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Sunsets and Sun Rises.

If there is one thing I don’t photograph much, it’s sunsets.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen and enjoyed some stunning sunsets in my time, it is the boring uninteresting ones I see displayed on various photographic sites, magazines or newspapers — the total lack of imagination — that really irks me.

There will be the sun going down over the sea and it is titled, ‘Sunset, Bloubergstrand». Good grief, it’s the sun going down over a blank sea and a featureless horizon (oh, and it’s skew!) — I’ll have to take their word for it that it’s Bloubergstrand,

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Setting up a tuning shop

If you’re thinking of getting started in woodturning, here are some great guidelines. Our expert breaks down the «must-have» tools from the «nice to have» and even includes a few of his «dream shop» favorites.

A frequent series of questions at the end of any of my classes or lectures concerns setting up a turning shop. Turning is a special branch of the woodworking tree, which requires unique skills and equipment. With that in mind, here are some thoughts (and a quick outline) dealing with what a person needs in terms of the space and tools to become an effective

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Experienced heavy tank A39 TORTOISE (England)

Heavy Assault Tank A39 Tortoise — British super-heavy assault tank, designed, built and tested during the second World War, but was not launched in a batch creation. The machine has been designed to meet the challenges of the destruction of much of fortified areas, because in its design mobility sacrificed firepower and protection. Despite the fact that this machine is called a tank, it is not rotating tower — which, coupled with a massive artillery weapons and low mobility allows it to be ranked superheavy self-propelled artillery.

In 1942 the British General Staff, who was responsible for formulating the

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Mnogokaliberny NSV machine gun NSVT 12.7 The Rock

NSV-12, 7 "The Rock" (Index Grau — 6P11) — machine gun designed to engage lightly armored ground targets (armored personnel carriers), weapon emplacements and targets that are outside small barriers at ranges of up to 1,000 m, also for firing at concentrated infantry and vehicles at a distance of 1,500 m and low-flying air targets at altitudes up to 1500 m

HistoryMnogokaliberny machine gun NSV-12, 7 "The Rock" was developed in Tula TsKIB COO in the late 1960's — early 1970's as a substitute for obsolete and languid ANC (DShKM). His title was on the original bukovkoy designers —

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Soviet nuclear artillery

Russian artillery Union has played a crucial role in achieving victory over Germany in 1945, but in the coming for this type of troops was prepared for a difficult and tragic fate of immediately.

Since coming to power in 1953, Nikita Khrushchev decided to actually get rid of the artillery units, taking into account the development of missile systems frisky firing. Large supplies of guns, which remained after the Second World War, were cut to the metal, it was a period of time when a new system of tools have not been developed and manufactured, and an old destroyed.

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Universal anti-aircraft missile system S-300V

The need for the development of air defense missile systems (anti-aircraft missile system), C-300B, in the main, determined zeal to provide cover principal objects of the Army from the impact of operational-tactical and tactical ballistic missiles.

It was expected that the enemy in the course of operations can be applied 320 missiles "Lance", 150 "Sergeant" and 350 "Pershing" having the highest firing range 75, 140 and 740 km, respectively.

In the research project "Protection" first 1960 for the first time investigated the possibility of using for defense. Carried out experimental firing ballistic missile complex "Circle" that has an additional channel

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Creating and following a server service

For the creation and maintenance of your next server is useful for you to a certain set of comfortable tools. Rather, as the operating system you choose for your own server Linux. Now try to think of his instruments. To handle the MySQL database is often used phpMyAdmin. It is easy to install, and most of the webmasters in it perfectly oriented.

Download phpMyAdmin on the official website: — this Russian versions of the program, the same on the official website of the English version is available unique. And so, you have downloaded the burning versions of the

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Self-propelled gun-howitzer vz.77 Dana

In 1976, a team of designers from the Czechoslovak company Konštrukta Trenčín Co. finished work on the newest 152-mm self-propelled artillery installation. By the time the gun had several unique features that set this howitzer in a small list of the most modern in the world. Czechoslovak People's Army gave to this howitzer maiden name of Dan and abriviatura vz.77. Who is now on the ground Slovak ZTS Dubnica nad Váhom was elected as a producer.

Artillery installation Dana vz.77 was based on the chassis of the truck Tatra 815 with the wheel formula 8×8 and 2 pairs of

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Self-propelled gun SU-122-54

In 1947, the Omsk plant number 147 completed the issue of self-propelled artillery system (ACS) of the SU-100, where her first creation in 1946 passed with URALMASHZAVOD. In accordance with the decree of the Council of Ministers on June 22, 1948 Design Bureau Omsk plant number 174 (Managing IS Bushnev) was instructed to establish on the basis of the T-54-sketched engineering design self-propelled artillery, ammunition 122-mm gun D-25 . Completion date in July 1948.

The project facility and its layout, designed in the true value, the Ministry of Transport Engineering discerned only in December 1948. The delay was justified by

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Russia plans to purchase up to 1,000 units of the French armored vehicles

Apparently, many of our bureaucrats joy trips to Paris, more interest Russian military-industrial complex

The French company "Panhard" is in talks to supply in Russia up to 1 thousand light armored vehicles. Itar-Tass on international defense exhibition IDEX-2011 said commercial director Michel Galand. "The Russian side is in talks regarding the purchase of 500 to 1 thousand light armored vehicles, which are intended to be entered service Interior Troops of the Russian Federation, — he said. — The price of the contract could reach 200 to 500 million euros."

Presumably part of the machines will be carried out in France,

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