Motors War

In Moscow, the third meeting of collectors and restorers of military equipment «engine of war».

The three-day meeting of fans of military automotive history has passed on the basis of the State Military-Technical Museum in the vicinity of Chernogolovka, which arrived about 8o restored cars, motorcycles and tanks. And all of them were released before 1945! The post-war domestic appliances and a few who joined her pickup Hummer Hi stayed outside the fence formal exposure without passing the age limit.

Risen from oblivion

View at the exhibition was something. For example, light artillery tractor GAZ-64 commander and GAZ-61-73. They miraculously

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In Bobruisk closed 18 kindergartens

"Newspaper Slonimkaya" knows how to town was robbed jewelry store "Ruby." In a day or in broad store stopped by several guys. Some of them hypnotize saleswoman, and the lady herself gave the kidnappers all values — worth over 200 million rubles. After a number of days by the same method unknown robbed jewelry store in Brest. Publishes weekly identikit robbers which are wanted."Newspaper Slonim" also writes that Russian town of Khanty-Mansiysk appeared monument native Pruzany (then Slonimsky County) Alexander Dunin-Garkavichu — scientists, researchers north of Western Siberia. Knows the journalist Sergei Slonimsky Chigrin: "In Khanty-Mansiysk and have a plaque

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Orsha: detainees threatened with criminal cases

When police released some detainees with of so-called "Lenin corners" someone threw out the window the municipal flag. Commandos litsezrev it returned people from the street to the police station and locked everyone in the duty room. Several people held in the city police department, the others are in the district department. On the 1st of the detainees have already drawn up for disorderly conduct. It is possible that tomorrow will be tried on similar charges a few more people. Some detainees have already brought to the police department twice — yesterday evening and today morning.

P. Sevyarynets: Battle of Orsha Continues

Immediately whereupon the place of the celebration approached several police vans. Policemen rushed to a few people. Almost half of the detained activists constitute an unregistered organization "Young Front. "Explained to the policemen that decide to draw up protocols or not, will be in the district offices of Vitebsk police.Orsha detained nine of the Young and Ales Pushkin, 8.09.2007 Activists forced off the train "Mogilev-Orsha", 8.09.2007 P. Sevyarynets: Police in Krapiuna field — an attempt to disrupt the celebration, 8.09.2007

We remember dispersed share

Together Belarusians? Discussion on the loose.REPORT FROM SHARES Luneva PHOTO WITH SHARESEXHIBITORS 19:10Participants of the rally dispersed. The police did not detain anyone. 18:50

18:35 When the demonstrators under pressure SWAT reached Kupala street, commandos Split an array 2 groups and pounced on them. On one side of the street beaten women

Misha Pashkevich Anatoly Lebedko distracts from the ranks of Special Forces Commandos snatched demonstrators white-red-white flags, broke the rod on which they are kept. They continue to squeezepeople in the street Bogdanovich. 18:15

Immediately the first reaction commandos and police officers who came

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Commandos girlfriend knocked to the ground, grabbed by the hair

Lunev: "At the moment I’m on the street Storozhevskaya. Specifically here from October Square ousted mass of people. Immediately, as people came to October Square police began to threaten them detentions, says that their action is not authorized. Candidates were that it’s just campaign and election campaigning. This does not impact on the commandos. and they began to push people from the area. First skirmish occurred when they began to push and beat the favorite UCP Anatol Lyabedzka. As the mass was held outside international and reached Kupala street, people were divided into two groups, one went to the side

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Alexander Yarashuk

On Wednesday, June 20 at 9:30 Minsk time on the Web site of Liberty held an online conference Chairman of the Belarus Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yaroshuk.

Specifically rights violations trade unions were a prerequisite deprivation Belarus trade preferences.

Commenting on the decision of the European Commission, in an interview with Freedom Yarashuk Alexander said: "Exult, the country loses several 10-s or several hundred million euros — would simply not normal. We like what we fought for their rights, that in a situation where there is even a chance of weave protect their rights, we fought. And this

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May Day begins in Minsk opposition rally

Several 10-s man with reddish flags th balyunchykami wish to jointly go to the designated place for the meeting, but police clarify that they were ordered to complete the group. Two protesters — members of the Communist Party of Belarus Alexander and Evgeny Dyanisenku Myalik grabbed and bundled into a police jeep, but few minutes were released.In the courtyard outside the Academic worth one paddy and two police bus.

Russian tanks and zenitki Stalin’s birthplace

Now the emperor Grits beheld as through the city A column of Russian military technology:"A column of about 50 trucks, 5 APCs about the third hour a day or came out blazing in the direction of Tbilisi. Not reaching 40 miles to Tbilisi, they turned in the forest and there they camped. Guarded convoy of trucks with several zenitkami. The column was van ambulance in which there were about 10-ka pavdnevaasetynskih volunteers. When the convoy turned into the woods, they returned back to Blaze. no resistance or control either by the Georgian police, nor by the Georgian army, this column

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In Liabedzka doctors recorded 5 hematoma

Now the 7th morning until police arrived entrance policy and had a call in intercom. Not waiting for an answer, the police left. Anatoly Lebedko also sent a summons for him to come now to the financial police. The first half of a day or a politician was at home, as felt bad after yesterday’s beating. Lebedko mentioned that at the beginning of the dispersal July 14 he was taken to so referred "Box" — surrounded on all sides:"I was not even a portrait in his hands, because it is not enough. Immediately started beating 5-6 commandos. One blow was

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