Russian Festival «Kulikovo Field».

Last year marked 625 years since the Battle of Kulikovo. The guards of the Moscow Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich September 8 (21 New Style), 1380 defeated the troops of the Golden Temnik Mamaia, organized a big march on Russia. This major battle was dedicated to the Russian festival of children risunka.19 September, the eve of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, the day of the battle, in the International Children’s Art Gallery in Moscow, opened the final exhibition of the festival. The room — more than a hundred of the best drawings. And they came from all over Russia to

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One’s mind

Men think about sex a lot. Approximately every 8 seconds.

What they think about it? We asked all the friends, and even strangers, and many have learned their secret thoughts. We tell!

Zero experience

50% of men believe their virginity drawback: it looks like the joke about the «vegetarian — bad hunter.» These guys think that if they have not yet moved into the camp «already», then was not able to win the girls. They begin to worry about it, … and all turns are not as good as it could when long mentally prepared for their first time,

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Accidentally thrown phase.

I want to talk about sex. After Janet Jackson’s new album and her recent videos it seems a simple task. Sex in them, the main theme. It seems that Jackson thinks about sex at least their fans who buy her records in unprecedented quantities. However, when Janet comes to his dressing room and stands in front of me, dressed in leather and suede, in tight trousers and a narrow top, when she sits in the chair opposite, I realize that I can not start the way I wanted. What’s the matter?

«We’re all sensitive people» — Marvin Gaye sings

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On this happy note

In the world there are at least two good things: music and girls. And today we have a holiday at all: we have united with one another in our traditional rubric «Woman and the world.»

Vibrators help women take the high notes. This knowledge enjoys sharing Canadian singing teacher David Lei, who once casually discovered that produced sex toys vibration great relieve tension in the larynx, so that the range of his students seriously expanded. If you want to take advantage of this advice, consider that Lei massages charges are not inside, but outside.

Sex-coach and relationship expert Megan

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Music has tied us

More recently, scientists have pleased another discovery: It appears, for the pleasure of sex and the music MEET THE SAME PLOT human brain. So why multiply PLEASURE FOR PLEASURE, we thought, and a survey …

Second, that «the song we build and live help» is not a secret. And we will not even try to argue with the axiom that the main thing in sex — sex, and certainly not the soundtrack, but still define the main musical styles in order of increase of their relevance in the bedroom.


A lot of them — this kind of

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An array of beautiful and our nails are quick!

Legend has it that the question «How to understand that at a construction site ENDS REPAIR AND BEGINS FINISHES?» The famous Armenian RADIO replied: IF YOU DURING CONSTRUCTION shake FEET BEFORE leave the apartment, it REPAIR

And if you do SAME BEFORE YOU SIGN IT IS FINISHING. The conclusion is clear. A fine line between repair and finishing ran right … RIGHT BY flooring.

When the walls are plastered and plastered ceilings already gained its final form and featureless construction site in the eyes gradually acquires features of a loved one at home, it’s time to finishing the floor

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Healing love

15 reasons to have sex as often as possible

You doubt? Let’s try to convince you. Have you come to the doctor complaining of deterioration of the skin (abscesses, acne), or «chronic fatigue,» or frequent headaches, high blood pressure and irritability, and he wondered what about the sex lives. Anyway, thoughtful and considerate doctor must take an interest. The fact that it is firmly connected.

After a quick survey of doctors of different specialties, we have compiled a list of healthy (beneficial) advantages of having sex. So enjoy the health, feeling full of fun. Here are some effect on

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Sex Poses

350 orgasms a year should TRANSFER ordinary men to live four years longer than those who remain on the average level, 90 orgasms a year.

350 orgasms a year must endure ordinary man to live for four years longer than those who remain at an average level, ie who are experiencing about 90 orgasms a year. But we know that sex is of no small importance posture.

It would seem, well, what else is new you can learn about sex positions? Yet a look at some.

Camel rides

People hug your feet. Since each crotch between the thighs is

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Night Siege September 12

Comments Entries nicolaev:"The Conformist";"Milinkevich goofed, so what difference will there thinking 66-year-old Prime maryyanetachny» er?";"Milinkevich makes misinformation. To Putin thought that antirossiytsami not here, come here and they are both here."On forums portal discussions are about 2-Belarusian people convicted in Russia for 14 years. Men brought from Belarus to Moscow to order one of the legitimate pharmacies in Belarus product "Tussal." Traders do not know that under Russian law product falls under the term "psychotropic substances." And by European standards and norms Belarusian pills allowed for healing even toddlers. Comments:"And what is all the same for an alliance with

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Orsha Battle-2007 took place in spite of mass arrests

Policemen guarding the participants bard festival since yesterday morning. About 20 people were detained in Orsha or on the outskirts of town. More than 60 people were in Orsha district police station with a bus stop in the village Gatkovschina. Entrance to the village was blocked by police cars, and all police officers who seemed suspicious persons, were brought to the police station. Stop "Gatkovschina" — under the control of the policeMidst Gatkovschina were detained in Brest branch manager "Junior Front"Andrew Sharenda, Minsk activists Lena Makarevich, Catherine Krasnov, Catherine Galician, Dmitri Fedoruk, Natalia Starostin and Dennis Sadowski, young people from

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