Charlotte on the telly!

Geordie Shore’s Ms Crosby set to star on terrestrial TV!

YOU MAY recognise Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby from her excellent work necking booze on reality TV and cavorting in not many clothes for her viewing public. So, a perfect apprenticeship for her rumoured gig in Celebrity Big Brother, kicking off next week.

There has been no confirmation at the time of writing, but we hope that right now she’s choosing some skyscraper high heels, some hot flippy and a hanky-sized outfit to hit that famous runway in. And a suitcase full of Newcastle Brown Ale. Hopefully.

Shark in a shark!

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Evening in memory of Constantine Sharks

Commemorate Kastus Sharks came Belarusian writers, artists, students, and ordinary readers of his books. Of written over half a century creator in distant Canada, about 10 volumes of two of their last fifteen had come to readers at home. This "Combat Road" signed in the print publishing "Fiction", by the way, a day or three after winning Lukashenko on the first presidential elections, and "loose" that appeared two years reversed in the private publishing house "Logvinov." Vela evening writer Olga Ipatova, which has repeatedly met with his Canadian counterpart-relatives. Describing the organizational and publishing efforts Constantine Sharks support public spirit

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House of Writers Olga Ipatova Felix Batorino, Michas Tychina

IN MEMORIAMOlga Ipatova "Shark Creative Kastus me flabbergasted"February 2nd Belarusian community in Canada last farewell to the 1st of the brightest writers Belarusian postwar emigration Kastus Shark. About his work and a place in the history of the state of literature second half of the XX century, says a popular writer Olga Ipatova. Questions asked her Valentine Aksak. Valentine Aksak"Olga, when the first time you heard the name of the writer Konstantin Sharks?"Olga Ipatova"It’s the name I read in the underground emigre literature, which in Grodno in the 70s secretly gave us a young writer and his staff, unforgettable Alex

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Where to go dismissed traders?

Newspaper "Brest Courier" writes about the problems of people who lost their jobs after the introduction of 760-th decree. Let me remind you, this decree personal businessmen allowed to hire only relatives. Judging from the article, for some people the situation became catastrophic. Knows editor Nikolai Alexandrov:"Lud already screaming and moaning. We are calls.’s Now called my friend, who also worked in the personnel of a businessman, and she was fired. And she has three kids who need to grow. Lady asks to take it even cleaner, there is nothing to feed the kids. And she has a college education!

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Wreath memory Kastus Shark

Apostolic visitator Belarusians abroad father Alexander Knudson friends with Kastus Shark over sixty years."We met in 1944 and remained friends until the end. Belarusian As he was adamant he had never any compromise on Fri Belarusian. Died really great people and we are very expensive and a companion, and majestic Belarusian. Tomorrow will serve service of God for the repose of his soul. "Kastus Shark was born November 16, 1925 in the village of spindles, which is near the station Karalevshchyna in Vitebsk region. Before the war, had to learn basic Polish and Russian secondary schools, and in the war

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Coastal scientists have designed the device, shark repellent

A great white shark

In Far Eastern Federal University ready to put on the flow developed here sonar device that can protect coastal beaches from sharks.

As the director of the School of Engineering Palo Alexander Becker, a device deterrent fish stocks through special sound waves, specialists of the school began to develop in the first place for environmental purposes. For example, if you set it at the water intake, the fish do not come near to this dangerous for them to object. However, due to shark attacks on humans inventors tested the device on the predators.

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The submarine Akula

September 25th Chief Inspector shipbuilding received from IG Bubnov memorandum, in which he pointed out that the petrol engines are installed on submarines have overestimated explosiveness. Bubnov proposed swap two petrol engines (600 hp power of each) a pair of diesels with 600 and 300 horsepower, running on a single shaft turns. To maintain the rated speed, the designer thought likely to reduce by 305 mm wide submarine and renounce the use of wood in the hull plating. Also, Bubnov proposed change Drzewiecki 6 torpedo tubes and one tube with 4 tubular devices with 4 spare torpedoes.

Made to the

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Shark appeared near bay of Saint-Tropez


2.08.11Neskolko cases sharks meeting with people in the Bay of the French resort of Saint-Tropez was recorded this weekend.

Sailor Nicolas Faucon, who works in the port of Saint-Tropez, in two days, met three times with the shark. As the portal, the first meeting took place on Saturday at about 11 am.

Nicolas stopped his boat in front of the construction site Villanova and plunged into the water to untangle Anchors. "In fifty centimeters from my shark swam. I'm sure this is 100%, — he says — like animals hard to find. Its length is more than two

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Abnormal accumulation of sharks off the coast of Australia

March 20, 2013. By the shores of Australia swam a record large flock of sharks. Total — about 100 Cougar. Obviously, they were chasing a school of fish and swam 600 meters to the coast near the city of Perth, where the beaches. Within a kilometer radius of all the rest were asked to leave the water.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

Dead whale sharks off the coast of Pakistan. Video. Photo


8.02.12.Pakistanskim fishermen managed to pull out of the Arabian Sea huge whale shark carcass. Dead predator caught in the port city of Karachi in the south. To get a shark weighing seven tons took just five cranes, said "Zaporozhye time."

According to the owner of the fishing sector, in which the carcass, and caught the first time saw a shark in the sea about ten days ago. It was 150 miles from the coast and no signs of life. Pakistan has become one of the largest fish ever caught by fishermen. Soon, she was sold for 1.7 million

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