The last Russian destroyers Union — Project 956

Destroyers Project 965, the code "Buzzard", NATO «Sovremenny class destroyer» — 3 generations of destroyers of the "modern." Last Russian destroyer built. The ships were built for the Russian Navy Union, the latest finish building ships for the Russian Navy has. The remaining ships unfinished due to financial problems were sold Chinese Navy were erected at Russian shipyards.

In 1960 at the Russian Union there is an urgent need for large ships, because the Navy was intensely go out to the ocean, replenish ships of the middle class and to serve in the ocean zone.

Patterns are the

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Generation of invisible

In Russia, began research on the formation of the form of the latest generation destroyer. Military given to understand that they are considering the possibility of building a massive ocean-going ships, superior in features of modern South American class ships "Arleigh Burke" and approaching the new class of ships' Zamvolt. " Impressive and term given to the creation of the project — 30 months.

According to the source, hopefully ship, number of the project which has not yet been appointed, will be multi-purpose, and that led to his choice of weapons. "The destroyer will Missile System tools with universal

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Navys submarine fleet will add derived from the reserve ships

Navy's submarine fleet RF will be filled not only with new ships, but also submarines, previously derived in reserve. This, according to the newspaper "Izvestia", Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to him, we can not allow a huge number of submarines were in reserve, without waiting for scheduled maintenance. On what specific ships it is, the president did not say. At the current time in the Navy Reserve RF there are about 20 nuclear and diesel submarines.

In September 2011 it was reported that the Ministry of Defence decided in 2014 to write off all of the strategic nuclear submarines

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Paul Goynkis — creator of the torpedo boats

The beginning of special academic training shipbuilders in Russia is 7 August 1862. Then was released on a special order of the Ministry of the Sea, what was the beginning of Russian shipbuilding higher education.

Special contribution to the process of academic training shipbuilders brought Nicholas Naval Academy, which lasted from 1877 to 1917. At its base were formed three specialized departments: mechanical, hydraulic and shipbuilding. Greater contribution to the development of the construction of the Russian fleet has brought one of the first graduates of the Naval Academy Nikolaev Alexey Krylov, who after he became a teacher, and later

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Fleet renewal

Until the end of 2012 at the enterprises of the military-industrial complex, working for the Navy planned to finish the construction of about 10 different classes of surface ships and support vessels for various purposes.

Among them, the ships of class "corvette" serial small gun ship, basic trawlers, boats for specific purposes, landing boats, new hydrographic survey ships and boats, tugs and several offshore marine towing vessel. In July, will graduate from the municipal tests and pass the Navy missile ship Project 11661K "Dagestan".

Together with the way management said the press service of the Ministry of disk imaging

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To combat the silent submarines in Russia will create a special ship

Main Command of the Russian Navy began to develop requirements for the brand new ship that will be used to deal with low-noise non-nuclear submarines, such as, for example, the German project Type 212/214. According to the decision of the Russian Navy Commander Viktor Chirkov, the newspaper «Izvestia», the new ship should be ready by early 2017.   The basis of the new ship will fall in the unfinished housing 1990s frigate «Fog» Project 11540 «hawk», whose body is the terrain of the Baltic Shipyard «Yantar». Financing a new project for 2013 is not planned.   As the demands

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Small, but very unsafe for the enemy

"Remarkable" Alpha "experts at the U.S. Navy christened the Soviet nuclear submarine of the Project 705At the end of 1958, when the first tests were municipal Russian nuclear submarine, the State Committee for shipbuilding was a competition for the development of proposals for the next generation of nuclear submarines.

For the ultimate in SKB-143 (now SPMBM "Malachite") emerged's design, which was embodied in the later ships of the second generation of projects 671 and 670. One of the results of the contest was to develop a project idea automatic creation of small displacement of the submarine and its preparation

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Better small missile ship in the ranks than a destroyer in the project

With all the richness of choice candidates "mosquito fleet" yet

From birth in 1967, Project 1234 has been very controversial and is building in the Russian absolute zeal for special ships for good reason — especially for him was made a separate class. Unheard of "hunters on the ships' immediately lured to the attention of military professionals all over the world, much discussion of the question that still is a Russian" toothy kid "in fact -" the gun to his temple of capitalism "or an easy target?

These disputes are not subsiding, and until now, when the Russian fleet is

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Laser gun for river tanks

In the late 1950's — early 1960's. the Soviet Union had ceased designing new artillery armored vehicles. But in 1965, the Navy together with Minsudproma approved the design task river gunboats (ACA) of the project in 1204 (code "Bumblebee"). With all of this all are in service with the BCA in 1965 were also reclassified AKA, almost becoming the founders of the "new" subclass combat boats.

The reason for such a sudden reversal yavna completely by the mid-1960s the remaining ships of project 1124, 1125 and 191-M at the technical level and obsolete, and by the early 1970s. and the

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Where does the surface fleet?

Brand new shipbuilding programm is very optimistic, but if the state support

The current state of the Navy of the Russian Federation is characterized by an overwhelming majority of professionals as a crisis, and this applies to his first ship structure. As you know, he actually has not been updated in the last 18 years. June 23, 2010 Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky announced that under the state program of armaments for 2011-2020 is planned to build 15 surface ships and submarines, which will be transferred to the Black Sea Fleet. So Makarov, for the first time since the collapse

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