Operation Wonderland or Alexander Matrosov Nordic Seas

This year marks 70 years since the events described. And I, to the best of their own forces, we would like to draw your attention and remind again that the unusual and tragic spectacle that unfolded in the summer of 1942 in the Northern Sea Route.

Introduce the actors.

Managing operations in the Arctic, "Admiral Arctic" Admiral Hubert Shmund.Commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral AG Golovko.

Kriegsmarine pocket battleship "Admiral Scheer"

Year built: 1933Tonnage: 15,180 grtCrew: 1150 persons.Armament:

6 guns of 286 mm8 guns of 150 mm

6 anti-aircraft guns of 88 mm8 anti-aircraft guns of 37 mm10

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Top 10 biggest warships

The ocean is home to a mind-blowing structures built by man, some of them stretched in length almost half a kilometer. Unchanged readers already familiar list of the largest ships in the world, it’s time to present to you a list of the largest warships ever built. Most of the ships in the top belong to the U.S. Navy. 1. USS Enterprise Length: 342 meters Country: United States Launch year: 1961 Type: USS First aircraft carrier syadernoy power plant was commissioned in 1961. First and only ship of his own project, despite the 5 more planned to be built

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PSKR Brilliant project 22460 (video)

"Diamond" — the only ship in the Border Management in Dagestan with the most modern navigation and automatedcontrol. The "Diamond" has lots of advantages that improve the work on the protection of maritime borders. Today, he went out on patrol, and only a month back to the port. For correspondents leading channels on board was organized tour. 

Border patrol ship "Diamond" has taken up the service. Go to the bank, he will approach no longer soon. Women on board — such exception made only for journalists. However, contrary to superstition, we still welcome welcome. The

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Oman has adopted the first SAM VL MICA

European MBDA missile union in vserasprostranennom December 4, 2012 press release for the first time officially said that the Imperial Guard of Oman was the first customer and the operator developed by MBDA ground anti-aircraft missile system variant VL MICA (Ground Based Air Defence — GBAD). Press release reports on training and combat shooting SAM VL MICA, produced by the Royal Guard of Oman on the range Abeer in the central part of the country of the acquired factory system September 24, 2012. Launched MICA missile with active radar homing air which struck the target at a distance of 14

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Concern Lockheed Martin plans to build Transformer TX — Autonomous flying truck

Concern Lockheed Martin announced its intention to build a new type of evacuation and transport aircraft, which will be controlled remotely, and periodically go into a hundred percent offline. The vessel will remember the helicopter, but will use the tunnel rotary screw rotors instead, since they make flying more harmless and allow the land to the smallest area. Transformer TX project reportedly began as yet another attempt to build a flying car. But as the creation of drawings, it became clear that just give the machine the ability to fly so severely restrict the ability of the ship. Newer models

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Ocean predator

Squadron destroyer (Short destroyer) — A multi-purpose high-speed combat maneuvering ship for anti-submarine warfare, aircraft (including missiles), and enemy ships, the protection and defense of compounds or convoys of ships in transit. Also used for reconnaissance and patrol services, fire support during landing and landing of mine fields.

The Russian title "destroyer"Derives from the fact that in Russia torpedo called" self-propelled mine. " The designation "destroyer" shows the ability to act in the squadron in the ocean and marine zone. Initially, such a class ships were called "fighters (destroyer)": it was believed that in a fight they must intercept and

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Mine ship with a unique body laid in Russia

On Mid-Nevsky Shipyard ship mine laid Defence new generation feature of it is the world's largest body of reinforced fiberglass, formed by vacuum infusion, the press service of the company.

 Photo source:topwar.ru

Ship Mine Defense (CSI) Project 12700 designed by the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz". It is designed to find and destroy mines at a safe distance to the ship. The vessel belongs to a new generation of ships CSI.

The project calls for the formation of anti-mine 12700 loop with the latest high-performance sonar placed both on the ship and on the remotely operated

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Arguments in favor of the appearance in the Russian Navy aircraft carriers

Vorachivayas relating to the development of the Russian navy, does not work to evade the question of naval aviation, and her home in the sea. USS — one of the most difficult component of the fleet and its construction and operation — labor intensive and overhead. For this reason, the construction of new aircraft carriers — not one of the most intimate perspectives. But there are preconditions for which Russian fleet came (not the smallest way) to realize the need of aircraft carriers. There are prerequisites for which the new Russian fleet will inevitably move in this direction. When

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Naked maritime borders

Famous speech of Dmitry Medvedev at the American dilemma European missile defense, obviously, had openly electoral character, and the measures proposed therein, and so has long been produced (in addition, some of them have to do with this most European missile defense system is very indirect relation). With all of this degree of controversy on the subject indicated by getting higher and higher. Unusual way in the course of this debate the Russian Navy is not mentioned either in terms of countering the U.S. missile defense, either in terms of the construction of ASD, which also verbally given a

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West Russia suspected of trying to solve the Syrian issue by force

Large-scale exercises, which will participate in the Joint ships mezhflotskoy grouping Naval Fleet, starting in the eastern Mediterranean. For disk imaging, originating from the General Staff of the Russian Federation, in the exercise will involve ships and personnel immediately several Russian fleets. First say on the involvement of the Black Sea, Northern and Baltic fleets, but later came the information that naval vessels PAC can take part in the exercises. Maneuvers, if they believe the official disk imaging, promise to be truly excellent. One of the main components of the joint group exercises will be the tasks of planting

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