Wartime in the Vale

The summer hasn’t exactly been spectacular this year and late June set the tone for the rest of the year with heavy rain causing widespread disruption and even cancellations for many a show up and down the country. On this particular occasion I attended two shows that fell on the same weekend, firstly the Yorkshire Wartime Experience on the Saturday (show report coming soon) and the Wartime in the Vale show on the Sunday. As it turned out the Saturday would have been the better of the two days to attend Wartime in the Vale because heavy overnight rain saw

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Waddington international airshow.

IN THE aftermath of the Kosovo conflict, many military airshow organisers are facing problems due to personnel shortages and operational commitments. Fortunately for RAF Waddington and the airshow public, the Lincolnshire airfield was spared and the show went ahead as planned over the weekend of June 26/27.

For a change it was blessed with superb weather — well, for at least 50% of the weekend — with the Saturday offering almost perfect conditions. The event also succeeded in attracting some very interesting aircraft, despite many units still winding down from operations over Yugoslavia. Participants from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany,

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By Sam Paul

In each issue of Skin&lnk we bring you the latest news on events, products and services within the tattoo community in order to keep you in the know and ahead of the curve.

Convention & Happening


Garden City, NY

September 6-8, 2013

Anyone who has ever attended a convention hosted by Long Island ink entrepreneur, Tattoo Lou, will tell you that the man and his team pull out all the stops to make each event bigger and better than the previous show.

This year the United Ink show will be housed in the Cradle of

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Tanks, trucks & Firepower

The late August bank holiday is a popular date for shows up and down the country, with intense competition between show organisers, but one of my favourite events on the calendar in recent years is relatively new in terms of military vehicle shows — Tanks, Trucks & Firepower. The event is a joint venture between Andrew Baker, owner of the land on which the show is held in the rural setting of a farm just outside Dunchurch near Rugby, and the local Birmingham and West Midlands branch of the Military Vehicle Trust, which helps attract many of the vehicles that

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Talk show 60 Minutes

In July, 1951, Dial married Clara Mae Murrow, and they had five children: Thornton, Jr. (Little Buck), Richard, Dan, Mattie, and Patricia, who was born with cerebral palsy. The family lived in a brick bungalow that Dial built amid the shanties of Bessemer s Pipe Shop neighborhood, not far from the Pullman-Standard railcar factory where he worked as a machinist. Shortly after Patricia died, in the spring of 1987, Arnett appeared. Dial took it as a godsend.

One of the first pieces that Arnett bought from Dial was a tall sculpture of a turkey, for two hundred dollars, «I said,

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Stargazing Lives Mark Thompson.

We spoke to Stargazing Live presenter (and pilot) Mark Thompson about all things astronomy related.

How did you first get started in astronomy?

I was ten years old and my dad took me to the observatory at the edge of the University of East Anglia. It’s now moved to the home of the Norwich Astronomical Society, where I’ve been chairman for 14-odd years. I got taken along to that observatory and I saw an image of Saturn through the telescope and that was it. That fired my imagination and hooked me on the subject, and I’ve been fascinated by it

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Show time

Set high on a misty pass above Magoebaskloof in Limpopo, Kuhestan is at its most spectacular in spring.

Driving the 12km from the village of Haenertsburg to Kuhestan Organic Farm in Limpopo first impressions are of a valley steeped in a rosy glow. Thanks to the abundant swathes of azalea bushes that line the road with colour, everything is pink. Bursts of pure white and apricot are thrown in for good measure but it’s the cerise and the crimson that really set the tone. Shahrzad and Brett Hone run a raspberry and avocado farm from this lush part of the

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Show guide.

Slleeping beauties. Check out our guide of what to expect at the Telford International Centre.

There will be new products galore as the leading bedding manufacturers gather at Telford.

AJ Foam will show its latest products from its Pureflex, Neptune and Memory Sleep brands.

Bodet and Horst’s Check Point fabric uses a hygiene sensor to signal when mattress and pillow covers need washing. Indicator particles integrated into the textile react to different contaminants such as dust mites, skin scales, bacteria, or bodily fluids. The color of the Check Point fabric changes to give the user a signal that cleaning is

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With, over 250 wedding experts and thousands of ideas -from dresses to decor, flowers to favours — The National Wedding Show is the don’t-miss event for brides-to-be

Planning a Downton Abbey-esque do? Inspired by the deco-style of The Great Gatsby7. Or barefoot on the beach more your style? Whatever type of wedding you are dreaming of, The National Wedding Show has all the advice, experts and ideas you need to plan your day — and all under one roof!

The Dress

Of course, one of the first things you’ll think about is the dress, and at the heart of the

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TНЕ ROYAL International Air Tattoo (RIAT) continues to attract more interest from the military aviation enthusiast than any other airshow in the world. It is also one of the United Kingdom’s biggest public events.

In its heyday in 1995, the International Air Tattoo (as it was then called) attracted over 200,000 people and a massive 300+ military aircraft, even though there were severe traffic problems for visitors and despite the fact that at £20 the admission charge appeared inflated. The show was a financial success, which should have been reflected in the contributions to the RAF Benevolent Fund Enterprises (RAFBFE),

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