United Shipbuilding Company: The Story of Creation and Development Prospects

In March 2012, the 5th anniversary since the creation of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (USC), which was established in accordance with the decree of the President of Russian Federation № 394 dated March 21, 2007 and Recorded November 14, 2007

5 years — enough time to take stock of the performance of the perineum, the main vocation of which was the revival of the Russian shipbuilding.


The establishment of a single state in the field of shipbuilding was foreseen "Strategy of development of the shipbuilding industry for the period up to 2020 and the subsequent future", which

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United Group of the Russian Navy has started to carry out tasks in the Mediterranean Sea

United mezhflotskaya grouping Russian Navy in the detachment of warships (LMC) of the Northern Fleet (NF) large landing ships "Alexander Otrakovsky", "Jora Victorious", "Kondopoga" and the group of warships of the Baltic Fleet, patrol ships "Yaroslav the Wise" and "Brave" After replenishing supplies in the Alboran Sea (an inland sea of the western Mediterranean) started to perform tasks far hike in the central Mediterranean.

Technical equipment and weapons ships are operating normally. Ships work out a series of training tasks to incur duty air defense and anti-submarine warfare in the near field on the route of the warrant.

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U.S. will increase its presence in the Pacific

Any statements by senior military officials always cause a public outcry. Who can turn even the word scandal South American Defense Minister L. Panetta. Currently, the Pentagon chief is touring the countries of Southeast Asia and holds the appropriate negotiations with their management. Second of June (Moscow time), while in Singapore, Panetta made one statement perceptible. Besides the usual word for the continuation and strengthening of military cooperation, he said plaintext plans its institutions capacity U.S. naval group in the Pacific. According to the Minister of Defense, already this year in the designated region is airlifted several ships serving

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Progress has successfully docked with the ISS

"Progress" for the third time successfully docked with the ISS on a shortened scheme

Russian cargo ship "Progress" is successfully docked with the ISS. "Progress M-18M" docked to the docking module "Zvezda" at 00:40 MSK automatically "- ITAR-TASS quoted the Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC).

In the history of the ISS is the third successful docking on a shortened, six-hour scheme. The first launch of this scheme (the ship makes only four turns around the orbit) has been worked out in August of this year on "Progress M-16M", which is on Saturday, February 9, was sunk in the

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Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda, the island of Puerto Rico and the southern extremity of the island Florida — these three points form a triangle conditionally, in the area which often disappear ships and aircraft. Rumor has it that it was here often see ghost ships and the famous Flying Dutchman. Sometimes the remains of the missing aircraft and ships are all the same, but one can not determine the cause of death.

One of the most mysterious cases occurred in the area in 1881. The English ship "Ellen Austin" collided with an empty

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On the Arctic dilemma

After the expedition, Otto Schmidt (1932), earned the Northern Sea Route, the mid 30's the way Murmansk — Vladivostok worked constantly. Even the Russian war was not able to stop his work.

But, the Democrats were able to do what the Nazis failed — after 20 years of "democratization" of running a segment from Murmansk to Dixon. Very weak and military power, the Northern Fleet in fact not been replenished with new ships, from Chukotka to the Kola Peninsula shines "hole" is almost not covered with the Air Force and Air Defense.

Since the days of the Soviet

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Modular ships of the future

A lot of things related to key development issues one way or another industry, discusses the often privately. Yet, sometimes some participants in these discussions after meetings behind closed doors reveal Zahav lurking and say some detailed discussion. For disk imaging «Izvestia» on nedavneshnem meeting Russian fleet commanders and representatives of the shipbuilding industry prospects open a discussion of the current concept of creation and the ability to move ships to the modular construction principle. According to the publication, the issue is almost resolved in favor of the modular system. In the near future in our defense industry there

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On how to cut ships in 90

First, cut the nuclear cruiser — these creatures have long infuriated sailors own inadequate price and endless worries about their radiation safety. For all this, nuclear-powered ships have not had any real benefits, not counting the silly "unlimited autonomy for the supplies of fuel." In 1-x, the autonomy of the ship is determined not only supplies of fuel, in-2, the action in the squadron of disappearing any difference between the nuclear-powered ships and ships with an ordinary power plant.

"Long Beach", "Bainbridge", "Trakstan" — an old trough without regret sails away for recycling. The same fate awaited the more

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About lapshichku

Valentin Selivanov, Admiral, a former Chief of General Staff — First Deputy Commander of the Navy:

Fleets weakened. Every single ship, which now is, it's all Soviet ships, lived out his life. The youngest ship in the Black Sea Fleet — missile cruiser "Slava", now called "Moscow". It entered service in 1982. He was 30 years old. The youngest ship in the Navy of Russia — "Peter the Great" nuclear-powered missile cruiser. I had his hand in Leningrad in 1990. But then began to see the event, and only passed it in 1999. More than 21 years not

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Astronauts go to the contact




Once again, the "mystery of the Tunguska"

Until today, the most common versions of what happened in the forest mysterious phenomenon remains a hypothesis about an unusually large meteorite exploded, the release into the atmosphere of a giant explosion and the amount of natural gas, the collision

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