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Seeds to go.

For this bird-feeding season, we kept our eye on functional hospitality as well as on styling. That’s why we included retaining rails for tidiness and a foolproof feeding system with ample drainage. Practical as it is, we’re guessing that this feeder’s contemporary good looks will set your neighbors chirping right along with the chickadees.

Let’s Start with the Hopper.

1. To make the hopper walls, first rip and crosscut a piece of W-thick stock to 6×32″. (We selected redwood. Most S4S or «surfaced on four sides» redwood stock is milled to 11/16 or 5/8″ thick, either of which will work

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Lather letter opener

For Starters, Prepare the Blank

1. Select a 1 1/2Xl 1/2X12 blank. (We tried both walnut and curly maple.) Then, draw diagonal lines at each end to locate the center. On the end of the stock that will be the blade, draw a line through the center point perpendicular to the grain. (For reference, see the Blank Preparation drawing on page 26.) Now, use a bevel gauge to transfer this line to the other end of the blank. (Note: Aligning the offset centers perpendicular to the grain ensures that the face grain will be aligned with the faces of the

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Kid-sized Floor safe.

Turn little shavers into little savers with this novel bank project, which we modeled after an old-fashioned floor safe. Note the clever use of a surplus post-office box door, which features both a captivating combination lock and a window that lets kids watch their investment grow.

Let’s Begin with the Carcass.

1. From 1/2″-thick stock, rip and crosscut a piece to 4×15″. (We selected birch for its portability,) Then, crosscut the two sides and the bottom to the lengths listed in the Bill of Materials.

2. To make the top panel, first cut a 2 3/16 x 12″ piece of

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Enviable end table.

Design editor Jim Downing has outdone himself this time. His latest mission offering emphasizes the delicate detailing that has made the style so enduringly popular. At the same time, he’s kept you, the reader, in mind by simplifying those tedious mortise-and-tenon joints that nobody’s very fond of. The result: an elegant accessory that only looks like it took a month or two of shop time.

Let’s Start With the Tabletop.

1. From 3/4″-thick stock, rip and crosscut six pieces to 4 1/4″ wide by 24 1/2″ long. (We used red oak. See the Cutting Diagram for our stock layout.) Select

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Cow palace.

When Кeith Kellenberger of Elgin, Illinois, built this project for his son, he set his sights on accessibility. Kids can open this barn up and play inside it—the wall folds down, a roof panel lifts off, and the doors swing open. Then, when the cows have been rounded up and the hay’s in the barn, it folds up to provide ample storage for livestock, tractors, and implements.

For Starters, Lay Out and Cut Some Quality Plywood

1. To make the plywood parts, start with a sheet of good 1/2″-thick plywood. (We chose Baltic birch, which comes in 5×5′ sheets. To

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Collectors Cabinet

Let s Start by Cutting Four Plywood Panels

1. From a 48×48″ sheet of 3/4-thick plywood, 1 cut the two side panels (A) to the dimensions listed in the Bill of Materials. (We selected Honduras mahogany.) Lay out the 1/2 and 3/4 dadoes on the front edge of one of the side panels where shown on the Side Panel Front View drawing on page 7.

2.Fit your tablesaw with a 1/2 dado set, and elevate it to 3/4. Next, align the first marked dado with the dado set (l 9/16 from the top end), position your rip fence, and cut

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Community Project My choice

From 18 to 27 February 2013 in Magnitogorsk in the public project "My Choice!" Was a series of screenings for school children. They are students of the city were shown films about sobriety, revealing the truth about alcohol and tobacco, after each show had discussed what they saw on the screen.

The project involved 25 schools Magnitogorsk, in theaters visited by more than three thousand students from 7th to 10th grades …

Films that were shown: "Technology soldering", "Victims of 7.62", "The truth about tobacco", a video interview with Archimandrite Tikhon.

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