The Valley of the Weeping Coconut Shell

In the middle of Bothel, a suburb of Scheessel, there is a red house. If you ring the doorbell, a young man surrounded by his three cats, Nala, Lotte, and Finn, opens the door. Adrie Baumann, professional aquascaper, won the XL category in this year’s competition “The Art of The Planted Aquarium” at the Pet Fair in Hannover with his aquarium design “Valley of the Weeping Willow.”

Aquascaping, the shaping of beautiful and intricate landscapes in the aquarium, has a growing following of aquatic gardening enthusiasts and brings a new fascination to an old hobby—and a financial boost to the

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With its intricate patterns of beautifully coloured mussels, scallops and oysters, the shell house at Cilwendeg has an irresistible charm.

Deep in woodland in West Wales stands a sparkling little building that looks like something out of a fairytale. While Hansel and Gretel found a gingerbread house, in this clearing on the Cilwendeg estate near Boncath is something lovelier and more charming still — a 19th-century folly whose interior is decorated almost entirely with shells.

A wooden portico, shaded by climbers, supports a stepped pediment of coarsely cut white quartz, glinting in the sunshine, while arched doors and stained-glass windows

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According to the pipe in the flow of waste water floating rags, paper sticks. All of this builds up somewhere — cork, now we have to find it and clear the water breaks, something flood, spoil.

Pipe half meter in diameter. Even the climb difficult. The work lasts for hours, for days. Channels hose pump station pulp and paper mill divers cleaned and a half months! Work hellish and customer nedeshevo- cost more than 15 thousand rubles.

Clearing of drainage and sewage pipes were trying to mechanize. There hydrojet nozzle. But they are helpless if meet the large rocks, logs.

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Ukraine has signed an operating agreement with Shell on to Hughes gas field

KIEV. September 12. UNN. Ukraine and Shell signed an operating agreement for the work to Hughes gas field. This was reported in The Hague, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Eduard Stavitskiy, transfersUNNwith reference to the foreign media.

   According to the minister, the Ukrainian company "Nadra Hughes' and Royal Dutch Shell signed an operating agreement, which actually allows you to start work on the Hughes gas field.

"It's just an agreement that provides the full permission for direct investment and work on" Yuzovsky "area", — said the minister.

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Ukraine signed a gas deal with Shell

Shell and "Nadra Hughes" agreed on shale gas in two Ukrainian regions.

The agreement between the company and the Shell "Nadra Hughes' production sharing of shale gas on the Hughes site in Kharkiv and Donetsk regions signed on Thursday in Davos, with the participation of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

As Yanukovych said in comments to journalists, the signing of this agreement profitably Ukraine, because it is an investment due to which Ukraine will increase its own gas production, and as a consequence — to raise the level of ekonomiki.Eto, according to the President,

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Almost 40 drums of ammunition found in the yard near Chelyabinsk

Three kilograms of gunpowder, 38 iron barrels with shells and 357 blasting caps found in the yard of a house in the Chelyabinsk region, reported in Wednesday's press-service of the head of the Interior Ministry in the region.

The shells were found in the Sun, but previously this was not mentioned.

According to police, 211 items, similar to the shells and pieces of shells were found on the street in the town of Gastello Plast.

"As a result, a search of the outhouses were found three kilograms of gunpowder, 38 iron barrels with shells and 357 blasting caps. According to

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Shell has lost more than two billion dollars on shale gas

The Anglo-Dutch oil company Royal Dutch Shell has written off $ 2.2 billion due to the design and development of shale gas in the United States. The official report states that the net profit of the organization in the second quarter of 2013 decreased time by 57 percent to 1.74 billion dollars.

In the past year, Shell in the same period received about $ 4.1 billion. As emphasized by the authors of the publication, if not for shale gas, the latter figure amounted to 4.6 billion dollars.

The company's revenue also fell —

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Why Sevastopol fell?

Why a 40-second fall Sevastopol?

Why did the Germans in November 1941 for a couple of weeks occupied the Crimea, and in June 1942 fell Sevastopol? Thus, contrary to what the Soviet Information Bureau, no evacuation was not only departed bosses, and a few 10-s man got to the coast of the Caucasus on the boats that were in Sevastopol. About 100 thousand soldiers were left to fend for themselves.

The answer to this question was given in almost all 10 books framework of Russian and Russian creators. The Germans had a huge advantage in tanks, artillery and

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Multiple rocket launcher 9K57 «The Hurricane»

  MLRS (multiple rocket launcher) «Hurricane» intended to defeat manpower, armored and light armored vehicles and armored infantry units of the enemy on the march and in the concentration areas, the destruction of command Fri, military infrastructure and communication nodes, remote installation of antipersonnel and antitank landmines in war zones at a distance of 10 — 35 thousand m. Given Adopting a Field reactive system M-21c 1963, Tula GNII no clear Engineering in 1963-1964 in an active manner conducted search operations in order to study the creation of a long-range capability and strong system on the number of explosives in

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Best latest ACS Tanks and World

  ACS K9 Thunder: Company Forecast International, Inc, is engaged in research and analysis of the arms market, examining the market for self-propelled artillery, came to the conclusion that in the coming 10 years, the most popular and desired ACS is a South Korean K9 Thunder installation company «Samsung Techwin». Tower and housing K9 Thunder is one hundred percent of welded metal sheets rolled armor that protects the crew from small arms fire guns, also fragments of mines and shells. Standard equipment includes installation system for protection against weapons of mass destruction, heater, communications, fire alarm system and a set

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