Alice Syndrome: Migraine.

Headache — drink a pill. Excellent advice for those it helps! And if not, and repeated attacks, overtaking at the wrong time? Let’s try to win a migraine.

Personal experience: the head may ache monstrous

Strong, long, painful … This I had to learn to twelve years. That’s when we went to the south, and the pain enveloped me in the train. My mother in a panic looking for drugs and did not know how to help. But a neighbor in the compartment, looked at my pale green face, quickly delivered the diagnosis: «Migraine. Give pain medication, make tea and

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L.Putyrski: What chest hurts — does not threaten life and threatening — often does not hurt

One of the questions Raisa from Mogilev, "Here we live in Mogilev, consider — in" Chernobyl "zone, and how we zastseragchysya, apart from the fact, that go to the gynecologist, pravyaraemsya? May still have some action? "Putyrsky: "You know, that answer, here it is necessary to tell about all the reasons that cause breast cancer. Here the air we had read about these reasons … it is necessary that such circumstances were less: less — the better. But no such Tips on 100%, that lady is not taken ill, because … "Absolutely listen to answer videafragmentse (5,2 Mb). Listen to

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Knocked youth activist remains in the clinic

Reporter: "How does your state that cares?"Tsishkevich "What hurts? Now I will mention. My head aches, stomach, because very very knocked in the tummy at the moment stomach very very bakes; little sick. Sore back, shoulders, and kidneys. Patient lying on his back. Already put a drip in the morning. "Reporter: "Can you briefly tell how it all happened, then suddenly pounced on you?"Tsishkevich: "If this boy was seized, Nikita Sasim, I first ran, that he assist. His three men dragged and followed by three more, it seems. And some of them suddenly flew at head a couple of times

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Krosotki heels, to start!

Already in the 17 hours in the park were about 2-thousand city dwellers. And in particular, there was a lot of young women in shoes and sandals high heels.Only began to register. Enjoying the run on a 60-meter distance at high heels gathered 10s.

"Tatiana. Captivating such action for beautiful women a day of beauty. Are not we great? "Near the young woman got on the race serial number 1:"I — Inna Konovalov, schoolgirl. Now — a day of beauty, and I wanted to look at what I can do. For me, my best friend is ill. And I think

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Anorexia and bulimia

By eating disorders include anorexia nervosa (Not eating), andbulimia nervosa (Gluttony). According to Western psychiatric eating disorders most often affect women. Psychiatric disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa have a direct impact on the physical health of the patient, leads to serious violations of physical condition of the patient.

Emerging with anorexia nervosa exhaustion and decreased immunity contribute to the development of infectious diseases (tuberculosis, pneumonia) that can lead to fatal outcomes. The lethality incidence anorexia nervosa than 20%. It is therefore important as early as possible to begin treatment. Initiative should show similar ill, because the

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Headache from the lessons?

Many people think that the headache — an attribute of solid age. Recently, however, more and more of her children suffer, especially in adolescence. To understand why the baby a headache, is not easy. In search of the truth of the doctor refers the patient to a neurophysiological center for removal of the electroencephalogram, an ultrasound of the brain, on the x-rays of the cervical spine, a chiropractor.

One of the reasons — a violation of labor, birth trauma, lack of oxygen to the fetus. This shift could occur, and sometimes a fracture of the neck vertebrae. The

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Influenza marked «SWI»

In April 2009, the World Health Organization declared the beginning of a new pandemic influenza virus. Its official name — H1N1 Swi. The last three letters — an abbreviation of the English word «swine» — «pig", as virus has a genetic similarity with the influenza virus, which are sick pig. Why "pork" kind of flu so easily "passed" the boundaries of different countries of the world? Why is it threatened not to local epidemics and pandemic?

The influenza virus is constantly changing (doctors say — "drifts"). When the viral genome occur point mutations occur influenza epidemics it happens every

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Our newspapers … conservatism was ill

"Russian Belarus" in 1928 he prints a report on the V Knorina Byelorussian Congress workers press: "Our newspapers, especially the district, was ill conservatism starchaskim byazzubem, lack of own thoughts and own initiative … You must be able to identify the new man, who works decisively pabalshavitskamu angrily thrash all bad and convex applied — that task our newspapers. The newspaper should be able to intrigue the reader’s own, and one that is incapable of it, should be closed because it is the best way to close the newspaper. ""Lim", year 1948. Paper introduces the Decree of the CPSU (b)

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Medicine in Europe: Whatever it was, of all antibiotic pass!

Natalya Barabash, a columnist for "Evening Moscow"

I phoned a friend: "I read? The English hospital staff starved 1,000 people! The horror! How can it be — is there an enlightened Europe! "But for some reason I was not surprised. Alas. Stories about the magnificence of European medicine proved that myth, which was the hardest part.

— Oh, you will see the difference with Russia! Yes we have one blood test will tell you everything! — Viennese friend assured me that all the Austrians believed that medicine is no better than them.

The first miracle to doctors

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How to find the path to harmony

One morning, you suddenly realize the full nightmarish situation. The mirror reflects two kilos and hopelessness in his eyes. Chest increased size, but it is not happy, because it is not possible to touch because of aching pain. Desperately want to empty whole fridge while podnalech for dessert. A work colleague is too loud bangs on the keyboard and for that you want to kill him. You feel with every fiber of the universal conspiracy against him … Well, once a month, this happens with every woman — in medicine it is called premenstrual syndrome, or PMS.

Is it

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