Baker’s dozen

In the TV series adaptation of the structure on a literal level, and at the stage of an idea or concept of the phenomenon is not surprising. Even if a big Hollywood movie has never been shy of borrowing, then why not do it on small screens? Especially if the rights of creators are protected, and to adapt the working team of serious writers. Thus, in recent years, the American channels «moved» respected by critics and loved by audiences «Murder», «At Home Among Strangers,» and many others. And what we have? After the breakthrough of television «Iron Curtain» on national

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Serial killers

They say that people have forgotten how to think! Do not read books, all Bring movies, TV shows and even better. What is happening is it? And going a transition from culture to culture the text of the video. That’s a hundred thousand years ago, for example, books, too, was not. And people still were not fools. And now, we will live, but let us think a little differently — in video format. By the way, the process has already begun. Earlier series were required to soap, and now they are full of the most different: for intellectuals, and for

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Flashy stuff

UK distributor Kenro has added the Nissin Di700 flashgun to its range. With a Guide Number of 54 at 200mm (ISO 100), the Di700 offers zoom coverage of 24-200mm, 180° horizontal rotation, 90° upwards tilt and 7° downwards tilt. It also boasts sync speeds of up to l/8000sec (depending on camera), wireless TTL support and an external power socket, making it compatible with the optional Nissin Power Pack 8 battery. The Di700 is available in Canon and Nikon fit now for £195, with Sony-fit due in September.

The world’s fastest cards

Toshiba has announced that it is set to launch

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Eighth Air Force TV Epic

The wartime operations of the US Eighth Air

Force are the subject of the latest TV series from film director Steven Spielberg and actor/ director Tom Hanks. Commissioned by the HBO network, the new series is reported as the most expensive television production ever, with a budget around $500 million.

Donald L Miller’s book Masters of the

Air forms the basis of the production, Miller having earlier been involved on The Pacific.

Filming for the series will take place in

Georgia during October, while Norman

Wells, the museum’s UK representative, says that interviews will be filmed with veterans attending the

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We Were Soldiers

The first season of Canadian-Irish historical drama «The Vikings» successfully completed

April 28 with high ratings and was immediately renewed for a second season. Now you can surprise someone with simple Scandinavian warriors, when the whole world hooked on «Game of Thrones»? It turned out that, yes. Single-line plot, a fresh cast, no elements of fantasy and intrigue unfolding slowly — «Vikings» did these qualities to their advantage.

For Canadian channel History This project was an attempt to attract a new young audience — the first full series of the original script from the creator of ‘The Tudors’ Michael

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CASA C.212 Aviocar

Самолет Aviocar можно считать большим успехом испанской компании CASA. В общей сложности было построено около 500 двухмоторных турбовинтовых транспортных самолетов, до сих пор остающихся в эксплуатации.

В конце 1960-х годов испанские ВВС все еще продолжали эксплуатировать старые транспортные самолеты Junkers Ju 52/3m, Douglas DC-3 и CASA 207 Azor. Намереваясь заменить их, командование ВВС подготовило тактико-технические требования к новому военно-транспортному самолету с укороченными взлетом и посадкой и возможностью эксплуатации с полевых аэродромов.

Испанская CASA, с 1999 года ставшая EADS CASA и сегодня входящая в состав подразделения «Airbus Military», подготовила проект такого транспортного самолета.

Самолет мог брать на борт груз массой до

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Company Pflow Industries, Inc. added lift Series Box (B) to its range of vertical lifts and conveyors for materials with variable-return movement. This is the seventh of a series of articles Pflow, including a device that can be designed to order for different ways of operating.

Lift Series is designed for efficient transport crates, boxes, barrels, loose parts and other portable items from attics and basements, or between floors. The size of the carriage for transportation of goods is 3 feet x 3 feet x 4 feet with a mechanical drive. Hoist in series can move a load of

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Slonim: Porec commemorated rebels Michal Volovich

Member of the BPF "Revival" Ivan Bedka mentioned on the grave of an uprising forced departure Volovich expounded in Paris and return to their homeland. Spoke as royalties dealt with the rebels, as Michal punished Volovich in Grodno and as with Russian authorities and at the moment the name of the silenced state hero. Member of the Union of Belarusian Writers Alex Yakimovitch sensually likened the current Belarusian patriots fighting for the Belarusian statehood with the way it fought for Volovich, Kalinowski, Kosciusko. He also recalled how in 2003 this yeart cross was installed next to the church and the

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Tchaikovsky gas equipment plant begins production of a new line of plates

Tchaikovsky gas equipment plant — branch of JSC "Gazmash" begins production of a new series of plates TM «Darina». Starting a new line of boards is implemented within the framework of the investment program 2010-2012. Carried Gazmash holding in its factories. A series of plates 241 made on the most advanced equipment allowing through automation of the production process to offer the best price for consumers.

Tchaikovsky plant (Tchaikovsky Perm) — dynamically developing company for the production of stoves, built-in appliances, gas grills. The plant produces more than 50 models of gas, gas-electric, electric stoves under the brand

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Khabarovsk Shipyard launched the tug

Khabarovsk Shipyard today launched the azimuthal ice-class tug ASD Project 2310, built on the order of "Rosneft" for JSC "Rosnefteflot." The tug was called "RN Ussuri."

(C) photo by Roman Fedorov


This is a small powerful ship Arctic Class ARC4, designed for year-round navigation in coastal marine areas with maximum excitement with wave heights up to 7 meters. In addition to the direct functions of towing and pushing vessel can put out fires.

The tug is interesting because it is equipped with an azimuth thruster, which is the main driver of the

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