Discover how to get great photos using only natural light

Good lighting is the key to great photography. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of natural light surrounding us. The trick is to work with it, and learn how it can be used effectively to illuminate your subjects in the best possible way.

In this feature, we will reveal what techniques, equipment and exposure settings you will need to get great shots. You will discover how to work around the sun so that your subjects stand out and your final shots look professional. There’s no need to pop up your in-built flash



Short films are today’s medium of choice for inventive storytellers. Stephen Graves shows us how to direct a taut, honed masterpiece….


Know what to do and when to do it. A film is born in these stages:

Pre-production: scripting, raising funds and planning.

Production: shooting the film.

Post-production: editing, grading and visual effects.

Be resourceful. Dead Mon’s Shoes director Shane Meadows made a short film with his phone. Dedicated cams are expensive to hire, so ask friends if you can borrow their DSLRs and use cheap but capable editing software such as Lightworks (

Take time over

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Share a collection of your shots on SlickPic.

Giue your best images the exposure they deserve.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of capturing a head-turning shot. While you’re learning the ropes of photography, that feeling will occur more and more often as your skills constantly improve. But it’s a huge shame to get so much satisfaction from taking a photo without sharing the beauty of it with other people. When you’ve got something to shout about, why not tell the world?

This is where the photo-sharing website can help you out. It’s completely free to sign up to and provides you with a versatile and intuitive

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Recreational activities


THERE’S A POPULAR misconception that you need to attend major sporting events and venues to bag decent action shots, but nothing could be further from the truth -there’s action going on all around us all the time, and as well as being far more accessible than most sports, it’s also often photographically more interesting.

If you have kids then you also have instant action subjects on permanent tap — and with the summer holidays here, lots of opportunities to get out

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Focal planes for fantastic shots.

Understanding focal planes, nodal points, convex and concave lenses and how light interacts with them may seem baffling but this is fundamental to creating perfect images.

The sheer genius of photography lies in its simplicity. When we purchase a DSLR, the things we most concern ourselves with are often megapixels and the weight of the camera body. However, your pictures are only ever going to be as good as the glass on the front of the camera will allow — in other words, you should pay as much attention to your lens choice as whatever else you are spending sizeable

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Creative Eye

Recommended kit

Creative Eye aims to prove that combining imagination with technique can make for interesting and inspiring images, even if your subject is as ordinary as paint! If you’re looking to add creativity to your photography, then you’ll find it even easier to get the results you want by using the best possible kit. For the ultimate image quality, consider the Nikon D800, which boasts an FX-format CMOS sensor that has a class-leading resolution of 36.3-million pixels, allowing it to capture an unprecedented level of detail.


By Ross Hoddinott

Camera: Nikon D800

Lens: NIKKOR AF-S 105mm f/2.8GIF-ED

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Action photography

Learn to keep up with moving subjects and capture sharp shots of the action

Cameras can capture spectacular shots of moving subjects, as long as you know how to master the settings. By changing your camera’s shutter speed, you can freeze seconds of action or capture motion blur to demonstrate speed and direction. The autofocus systems on many cameras have vastly improved in recent times, and will help you keep fast-moving subjects sharp and in focus. Even so, it helps to be familiar with the different focusing options, and focusing manually often produces great results.

Whether you are shooting sports,

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5 tips for a great photo gallery

Showcase your shots with digital galleries

Many of us are guilty of leaving our photos hidden away on computers or memory cards where no one can see them. Instead, why not create a digital photo gallery to display your best images in? This is a great way to organise your shots and get feedback to help you improve your skills.

Don’t duplicate

If you’re looking to create a strong gallery of your shots, be picky with the ones you upload and only include ones you’re really proud of. Don’t include very similar images either — pick the best out of

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100-mm naval gun AK113

Asreportedin the newspaper"Arsenal"(№ 15 dated September 27, 2013) — the corporate edition of the St. Petersburg JSC "Machine-Building Plant" Arsenal "- currently number 159 in the bureau of" M3 "Arsenal" initiative is performed development work on the theme of "Creating srednekalibernoy naval artillery installation c inertial supply of ammunition. "develop products has received the preliminary designation AU AK113 (chief designer — PI Nemirovsky.) is used as the prototype AC A190 100 mm caliber.

By AK113 project was demanded: not yielding to combat weight and size and characteristics of the prototype, to ensure the stability of reliability developed

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NASA was hiding UFO




Camera Soho (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory), located in the open space of several million kilometers from Earth, has made a series of sensational shots. The photographs depicted glowing flying saucers, and the path of movement can be assumed that they are manageable. Pictures have become available thanks

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