How to protect yourself from the treacherous RIP-currents?

June 22, 2013. At the height of the summer season, which means that each camper on the beach should be aware of the dangers of so-called RIP-currents. This is not nothing but a clash of streams of water, which produces a current, swimmers carries away from the shore. Level RIP-currents that are not visible to humans, and they can be detected when it is too late to fix.

In the United States, starting in May of this year, recorded ten deaths caused by steel treacherous currents. On the beaches of the country's emergency services monitor the dangerous currents and

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24 sperm whales stranded on the coast of the island of Tasmania. Video


12.11.11. 24 great sperm whale washed up on a shore of the island of Tasmania, south of the mainland. As to the mass suicide of the toothed whales arrived rescuers, 16 animals have been killed, but eight still continued to show signs of life, reports "Interfax".

Now the survivors are trying to save the sperm whale, there is a danger that the land they may suffocate under its own weight. While the nearly

40-ton mammals (adult weight) in the water, they do not feel its weight. There is another problem, which usually face rescuers sperm suicide: once mammal

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Crucian with two tails caught in Primorye



21.05.12.Prishlos us on Sunday to visit the Khanka channels …

And what a surprise it was, when the hands were carp, caught by accident near the family vacationers. On the surface nothing remarkable — the crucian carp like, but here's the tail, then he had two!

And then we thought, and whether it is necessary to use the fish as food? On the banks of the very ditches seated many fishermen, and all of them something so caught, and then driven back to their mistresses.


But even more, which struck us as a dead

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In Sochi continues suicide dolphins. Video


Updated May 12

11.05.12.Ocherednogo dead dolphin found in the sailing center. Alarming reports from witnesses come more often. Theories about the causes of what is happening a lot, but the official explanation is still no.

Some believe that the death of dolphins — a consequence of environmental degradation of the Black morya.Drugie attribute this to the activities of poachers. But so far it is not clear why more and more residents of the deep sea swim to the shore is so close that it is detrimental to them.

Source: Maksportal

MOSCOW, May 10. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS

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In Feodosia on the shore dead dolphins


Picture taken Garfield_feo May 8 at the beach near the pier Oilers Feodosiya.

10.05.12.Chitatelnitsa "Kafa" Daria Kaipova reported that the Seaside along the waterfront and in the first stop on the shore constantly dolphins.

— Sea massively washed ashore injured dolphins, yesterday (May 7) along the shore lay a dozen dolphins that have the same injury in the form of cuts in the abdomen. This morning again swept ashore two dolphin carcasses with the same wounds, all fresh wounds from which the blood flows. Dead Dolphins lie along the shore and decompose in the sun. Over the last

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16.07.12.V Azov again Zamor bull


17.07.12.S 16 hours the previous day from the border village of Kulikovo Zaporizhia region to the tip of the spit Belosorayskoy newly announced reclamation fishing bull. "Yesterday, in the village of Urzuf again observed emissions steer to shore. The level of oxygen in the sea water was below the norm "- said" Mariupol Express "leading ichthyologist Mariupol Svetlana rybinspektsii Chekmeneva.

As noted in the rybinspektsii, in contrast to the previous case ejection bull on the shore, at this time the number of fish observed on the way to the shore and stranded was significantly less.

Reclamation fishing will take

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The Nile River

The great artery of our planet — the Nile — starts south of the equator, and its waters to the north through half of Africa to the Mediterranean. Many thousands of years excites the imagination of people, the river, affecting their beauty and power and frustrate its mystery. For a long time, the Nile is the longest river in the world. Its length is about 6700 km. Only the recent expedition to the sources of the Amazon, and found that it exceeds the length of 7,000 km, the African giant pushed into second place. But the abundance

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18.07.12.Na Dobrotvorskaya reservoir fish died. Video


Updated. Video added

18.07.12.Na Dobrotvorskaya reservoir Kamenka-Buzskogo district, Lviv region, killed fish. Dead fish hid the water a few meters near the shore. Told reporters, "Hotline ZIK».

Ban Sergey often fishing on the reservoir. He says when he arrived on a fishing trip, all was calm and all of a sudden went by water foam. And in the morning, 20 meters from the shore lay the fish with their mouths open and gasped.

Near the reservoir is Dobrotvorskaya TPP. People say that before the tragedy washing plant workers are shown in the pond.

The reservoir came Lvovgosrybohrany workers,

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Volga shore strewn with dead fish


Volgograd 10.08.11.Kak tell us who came today to relax on the beach at the Panorama, they were spotted carcasses of dead fish, handed down the waves to the shore.

According to people, dead fish was nailed to the bank about 10:00 am. -Personally, I dropped from the coast, where bathing my children are 11 large fish, — said one of the guests.

Cause of death of fish remain unknown. According to witnesses on the fish was not noticeable signs of visible damage. Of Volgograd rumors that mass fish kill was the result of the use of chemicals in the

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The Nazis in Antarctica

One of the most amazing mysteries of Antarctica, the hypothesis of the existence of a layer of ice under the German military base under the code name base-211.

Fuel to the fire adds that after the end of World War II, several submarines of Nazi Germany surrendered to the authorities in Argentina and Brazil. In the study of logbooks, has revealed the fact of who had at one time, a couple of campaigns, these submarines to the shores of Antarctica. The exact content of logbooks, strictly classified, but in spite

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