Fewer features, more focus on your hosting

MAMP stands for Macintosh Apache MySQL PHP, the latter three words respectively describing the web server, database language, and compatible web-programming language it provides. It’s a free download from http:// The free version has all you need to get started.

It’s very focused and doesn’t include any of the supplementary features bundled with OS X Server, but don’t let that deter you. The pay-off is that this makes it very easy to manage. Also, because it ships with an integrated MySQL server, it’s ready to run content management systems like Joomla and

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The hosting add-on for Mountain Lion, made by Apple

OS X Server used to be a distinct, separate product from the regular operating system for standalone Macs. That all changed with Lion and Mountain Lion, and it’s now merely a $20 add-on. The current version is available exclusively through the Mac App Store and requires Mountain Lion, which you have to install or update first.

Where MAMP (see p52) is a dedicated web platform and nothing else, OS X Server rolls in a broad selection of complimentary services, such as calendar sharing, an integrated wiki, a group update server, and

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JARGON BUSTER server terminology


A method by which routers dynamically assign IP addresses to computers on an internal network, allowing for simple, largely configuration-free set-up of client machines. In setting up our server, we opted out of DHCP to assign a static IP address, to prevent our server getting lost on our local network.

DOMAIN NAME A human-readable web address that saves us from remembering the IP addresses of computers we want to access on the Internet. It can be broken down into sections, with geographic delimiters (if any) at the end of the address (.uk, xa, and so

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WordPress is far more than just a powerful blogging tool — it’s a lightweight content management system, making it the ideal basis for a portfolio or a small business site. MAMP is all tooled up to host it from the get-go. If you’re using OS X Server, follow our instructions for installing MySQL first, then work through the steps below, and you’ll have a home-hosted blog in no time.


WordPress is a free download from . Extract the files from the zipped archive and copy them to the site folder on your server. On OS X

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Tips for SQL Server Virtualization

It’s hard to believe, but some people still believe that SQL Server can not run on a virtual machine. This is not so. SQL Server can operate successfully in a virtual machine. However, in view of its high resource requirements, I want to give a number of recommendations, which it is desirable to follow. Maybe the biggest difference between poorly performing a virtual instance of SQL Server and virtual instance, ensuring exceptional performance. The examples in this article, tips will help ensure a successful virtualization of SQL Server.

Council № 1. Take advantage of the second level address translation


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Raises storage service

And synchronization


Today, the possibility of NFS, SMB / CIFS, FTP does not satisfy the requirements of this increasingly popular new services like Dropbox. They have a simple interface and easy to use, does not guarantee privacy to be placed to ensure maximum data security, we recommend your own cloud server.

Adds a second level of encryption

All public cloud storage encrypt information, but, for example, in the case of Dropbox or SkyDrive, administrators can view it. So if we want to preserve the confidentiality of the data, the best way would be to their pre-encryption before

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Interval queries in SQL Server

In mathematics, the interval is a set of values ​​between some lower value, and some high value. There are different types of intervals, which are required to provide a database, including the time (e.g., sessions, contracts, projects, appointments, validity period), spatial (e.g. road segments) and numeric (for example, temperature ranges).

Starting with SQL Server 2008, spatial intervals can be represented using spatial data types GEOMETRY and GEOGRAPHY and handle these types of data through methods. For spatial queries can also use indexing and optimization.

For other types of slots, in particular a very common temporary type in SQL Server

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Meet the HYPER-V in Windows Server 2012

Exit Windows Server 2012 significantly transform the world of virtualization. In particular, a significant change in Hyper-V hypervisor make noteworthy large-scale enterprises, which previously did not consider it.

In Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 is very laid scalability, virtual machines can have up to 64 virtual CPUs (vCPU) and up to 1TB of RAM. Due to a new format VHDX now possible to create virtual hard drives (VHD) of up to 64 terabytes, which eliminates the need to use a transit warehouse. Thus, we can accept the fact that virtually any application can be virtualized using Hyper-V. Of course, scalability

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Ukrainian kompaniia vipustila Novi GPS-tracker

In 2011 kіntsі breast-rock M2M vipustila nova model GPS-tracker, zmenshivshi rozmіr, zalishivshi Pіton, i rozdіlivshi tsіnu 2. Kompaniia well as nadaє SERVIS GPS monіtoringu

Abonentskі termіnali (AT), scho vikoristovuyutsya in systems that monіtoringu upravlіnnya transport є serіyno viroblenі profesіynі pristroї. AT serving for priya i obrobki signalіv navіgatsіynih suputnikіv, otrimuyut danі s datchikіv about the camp ob'єkta, zabezpechuyut reception telematichnim s server peredayut signal to the vikonavchі pristroї.

Modulі mozhut Buti ustanovlenі on mobіlnі ob'єkti: road and samoskidi, ekskavators that on іnshu gіrnichodobuvnu i gіrnichotransportnu tehnіku. AT "M2M" zbiraє pokazniki datchikіv, vklyuchayuchi potochnі Coordinates

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Technoserv presented a modular data center IT Crew

The company "Technoserv", the Russian system integrator, has introduced its own development — a modular data center "IT crew." The development provides a new direction in the activities of "Technoserv" — IT solutions highly available, the company said.

In general, a modular data center "IT Crew" is a complete solution based on readily constructed structures with preset at the factory engineering systems and the possibility of unlimited scalability. DPC is going out of standard components — modules, each of which is an independent structural unit and consists of a couple of blocks of the same type:

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