Tear space market

Solve the energy problem of space nuclear reactors, said Vitaly Lopota, general designer RSC "Energia", which experts are working on the manned transport ship the new generation.

Exactly 50 years ago the Soviet Union made a technological breakthrough, near which eclipsed all other conquests. War-torn country was involved in the space race and won — we were the first who launched Sputnik, who sent in human space flight. It managed to carry thanks to an unprecedented mobilization of economic and human resources and understanding of science and government, said the other day, Academician Boris Chertok, who worked

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New destroyers 2016

On the days of St. Petersburg hosted an international economic forum. In the midst of other topics open a discussion on it the fate of Russian shipbuilding. Judging by the statements of the responsible persons of the industry, the Russian navy is entering a period of active development and renewal. One of the topics raised in the discussions were about the prospects of new Navy destroyers, which soon included are increasingly involved. First, it should be said that the president of the United Shipbuilding Company (USC) R. Trocenko eventually opened Zahav lurking on a new project. So far, however,

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New ships for the protection of the State Border Service of Ukraine Sea

October 9, 2012 at JSC "Fedosiyskaya shipbuilding company" Sea "was launched on the 25-meter guard-boat Project 58130 "Orlan" for Marine Protection of State Border Service of Ukraine (chief designer Viktor Alekseev). Total 2020 plan to build eight boats of this project, created to spoof Russian craft project 1400 ("Griffin").

Immediately on zavorde "More" tab accomplished a new coast guard ship (large patrol boats) Project 58160 "Coral"(Serial number 205). Project ship developed State-owned Enterprise "Research and Design Center of Shipbuilding" (KP "IPTSK") in the period 2010-2011. His tab was scheduled for another fourth quarter of 2011, but was delayed by almost

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New ships for the Caspian Flotilla

The last few decades Caspian flotilla Soviet and later Russian Federation was not the highest priority unit of the Russian Navy. Due to geographic and political characteristics of the region for a long time, it was not given much importance. The fact is that in the old days the Caspian Sea "shared" among themselves only Russian Alliance and Iran. The latter is not specifically listed as unsafe enemy in terms of sea battles, as in strengthening the Caspian Flotilla beheld not make sense. Everything changed with the collapse of the USSR, when instead of the 2-states on the Caspian Sea

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In the Yellow Sea, the North Korean ship sank


Photo from Lenta.ru

1.01.11.Dva people were killed and at least 15 were missing as a result of a shipwreck in the Yellow Sea, reports on Saturday agency "Xinhua". Registered in North Korea 69-meter cargo ship "Kang Bong" sank during a violent storm, 120 miles off the coast of the Chinese province of Jiangsu.

Shipwreck occurred on Friday morning local time, after the water has penetrated into the room of the ship. At the scene, rescue workers immediately went to the Chinese, who managed to lift out of the water alive three sailors and the bodies of two

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In the east of Indonesia capsized ferry


27.08.2011, 10:15:19 In the East Jakarta Indonesian ferry capsized, killing at least ten people. The accident happened near the island of Sulawesi in the center of the Indonesian archipelago.

Speaking to reporters, the representative of the rescue Colac, 93 people managed to save the ship. The passenger reported missing, but how many people were there at the time of the crash has not yet been set.

According to preliminary data, there was a loss of the ship because it was crowded. On that transmits Associated Press.

Indonesia — a state consisting of several large and several small islands. The

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The ghosts that inhabit the ocean

Do not just travelers and sailors on the ship near the Kuril Islands watched in the dark of night spots appear on the horizon.

It was moving rapidly and increased in size in front. It was in the form of a huge oval, long, reaching a width of about half a meter. This oval of light and illuminated by its light deck. Some of the items that were on the ship, even from such a bright shining light. This phenomenon is well known to the people of Japan for many

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Signs of the apocalypse

Photo from: film-onlin.info

Beginning of 2012 is rich not only in the events in politics, economics, and the number of accidents occurred, events and incidents. The fact that this year will be a turning point for humanity, and the scientists say, and the astrologers, yet comforting, that end of the world does not, and the Mayan prediction of an era of spiritual enlightenment or the apocalypse — a pure superstition. Despite the opinions of experts, which occurs spontaneously raises questions about the coming revolution, because the incident with huge losses and damage to mankind occur at lightning speed.

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Liner Costa Concordia ran aground on non-existent rocks

January 14. Captain crashed off the coast of Tuscany Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia Skettino Franco (Franco Schettino) claims that his ship hit a rock that was not shown on the navigation map, local media reported.

Initially it was reported that the ship Costa Concordia, which was carrying more than 4.2 thousand people, including Russian tourists on Saturday night ran aground near the island of Giglio (Giglio) off the coast of Tuscany. The accident, at least three people were killed and 40 were wounded, including two seriously. However, these data are not conclusive: rescuers still can not identify where

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The new destroyer invisible vary three classes of ships

Plans to build the project destroyer were first reported June 19, 2009, from sources in the Defense Ministry was then clear that the tender will be held on a brand new project by the end of 2009 and is likely to immediately begin research and development activities ( R & D) to create a new kind of designed the ship. The design work was to be held for three years. It also became clear that ship will be multi-purpose and main tasks assigned to it — this oppression coastal defense before landing troops and fighting with the enemy surface

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