Adapting aviation variant cruise missile «BrahMos» «Air-land» for Su-30MKI fighter will begin in November after the agreement will be signed in Divide, said Tuesday the control of the Russian-Indian BrahMos Aerospace Sivathanu Pillai during naval salon «Euronaval 2012» Bourges. «We expect that in November all the formalities with the contract to adapt aviation option» BrahMos » for Su-30MKI fighter will be completed. Then start step practical work will certain orders companies. It will be very harsh step for us, «- said Pillay,» Interfax «. Managing Director explained that the formalities associated, first, with rassredotachivaniem work between Russian and Indian

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Onishchenko proposes to vaccinate children without parental consent


Gennady Onishchenko has vaccinate children without parental consent. Photo:

05/01/11.Gennady Onishchenko, head of Rospotrebnadzor proposed to restrict the right of parents to refuse vaccinations for their children and make this restriction in the legislative initiative.

According to him, he had already discussed a possible bill to the Children's Rights under the President of the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov.

— Parents who do not vaccinate their children are committing a crime — said Gennady Onishchenko, the radio station "Echo of Moscow". — Waiver of vaccinations, including for religious reasons is a violation of children's rights. A child under

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Cannon century. The best subs

Rating from the magazine "The popular mechanics"

The most revolutionary: Project 705 "Lira"

This story is like a legend. But the fact that the "Alpha", effectively invulnerable to weapons since almost turned all the representations of the Yankees and anti-submarine fleet vehicles, — it is untainted truth.

The concept of 705-year project was formed in the late 1950s. Compact automatic boat with a reduced composition of the crew was supposed to be a typical scuba interceptor capable of catching up and hit any target. Special resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party chief designer Misha Rusanov was allowed

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Cannon century. The best ships

Rating magazine "The popular mechanics"

The largest aircraft carriers of the "Nimitz"

Country: United StatesLaunched: 1972Displacement: 100,000 tons Length: 332.8 m Power full speed: 260000 HP Full speed: 31.5 unitThe crew of 3184 people.

At the current time the largest surface ship in the world — the heavy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the "Nimitz". The parent USS Nimitz was launched on 13 May 1972 and entered into service of the U.S. Navy with 3 years later. Total built 10 ships, named in honor of American recognizable political figures. Chester Nimitz, who gave his name throughout the series, was commander

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This ship does not show on TV. Shooting shop Severodvinsk Sevmash, where he built, are prohibited. In an open print this ship fall in the main only hypothesis and conjectures. And it is logical for the question about the possibly best project of modern Russian military-industrial complex — head multipurpose nuclear submarine of the fourth generation «Severodvinsk». Russian «competition» against the South American «totalitarianism» Since entering into the sea in 1955 the world’s first American nuclear submarine (SSN) Nautilus nuclear submarine shipbuilding reincarnated as one of the important areas of acute technological rivalry between the USSR and the USA.



Started: preparation of the first specimens of the most experienced helicopter Ka-52K (ship) for universal ship-helicopter «Mistral», said to RIA Novosti on Tuesday spokesman office «Helicopters of Russia» Roman Kirillov. «At this moment we are: preparation of prototypes, but we can not call the number because of the fact that it is in the interests of the army authorities,» — said Kirillov. He noted that as long as long as «Mistral» do not come from France to the Russian Federation, the design tasks take off and landing of helicopters on the aircraft carrier deck planned «Admiral Kuznetsov». «In September


To think in scale space. Continued Part 2

A mysterious tragedy of the space shuttle

Despite some pretty detailed video fatal descent "Colombia" and gathered many thousands of its fragments, the question about the reason for the disaster of the shuttle for a long time remained completely open. Among the versions were born in the early days, there was even a terrorist. More than just talking about a possible fatal damage of thermal-insulation layer of the left wing of the space shuttle to take off — a piece of ice or something else, flown away from the rocket. But it is highly competent experts have argued

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A conceptual project of multipurpose cable ship

Specialist 5 branch of FSUE "Krylovskiy State Scientific Center" under the federal program "RGMT 2009-2016" developed a conceptual design for multi-purpose cable ship with a modern integrated management system for carrying out underwater work on laying of cable lines and conducting underwater operations at sea.


The main task performed by Krylov Research Center, was to develop a conceptual design documentation for the cable ship, the analysis of the existing national and international scientific, technical and technological reserve of engineering solutions, a complete set of equipment of cable ships and related systems in terms of

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Orbital cesspool able to do gallakticheskie flights unenforceable

Imagine a situation where, enduring trash from home, you dump it here — at the entrance. You have broken fridge — you throw it right out the window. Products, shall we say, active life, too, merge right at the front. With the passage of time adjacent to your home area will turn into a real dump, which is for you yourself do not give to live on in their own home.

Similar to the one described apocalyptic plot situation is in Earth orbit. During the time that has elapsed since the launch of the first satellite in the near

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Operation Heylstoun

Chuuk Islands — a group of small islands in the Federated States of Micronesia. Historical title of the islands — Truk.The history of the islands Truk began with their discovery by Spanish sailors and continued research work of the French navigator Dumont d'Urville, and then the Russian traveler Fyodor Petrovich Litke. After the Spanish-American War in 1898 by agreement between Spain, Germany and the United States — Micronesia, except for the island of Guam, was bought from Germany for the U.S. $ 4.2 million First World War, in 1914, the islands were occupied by Japan.

Truk Atoll was a

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