On the question of an early settlement date have to. SUPRUTY (for ceramic materials)

In recent years, the expedition of the Moscow State University under the leadership of SA Izyumova carried out excavations at the fort with. Supruty Shchekino district of Tula region. These materials demonstrate the continued existence of the settlements — from the first centuries BC. e. to X in the. The complex finds the end I millennium BC. e. It can be interpreted as a close-Borshevsky monuments Romenskaya type. The presence in the cultural layer of the settlement black-polished ceramic flat zhalovidnyh arrows, black-polished biconical spindles, one-sided scallop with a convex back evidence of sediments Moshchinskii culture of the first

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ANCIENT political center KHAZARIA

The remains of many of the Khazar towns and villages identified in Seaside Daghestan, as well as an extensive archaeological material obtained in their research can determine the original center, and gradually expand to the south boundary of khanate. They enable the formulation and solution of a number of issues related to the problem of the Khazar. Among the most interesting and controversial to this day remains the problem of localization of the ancient political centers khanate. The only sources in the investigation of the matter remained until recently, contradictory and scarce attention medieval Arab authors who spawned a

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Acclimatization and artificial resettlement of game animals

Muskrat. The first experiments on the resettlement of game animals in the Sverdlovsk region began in 1930, when in remote areas — and Garinsky Taborinsky, was brought from the Solovetsky Islands Party muskrats in the amount of 78 animals. Prior to that, the muskrat in the Sverdlovsk region are not met. In 1935 in the same area Garinsky been released yet 169 muskrats, and in 1957 about 200 individuals — Krasnoufimsk area in the basin. Ufa. Further spread of this species on the territory of the region was carried out by intraregional settlement. During the period from 1930 to

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Sergei Obrazovskomu get any new tribunal

His blame in organizing an unsanctioned rally inhabitants of the village, which occurred recently, on June 27. Sergei Obrazovskogo summoned to the police and 20th hours on June 28 and will be respectively the administrative record. As said deputy chief of the police department Pukhavichy Gennady Sechko case Sergei Obrazovskogo Tribunal will make out in the coming days are.This will be the third Tribunal over Sergei Obrozovskim company for unauthorized rally against the construction of the plant Russian private company "Bel-August." Twice sovereign Obrozovsky was punished heavily fined. Also on June 28 with a fine 15 baselines for his role

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Friendly: fined another party protests

He was accused of participating in an unsanctioned rally against the construction of a chemical plant Russian private company "Bel-August."Misha Kalinkevich May 16 speech at a rally in the village of everybody against the construction of Russian chemical plant."I deliberately came to this meeting because I was the 15th was not allowed into the house of culture Pukhavichy executive committee, when he came to control the Minsk region, where said or not to build the plant chemicals. Would not let me. Said, you are not on the lists. Threw me as cat oparshivevshuyu. I already went through the door, grabbed

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Moscow: NATO will not help Georgia resolve conflicts

Presidents, namely, discussed the prospects of the settlement heightened soon Georgian-Abkhaz conflict. As the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov, Moscow warns Tbilisi against attempting to unleash the conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia by Georgia’s NATO entry. Tell about the outcome of the meeting Medvedev and Saakashvili and situation with conflict resolution, we asked the Director of the Georgian service of Radio Liberty David Kakabadze:

"I think itself for itself fact of this meeting is important. From this meeting, no one expected a breakthrough in relations between Georgia and Russia, because these things really quite tense. And

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Decide the fate of a chemical plant local referendum?



Company protesting against the inhabitants of the village everybody, Svislach Rudensk, Dukora and other settlements.


Svislotch village council deputy district Pukhavichy Olga Kharlamov convinced that, according to international standards views inhabitants who have to live near such industries, it is necessary to take into account:

"The only way out — a local referendum. After all likely to ministers, their deputies reached. All possible solutions are already there, starting with the fact that the three negative evaluations of the Academy for the plant" August-Bel "were withdrawn fourth decision, in which it is written that it

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Astapovich — Vasilevich: to prosecute!

Managing society Anton Astapovich once again tries to draw attention to the dilemma, which is ignored by many local government agencies. This is — a violation of the legal framework for the protection of historical and cultural heritage in the reconstruction of the historic center of Minsk.Anton Astapovich emphasizes that the problem of the destruction of historic monuments did not appear yesterday, but intrigued by the supervisory authorities pretend that nothing unusual is happening. Meanwhile, as stated specials, during work in the historic center of Minsk, which is the historical and cultural value of the 1st category and included in

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In the U.S., a giant landslide destroyed a house and driveway



In the U.S. on Whidbey Island house was gone, and with it the road: downpours triggered a huge landslide. The small settlement remained without electricity, and to rescue some of the houses now can not get on the ground.



PE happened early in the morning when people were still sleeping, but no one was hurt. Victims managed to escape

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Stolen money returned thrifty

In the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense explained that the criminal case against officials of One settlement center, suspected of illegally allocated by fraud of more than 6 million rubles, which is oriented to the tribunal, was initiated manage One settlement center of the military department.

In April 2012, due to the electrical system of internal control calculations, Spice One settlement center, the Head of the Personnel Ministry of Defence RF Computer Security Division and the War Department had found evidence of illegal transfer of money to fake bank cards, allegedly belonging to the 128 soldiers of the Southern Military

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