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In mid-autumn in Shymkent flowered lilac

In Shymkent blooming lilacs, reports Otyrar-TV. According to a resident of the neighborhood Tassay, Love Nesterenko, she did not expect this when breaking off the old leaves from the bush.

The first buds of the lilac appeared a week ago. Then the owner of the tree was frightened that they freeze and cut off a few branches.

Dendrologists scientists believe that re-bloom can kill plants.

In addition, according to scientists, in addition to high temperatures, which led to the re-flowering, this phenomenon is another explanation — no drafts.

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The earthquake occurred in southern Kazakhstan

In the south of Kazakhstan, near one of the densely populated cities of Shymkent 3.2 magnitude earthquake, the agency said, "Local News" referring to the site of the European Seismological Center. According to the European seismologists, the earthquake occurred at 06.18 local time (04.18 MSK) with epicenter at 120 kilometers northwest of Shymkent and 22 kilometers south-west of the city Zhanatas. Hearth lies at a depth of 9 km. Data No damages.

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