This shovel loader is the ideal machine for large contract digging in the sand pit! The front scoop can be raised and lowered by a large lever which is conveniently placed for the driver’s hand and the bucket can be swivelled and locked into position when loads of sand have to be transported off site.

It is fairly simple to make and will withstand all the rigours of child play in the great outdoors. I used Nordic redwood in stock sizes for the job.

1 Mark and cut out the two body side panels. Tape them together and mark and

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You just a shock, the rest will be SHOVEL

NEW TOOL earthmoving — Pneumatic SHOVEL SAMA destroyed and discarded PRIMER

According to historical precedence with a shovel can argue, perhaps, only a knife and ax. Nevertheless, the process of improvement * (and simultaneous complication) shovel is far from complete (IR, 5, 75, «dig so dig» and 5, 77 «Spades»), inventive thinking is mainly aimed at the specialization of spades with regard to a particular type of work — digging pits, loosening the soil, and so on. n. and rarely affects the process of digging in its original, traditional form. Here can help the new materials. For example, Teflon, which

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About onions and replacement of potassium permanganate

From autumn to spring — closer than you think. Therefore I will give two pieces of advice: one fall and one spring.

Pelee onion planting you buy in the store, it is the right time for such a purchase — the first half of September.

Later, the bow goes on sale already processed for storage and land is not suitable.

Planting onions in the fall is better for those who need a lot of time in the spring for the main crops. In recent years, a problem to buy potassium permanganate for disinfecting seeds. And I do so. I take

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In July, most of the time I spend a garden. And that — is growing all around, will sing, care no longer requires the weeds even retreated, not active.

And because I’m starting to cut ornamental shrubs.

I also pinch out shoots of fruit trees and berry bushes, it is simply break off top. I do it so that trees and shrubs are not pomerzli winter.

Near each barrel can be set rack and tie with string to her branch.

In July, begins aging gooseberry, mark all the weak, thin, sick and small berries and twigs to later in the

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Legacy of the cold war

"Arms Race" — a phrase repeated with annoying frequency and 20, and 30, and 40 years ago, in every program there "Time. "

Two superpowers tens, hundreds riveting nuclear missiles that could kill the whole planetoid. Deadly charges hung on strategic bombers, were placed on nuclear submarines, mounted on an armored train and hid in the silo — silo-launchers.

In Kostroma region were dug 98 such silos. On combat duty there stood intercontinental ballistic missile RS-20, which the Americans and a staff member of NATO, not without reverence codified as "Satan." The power from them was really diabolical. Each rocket

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Slavic rite perepekaniya child: a shovel — and in the oven? ..

Rite perepekaniya child (Belsky Municipal Museum,

"Scary" places in folk tales, Baba Yaga when Sinister tries to put on a shovel and put it in the oven Tereshechku / Ivashechko, actually — an echo of the ancient rite "perepekaniya child", which, despite its antiquity, was very tenacious and elsewhere persisted until the XX century, and even longer.

In addition to the records of ethnographers and historians, survived and literary references to this action, which was very common among our ancestors. For example, he was subjected to as a child Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin, according Khodasevich, who left us

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Dig or loosen?

Hardly pages summer editions settled longstanding debate dedicated to the "Passion of Mittlayder" enlightened gardeners again found, as to argue, and dispute no end in sight. Moreover, cross swords mostly citizens who dedicate their sites on weekends. This is only natural — after two days and the rest want to recover from the work week.

Will focus on the cultivation of the land, with the turnover of the reservoir or without it. Russian gardener centuries shovels his allotment twice a year. Autumn rough and deep, spring smaller, breaking clods of frozen during the winter and razboronovyvaya soil. Basic tools

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White-headed Duck yes Grisha: the observer and the chairman

Society Old friends and ideological opponents faced at a polling station during the early voting.


Grisha:I went to the site Observer.I just rushed,Scoop is already there.

Scoop:Well, that, my friend,You wanted imets?I pradsyadatsel,My place zdes.

Grisha:I prakantralyuyu,I'll tell you!Each of you muhlyuy,Clear and to the homeless.

Grandma vote For herself and her son!Stop, I protest!It should not be.

Scoop:Grandma wantedWe just have to shove,VotedFor her son and for RON,

A yashcho for husbandA year ago, faded,However, the reasonHe lists eats at us.

Grisha:Your matrons,When it was counted,Through the large forms See not given

Just nothingOnly tselyasy,Which

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