On the basis of the Northern Design Bureau platforms

In the same row with the leading global forums market of naval equipment, weapons, and equipment placed International Maritime Defence town of Petersburg. He has rightfully earned its rightful place: the participants are the latest developments in the field of naval weapons and equipment that facilitates the exchange of experiences, provokes the development of innovative numerical branches of production and science.

Salon this year was held for the fifth time. He does not cease to lure to the increased attention to foreign experts and, of course, possible partners of the Russian Federation in the sphere of military-technical cooperation. Not

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Diving frigate

French military developers stunned the world of the new warship. The revolutionary tool is a "submersible frigate" or, as they call it themselves designers, "submarine above water."

On opened on October 25 in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget European naval show EURONAVALE-2010 presented a lot of promising projects warships the coming future. Specialists correctly identify two trends: the creation of a missile defense ships and boats, specially designed for the basing of unmanned aerial vehicles. Among them is as mundane surface ships, and very futuristic projects such as "Dip frigate» SSX-25 proposed by the French company DCNS.

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Do we need to imported weapons? (Poll)

One of the main reasons for numerous disputes in recent years have become weapons purchases abroad. For a variety of circumstances, Russian Defense Ministry has shown interest in the development in the field of foreign weapons and military equipment, which in some cases led to the conclusion of supply contracts. Already at the stage of negotiating these agreements caused a lot of criticism and controversy. In these discussions, it was suggested a lot of arguments, but in general, they can all be summarized in a few lines.

First, let's examine the history of purchases. Until that time, the introduction of

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Do I need a base in the Russian Federation Peninsula bliss?

The true story of Russian naval parking in Socotra

Speculations about Moscow's plans to acquire naval bases outside the country was increased by one — now we Tipo enthusiastic not only to the Syrian port of Tartus, and to the Yemeni island Socotra. In Russia, on Socotra only recently learned as a place of pilgrimage for ecotourists. But in times of Russian peninsula was well acquainted at first our military (and the creator of these lines among them). Title of the island and often flickered in the Western press, was rising when the buzz about "Russian military presence" in

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Do Ukraine of the Russian Federation?

After President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said that Moscow and Kiev have agreed that our homeland will finish the cruiser "Ukraine", a discussion ensued about how the country will join the fleet this ship and whether it is the Russian Navy.

"It is very difficult to understand who ship needs now — said the news agency" New Region "Head of the analytical department of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Hramchihin. — I will, for our fleet, which fell to the abuses at the moment is that of the cruiser becomes useless. We need to start, so

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Prospects project Zumwalt destroyers

It looks like the South American armed forces are experiencing far not the best times in our own history. Link to new technologies requests the development of new areas and the creation of modern military technology. But financiers municipal level do not share these goals. Motivate them more finansovlozheniya this very latest technology. And they, in turn, with each new project grow and shrink not collected. Now a storm of criticism was the hope of the U.S. Navy — class destroyers Zumwalt. According to the specs, the ships with the nickname «invisible silver bullets» are a real superweapon fleet.

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The Russian ship is a 4-hour readiness FOR SYRIA outlet to the

Huge assault ships (BDK) Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation «Nicholas Fil’chenkov» and «Caesar Kunikov» activities to fulfill predpohodovye to the Mediterranean Sea to perform specific tasks in the Syrian port of Tartus, said «Interfax» Tuesday informed source in Moscow.   «In a four-hour readiness remains and crew rescue tug SB-15, which is to ensure that activities in the field of combat ships,» — said the agency interlocutor.   According to him, ready for loading on all three ships are Marines from the brigade «dark berets», commanded by Hero of the Russian Federation, Colonel Vladimir Bielawski. «To perform

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Men in Black-12, or aliens living among us

"Version", 12.08.2002, Moscow, n31, p.30 In the last issue of the newspaper "Version" published an article about the strange anomalous activity on the Moon. Most often, the activity observed in the landing sites of U.S. and Soviet aircraft. The atmosphere of secrecy, information is scarce and patchy, occasionally leaking in the media — all this gives rise to the impression that the report of William Cooper's "Who rules the world? Secret government" that is printed in the newspaper "The development of" more than a decade ago — the only document giving an objective assessment of what is happening.

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Latin American media said that China is working to create a pilot light of cosmic reusable manned spacecraft, reports now big5.xinhuanet.com. Chinese ship has the designation «excursion day» 1, and can be used as the «orbital bomber.» It is reported that the device has been reset unmanned, which ended in complete success. The U.S. believes that these works are more frisky rate than previously. This ship can be very similar to the South American unit Dream Chaser. September 8, 2011, Chinese media said the successful test of an experimental spacecraft «Dragon» from the board of H-6 bombers (in appearance resembled

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In the Pacific, the crew mysteriously disappeared


VLADIVOSTOK. January 21. VOSTOK-MEDIA — In the Pacific there was another "Mary Celeste" — a vessel with a crew mysteriously disappeared. January 14 Taiwanese fishing vessel Ming Horng Yu worked 123 emergency beacon, the ship was in the 1500 miles to the northwest of Oahu, Hawaii.

The signal received U.S. Coast Guard, and launched an international rescue operation. In the area of vessel in distress were sent planes and ships are nearby, the Coast Guard contacted the owner who reported that the crew of the vessel length of 85 feet — 11 people, nationality were not called.

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