Three little corys of the Brazilian Shield

The evolution of dwarf fish forms has taken place independently in many different regions of the world. Among the armored catfishes (Corydoradinae), there is a small group of species that are believed to have evolved millions of years ago. These dwarf Corydoras live in the great clearwater rivers of the 500-million-year-old Brazilian Shield.

The South American continent is comprised of very different geographical regions. Large mountain ranges created by tectonic plate shifts, such as the still-young Andes or the 1.9-billion-year-old formations of the Guiana Shield, frame the three major river basins of South America. Between the Guiana Shield and the

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Rainbow Six: Raven Shield

Тактический шутер будущего SWAT: Urban Justice (четвертая игра полицейской серии SWAT, ожидается в сентябре) — один из самых многообещающих проектов года, и ждать его я буду с трепетом и нетерпением.

Душераздирающее признание вовсе не означает, будто на этих райских просторах речь пойдет об Urban Justice. Не означает оно и то, что SWAT 4 нынче вообще будет затрагиваться, каким бы распрекрасным этот полицейский симулятор ни был. Честно говоря, я затруднился бы припомнить игру, которая в данный момент интересовала бы меня меньше, нежели SWAT: Urban Justice.

Эта звездочка померкла в одночасье. Более того, в свете последних известий с полей Ubi Soft и

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In the past year have gone to rest in Cuba 700 Belarusians

In This year on tourist exhibition a huge part of the proposals — the prices in euros. Maid invite clients of travel agenciesThe Representative of the tourist organizations of the Union of Businessmen and Employers named Kunyavsky Mrs. Anna notes that the Belarusian tourists as ever popular Bulgaria, Turkey, Egipet, Tunisia and Montenegro:"At these countries pain just to get a visa. Montenegro without any visa, Bulgaria makes no problems, Romania too. Very problematical country this year, surprisingly, this is Lithuania and Poland. I think that this year there will dramatically decrease the flow of tourists. Was virtually impossible to open

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Night Siege — February 2

On forums portal now gathered a lot of comment statement Alexander Lukashenko about Belarus should be of cosmic power."Our dear people though is for yourself, how much is the construction of the flight control center? .. Well, for what?""Soon, our scientists invent effective other fuels was then rocket into orbit with wood pavuzbryka vzlyatsits. Pity only pollute the atmosphere a little exhaust gases …""Expect the new tax" on the development of cosmic economy. ""Repurpose Dzerzhinsk factory to produce men’s shirts at issue spacesuits and MTZ — on the issue of the rover."But last Bobruisk city council deputy Ales Chyhir

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Shield Kurapaty not allowed

According to Vyacheslav Siuchyk on the shield is a diagram of what is on the ground of the national memorial.The shield has written: "Memorial Kurapaty. Place of death of victims of political repression of 1937-1941. At this point, the Byelorussian SSR NKVD destroyed people. In the tract, there were more than 500 mass graves of people. Since 1988, through the efforts of the public began to form national memorial to the victims of Stalinist repression" .Immediately tract map with a legend. The policemen explained that the shield can be set only with the permission of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

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The Tribunal did not believe in correcting the Roman Mentyukov at large

Minsky District Tribunal found 28-year-old Roman Mentyukov guilty and sent to the colony. Lawyer says convicted of a very terrible punishment, and the Roman Mentyukov hunger strike.

5 years in prison — a punishment caused referee Minsk district court Sergei Athos resident Maladziechna Roman Mentyukov.

I recall Mentyukov was the driver, who was stopped by police on March 2 a "human shield" from their cars on arrival at Minsk by Slutsk. In June, 2-GAI employees — Dorogokuptsa andLikhtarovich— Tribunal found guilty in the development of "human shields" and punished conditional imprisonment.

Lawyer Lena Maisenya Mentyukov for driving while intoxicated

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Mentyukov sentenced to 5 years’ bullpen

In addition Mentyukov must pay the costs of the police searching for him and clinics — for healing the wounded his fault in an accident. After the verdict Prosecutor Alexander Nikulin, who sought specifically such punishment referred sentence "deserved."Novel itself Mentyukov said in the courtroom that will continue hunger strike, because at the time of his life "has no meaning."Lawyer Lena Maisenya not rule out that the harsh verdict is vengeance Mentyukov law enforcement agencies, for what they put in an awkward position with the "human shield".Tomorrow in the same court process starts over Mentyukov wife Olga, because she gave

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In pictures: the beginning of penetration branches in the depot Likhobory (Moscow)

Author photo essay — Alexander "Russos" Popov

Yesterday, at the construction site electrodepot "Likhobory" was launched TBM "Herrenknecht" "Alexander." Complex to go 2,750 meters — actually a branch in the depot and the span between the stations "Upper Likhobory" and "District".

1. Fully assembled and ready to set.

 2. TBM "Herrenknecht» S-770, "Alexander." The complex is new, released in 2013 specifically for the Moscow subway construction.

3. In October, there will operate a second shield.



6. And just on the northern section will

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Human shields and previously lacked

"Komomolskaya truth" in Belarus " continues the theme of "human shields", which is made with a private car traffic police to halt a drunken driver. Recall the incident occurred on March 2 at Slutsky highway near Minsk. Newspaper reports gave the whole strip and reasoning readers sent via the web. Journalist Ira Goat quotes. "The man who called himself by Pseudonym repetsitar, writes: "My friend said that in the fall of 2007, his cousin was a" human shield "on the ring road of Minsk. Chased drunk driver who hit the car relative vehicle overturned. Way, out of the car were

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Construction of the metro Business Center — Victory Park

The station "Victory Park" Moscow Metro on a normal working day, while not crowded, but by the end of this year, she will begin a new life. C commissioning by the end of 2013, section "Business Center" — "Victory Park" it will become an interchange hub connecting Arbat-pokrovskuju line with the business center Moscow-City. Later section "Business Center" — "Victory Park" will be part of the emerging Kalinin-Solntsevskaya lines underground. Kalinin-Solntsevskaya line is a continuation of the current Kalinin subway line. In 2015, the station "Tretyakov," the line stretched to the stations "Business Center." In the future, the station

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