Geometric landscape Travis Walton transforms the distinctive pattern and geometry of fashion label, Gorman, into built form to create a rich, timber-wrapped store at Melbourne’s Highpoint shopping centre.

The angular form of the timber ceiling and wall has become the store’s visual marker — and is articulated in both plan and form.

Completed in early 2013 for Melbourne fashion label, Gorman, this sculptural interior crafted from warm, syrupy timber has been designed by design firm, Travis Walton. Located on the third floor of the recent extension to Maribyrnong’s Highpoint shopping centre a new $300 million addition that serves the growing

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future retail

Rebecca Roke discusses how, far from turning their backs on bricks and mortar retailing in favour of online alternatives, savvy brands are espousing a new model that offers both the spectacle of retail and the immediacy of the digital space.

“You cannot compartmentalise it into online versus bricks-and-mortar. The consumer moves seamlessly from looking at content online, potentially buying online, or looking at and shopping for it elsewhere.” — Chris Sanderson, The Future Laboratory.

W’hile Sundays in Paris are perfect for the flaneur, unlike open-all-hours New York, London or Tokyo, they can be a frustration for the unsuspecting shopper in

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Muslim Latypova says that since childhood she knew that would engage in trade: my mother was in charge of a grocery store, and my dad worked for the base product. In his youth, he was Latypova and director of the dining room, and a salesman in department store, well, she knows the business inside out. In the 1990s Latypova decided to start their own business. First opened several wholesale outlets (confectionary products). And in 1998, it has leased the former Soviet area of ​​1400 square meters shop. m, he renovated it and opened the first «Bahetle». Now «Bahetle» — one of the largest retailers in Russia 17 stores opened in Tatarstan, 8 — in Moscow, 1 — in Novosibirsk, and 1 — in Barnaul. Supermarkets — only a part of the empire «Bahetle». We also have Latypova owned commercial property (shopping centers in Kazan) and jewelry boutiques Cherry Lady, run by the daughter — Elvira Kharlamov.

Vitebsk part fairs and shopping centers does not work

According to the chairman of the trade union business "Together" Ira Jaskiewicz, who also chairs the board of the shopping center business "EVIC" in Vitebsk not now employs about ninety percent of the business."Today, we can say, ninety percent do not work. Maybe a bit more or less — says Ira Yaskevich. — Buyers are asked why we do not work, but in most cases they do not ask anyone, they just closed on the blinds is written: "He left behind the product", "stock-taking", "Closed". Entrepreneurs hung signs saying that they just do not know how they will live in

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To strike businessmen arrived in Minsk city bureaucrats

Now entrepreneurs afternoon passed about a thousand signatures in the House of Representatives with its requirement to make out session on the development of business law.Businessmen also oppose the presidential decree number 760, whereby on New Year’s individual entrepreneurs fail to hire workers (except family members and relatives).In the first half of a day or entrepreneurs began to gather at the entrance to the mall "Parking".According to one of the favorites Makaeva Ales, now is not working and radio market in the construction market "Zhdanovichy" part did not work, "World of Fashion" shopping malls "Europe", "Kupala" and "Parking".To strike came

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Canada deprive Belarus of trade preferences

Ottawa considers deprivation Belarus trade preferences as a form of pressure to force Belarus to respect human rights and democratic principles. Head of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Belarusian authorities continue to ignore international demands respect human rights. The situation was aggravated in this area after a very unfair presidential elections, Peter MacKay said.In Last year turnover between Belarus and Canada amounted to 29 millions of dollars.

What are the political consequences of deprivation of Belarus trade preferences?

From June 21 to enter into force the EU’s decision to deprive Belarus of trade preferences. Is this a high quality turn in relations between Minsk and Brussels?How to evaluate the actions of the Belarusian authorities to prevent this decision? How can further develop affairs of Belarus with the European Union?Is the removal of trade preferences in foreign relations between Minsk and Brussels?Valery Karbalevich: "Although EU officials emphasize that deprivation of Belarus trade preferences can not be considered sanctions, most experts consider this diplomatic game in time.This is a decision of the European Union is the punishment for the violation

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Who finds that in urban basket?

My first interviewee — man of a certain age who dacledue Filter Baskets one near schools and kindergartens.Vasily: "eat a little looking. Cutlets which may or something such … And so I need nothing more. And money is not necessary."Reporter: "And which can be another look? "Vasily: "Nothing more. For cattle also seek out food … I am a disabled young people … Well, I come in a simple, no see … Houseswhat to do. Do not work anywhere … I would go here and there to found a job, worked would sit at home bored. "Reporter: "Among those who

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Lukashenka again promises funds from Emirates

Press service of Belarus stressed that Emirates’ is a promising platform for the re-export of Belarusian products to the Gulf countries "and that" this government has vkladyvatelnye significant resources that can be brought into the Belarusian economy. " But the same statement sounded and seven years ago, during the preceding Lukashenko’s visit to Abu Dhabi.The trade turnover between Belarus and the UAE Last year was 26 millions of dollars. And in 2002 the figure was 35 million.In general, the list of trade partners of Belarus rich Emirates are already at the end of the third 10-ka. For comparison — the

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Belarus — a new appreciation of the main products

On November 1, the government of Belarus has approved a new budget subsistence so called "Consumer basket". At the moment it is 223 660 rubles — 1040 rubles less than it was in the last quarter. Head of Department overarching problems of socio-labor sphere of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Tamara Cancer such makarom explains the decrease in the minimum subsistence budget:"It’s all in the price of fruit and vegetable products. In September there is a massive seasonal sale of potatoes, beets, carrots."Meanwhile Ministry of Economy said that according to the decree number 199 in November and December

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