars —

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Second event presentation disc Night ABC: photo

Recorded on the disc 50 works of poets and writers, who spoke on the waves, "Radio Liberty". They are all invited to celebrate the presentation. On Thursday, with their works performed Sergei Veretilo, Yuras Borisevich Yuri Patsyupa Olga Gapeeva, Lera Catfish Liankevich Vladimir, Sergei Pataransky Paul Svyardlov. Immediately took a call for proposals for new creators role in "Night ABC." In the first contest a day or beat Adam Globus. After, as host of "Radio Liberty" Alex Znatkevich handed writer radio as a prize, contestants activity increased markedly. With disk "Night ABC" one of the founders of the poet Vladimir

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