White shades

Deborah Walker has used a subtle palette of off-white tones to create a serene Victorian home

If the word finesse can be defined as bringing a delicate and skilful approach to a troublesome situation, then there’s surely no better word to sum up the manner in which Deborah Walker has renovated and refurbished the once worn-down and neglected, four-storey, Victorian terrace home she shares with her partner Peter. Situated in a quaint seaside town on the East Sussex coast – the house has magnificent sea views from its south-facing rear windows – it was a wonderful find and the couple

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Shades of JOY!

Smart tips to ease the nerve-wrecking task of choosing the perfect colour for your home…

Like most life-changing decisions, choosing the perfect paint for your walls is a daunting task. With so many colours, shades and tints, being overwhelmed is perfectly natural.


Ask yourself the most important question of this whole painting exercise. How do you want to feel in this room? Do you want your bedroom to be warm and cosy or would you rather have a cool and breezy feel? Soft, neutrals and cool colours have a tendency to create quieter, calmer feelings, while stronger colours

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Having the mind, let him calculate the number of its




Each of us, willy-nilly, and become thoughtful over the magical power of numbers. For example, in the case when you life continuously across the same configuration in digital telephone or apartment.

Or when you have to give up the superstitions of the number plate, containing an eerie

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Popular novel about love in the U.S.

One of the biggest-selling like hot cakes, and e-books in the United States of America became a novel about love "Fifty shades of gray." This novel was written by a writer from Britain E.L.Dzheyms. As we know from the newspapers, this book interprets the entire American literary associations.

The book is so popular that just buy it in a bookstore is not possible, so people get the publication in electronic form.

Romance Novel James became the first book in the trilogy. A small publishing house in Australia was the first to publish this trilogy. To date, more than 250,000 copies

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