PE-редакторы — инструменты не новые, и давно зарекомендовали себя как must have в арсенале любого реверсера. Но в последнее время в данной области образовался какой-то застой и ничего нового и действительно интересного не появлялось.

Хочется представить твоему вниманию новый инструмент для реверсинга исполняемых файлов — PE-bear. Утилита может похвастаться весьма богатым арсеналом возможностей, в том числе парой уникальных фишек:

• поддержка как PE32, так и PE64;

• просмотр нескольких файлов одновременно;

• сигнатурное определение упаковщиков с помощью сигнатурного анализа (работает очень неплохо);

• быстрый дизассемблер в комплекте (можно натравить на любое RVA/File-смещение);

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Best Buy on 1500000 — 2000000 rubles

Having ventured to cross the Rubicon and a half million potential owner losing its last reserves of rational thought — probably exactly regard similar trick buyers budget cars. In fact, there is no more prudent buyer than someone who chooses a new personal transport in the wide range of almost basic «Focus». However, the majority of business sedans are aiming at much higher price sector. We decided to help the apologists of reasonable sufficiency. And to generate hits out of ten cars, worthy to take prudent millionaire.

1. «Volvo — S80 — 2,5 — T5 — summum»

Once again,

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Implementation and operation of the station «Quantum» in Jelgava DISTANCE

MK Prokhorov, Deputy Head of the Jelgava race Baltic Road T. Solodovnikova Electrician

At a distance of Jelgava Baltic road put into operation the first nodal quasi-telephone station (ATSKE) «Quantum». At school on the exchange of experiences on the implementation of a network of railway communications ATSKE «Quantum», held in May 1986 at the Kuibyshev road (Penza), it was recommended to extend the experience of Jelgava signalers. In this article, readers will be able to get acquainted with this experience.

Mounting station

Equipment ATSKE «Quantum» in our sub-contractor contract supervision distance mounted department combining WEF. Installation was launched in

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Amphibious aircraft Be-200ES installed two redundant with 10-ka global high scores in its class to «Gidroaviasalon 2012,» said the director of management flight airshow Kim Nikitenko.   «We performed two by plane Be-200ES belonging Beriev. Aircraft Company, and established 26 global high scores. 13 — in the first flight and 13 — second «- said at the closing of the exhibition K.Nikitenko» Gidroaviasalon-2012 «on Sunday.   According to him, the records are fixed international commissioners and will be approved within three months.   K.Nikitenko told that seaplane set records climb and level flight at the highest altitude, takeoff and

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Wreath Memory: Valery set the

Valery set the born March 15, 1953 in Klecka in the Minsk region.After graduating from the Faculty of Journalism of BSU was a correspondent for the local rayonki, editor Novogrudskaya newspaper "New Life" Deputy Chairman TV and Radio Grodno.Says writer and our Grodno worker Sergei Ostrovtsov:"And TBM studio he had founded, and he invited people from different political parties, so that they could speak, so it was interesting. He felt here this democratization that began first 1990s, and he was trying to promote it on television.By the way, he always spoke in Belarusian and Belarusian-ethnographers and invited scholars to Byelorussian

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Do not throw words to the Web

How to say BelaPAN found that on July 8 ethe man Located on one of the pages of Russian web site dating services information about the possibility of explosion in Minsk. Clear information about the place to be out of the explosion. Specially sender was installed Belarusian law enforcement agencies with Russian officers, not looking at the fact that he took certain precautions. Instituted against the detainee criminal case by Part 1 of Art. 340 (padmannae message threats). For it can threaten to 5 years in prison.

Historical figure recorded in BNF

The letter was written that "plaque in honor of Claudius DUZh-Dushevskogo (BPF activist)" was installed illegally.Police department and the department of housing and communal services insist that local activists board illegally installed without asking permission from the district authorities, although the owner of the building number 22 on the street bitter was agreed to have plaque in honor of the BNR figure appeared on the wall of his house.Set March 23 plaque with the inscription "Here in 1891 was born Claudius S. DUZh-Dushevsky — politician, educator, architect" made charitable donations Glubokskaya BPF members, missing a day or two by order

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Ask a question sms overnight guests — Vytautas KIPELOV

Students will be able to ask him a question via SMS on mobile 391-22-24.Inhabitants Gomel answer the question: "What can force you to emigrate?"In addition we will tell how to celebrate Christmas in Minsk and Grodno.In "Night of research papers" Igor Corneille — generalization of events 2007 in the social sphere: the benefits, real estate, home based business.After the 23rd hour: "Prague accent" on the development of Belarusian economy in 2007, final "Examination of Freedom" on staffing configuration in the government and general government, the review calls our listeners in 2007 on Lukashenko and officials.From 22 hours — in the

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Ask your own question oppositionist!

December 6, they will come to Washington studios our radio, where he will talk about how the results of the preparatory visit, and about the dilemmas of Belarus and the Belarusian democratic movement. Join the conversation — you can send your questions to the delegation by phone (+375-17) 266-39-52, via SMS (+375-29) 391-22-24 or e-mail electric rferl.minsk @ gmail.com. We’ll ask your questions during a radio bridge "Prague-Washington" on December 6.

Old roads: there first monument Slutsky rebels

Historian Anatoly whitewashed said that the new monument — is a flat arrangement of metal letters. Her height — two and a half meters."The monument is a stylized cross Euphrosyne, which coat Pursuit. Rebel hand covers this coat. At the bottom, the words:" Those who are left to breathe, that lived Fatherland. "We have raised this monument to a height of 5 meters. Seen from afar, and all perfectly readable "- said whitewashed."I will try to set next to this monument figure figures Slutsk uprising"In 1920, anti-Bolshevik uprising lasted more than a month — from November 27 to December 31.Anatoly

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