New-world tradition

AMERICAN PIONEERS were driven by an unquenchable thirst to explore the new and the unknown. To be free. To find that special place in the New World that would support them and their families. A place they could, through honest labor, make their own and pass along to their children.

When they found such a place, these pioneers needed to provide shelter and safety as quickly as they could. They used the most convenient and abundant building material they could find: trees.

Trees are easy to cut down, quick to fashion and form, relatively lightweight for heavy load bearing, flexible

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Exhibition opened in Mogilev-independent journalist

Anna Ilina did photos for the exhibition in the children’s shelter in the village social Knyazhitsy Mogilev region. Live here twelve babies abandoned by their parents. They all became heroes photos, which are supplemented by children’s drawings.Anna Ilina funny day to show their work at the shelter.

Mogilev youth activists visited the orphanage

Pets and orphanage staff have seen theatrical productions, participate in competitions and listen Mogilev musicians of the rock band "Zero Tolerance".At the end of the action activists handed collected for kids toys and books. Livestock shelter

Compensate any defect in social orphanage parents’ attention? (Photo)

Socio-educational center of the Leninsky district is located in a former kindergarten opposite Minsk Motorcycle and Bicycle. If possible, ensure the existence of the present 14 inmates here at the moment 17 kids of different ages. Virtually all of the students, only three boy — from 3 to 5 years. Most recently, in December, the shelter marked the anniversary of its existence. Statistics last year voiced deputy director on educational work Oksana Gauvin.Gowen: "Last year at the shelter have been rehabilitated 57 minors. 27 of them returned to their biological families. Seven placed in boarding schools, in other words ancestors

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Russian journalist was granted political asylum in Ukraine

Kosvintsav — Kemerovo last editor of the newspaper "Russian Reporter". Journalist asked shelter in adjacent countries, saying that in Russia he suffered persecution and danger for his critical publications and political activities. Alexander Kosvintsav was the editor of the newspaper "Russian Reporter" also manage Kemerovo Branch Joint civilian front, led by Garry Kasparov. His articles on corruption in the highest echelons of power field caused pressure from the authorities. But particularly strong persecution became after, he led a branch of the opposition political organization. Kosvintsav: "I got a very severe warning from the people who work in law enforcement agencies,

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Committed suicide opposition Dolmatov left a suicide note

Committed suicide in the Netherlands, Russian opposition leader, engineer and rocket scientist Alexander Dolmatov left suicide note. Photo posted on Friday in the "Twitter" journalist Oleg Kashin. The text found in the apartment, gde36-year-old man lived with his mother. Dolmatov writes that goes, "so as not to vorachivatsya traitor."

"Mother, mamulechka I'm going to not vorachivatsya traitor to discredit all, our entire race.'s What happens withstand. I beg you, I'm with you. Nothing, you survive. This is perfect. In Russia, say that it is just unfortunate case. What brought me to escape from Russia. laziness and carelessness were not

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The priest who adopts a child 253

Remember the documentary "Outpost" about the monastery’s orphanage in Banchenah (at the Ukrainian-Romanian border)? The film tells the story of a father of Longinus (Heat) 200 adoptive children. Ever since the movie was released in rent has been almost 5 years and in that time a lot has happened Banchenah — Father Longinus has adopted 53 children, of which 46 HIV-of infection. The monastery is built Trinity Cathedral and a separate house for the disabled (100 people).  

— Father … in a monastery in western Ukraine has adopted 253 baby.

-How much,

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Assessment of capabilities of the underground bases of China Air Force (Part 1)

Fighters Shenyang J-8 towed into one of the many "super-hardened" underground air bases PLA. Which represent the horizontal tunnel on the hillside, the bases were extremely hard to kill, and to find their hidden preparation for surgery. Refueling, loading guns and preparing for take-off are invisible to the orbital and airborne reconnaissance. Pay attention to the open outer gate Blastguard.

Concise overviewPLA Air Force have about forty underground air bases, providing a unique and truly amazing opportunity to withstand large-scale air attack of the enemy, because for the destruction or even the temporary decommissioning of these databases will require

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Bomb shelters — that with them today. Video


20.04.10.V Soviet times in Moscow alone in case of nuclear war, was built four thousand shelters. Standard air-raid shelter was designed for 2,700 people, it was possible to spend three days without surfacing. There was also a bathroom, and the medical center, and pantry.

The construction of a shelter is very expensive. The money for the construction of one large compartment hopper could build a 10-storey tower. Today, most shelters forgotten and neglected.

One of the standard shelters disguised as a football field, after the Cold War to give up a warehouse, today it can be found only

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Landslide covered an orphanage in Malaysia


22.05.11.V result of two landslides in the west of Malaysia 16 people died. In addition, nine people were seriously travmy.Proisshestvie happened at the orphanage, which is located in the state of Selangor, says RBC. Cause of natural disaster is not yet clear. Apparently, it is due to the fact that the soil near the shelter was washed out by rain, which took place in the area the day before.

The victims were 15 boys and one adult, said "". Three other employees and six children were hospitalized. They are in a serious condition. To retrieve the dead and injured

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