The Small World of Miniature Bayonets

A number of letter-opener bayonets associated with the United States Marine Corps have been featured in previous articles in this series. Two further examples have, however, recently become available for study. The first of these is 199 mm in overall length with a 140 mm blade and a 7.0 mm muzzle ring. There is no scabbard. This miniature is a chromium-plated aluminium (or alloy?) casting (non-magnetic). The pommel has a 17 mm-long rectangular-sectioned mortise along its upper side. On the reverse is a fixing catch button, spring loaded but otherwise functionless. The two dark-brown (wood-grain effect) plastic grips appear to

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The Positive Flip Side To PTSD

New research shows that a traumatic experience can become a catalyst for personal growth

On Friday 13 November 2009, petite Pinetown teacher Kavisha Seevnarain, then 26, was hijacked at gunpoint by four men, taken on a nightmare ride down the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, and pushed off the Umkomaas River Bridge. She plunged the equivalent of 20 storeys to a sandbank covered in shallow water, shattering her pelvis and ribs and injuring her spine. Sensing she would drown as the tide came in, she dragged herself to a bridge support and clung there, half submerged in icy water, until daybreak when

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From fusion cuisine to spectacular performances to a colorful blend of history, the peninsula has more than one way to hit the jackpot.

LOCATED ON THE SOUTHEAST coast of mainland China and with a history that includes centuries as a Portuguese outpost, Macau is a curious blend of cultures. Now though it is probably best known for its glitzy Las Vegas-like casino scene and grand hotel complexes including the Sheraton Macao Hotel (the largest Sheraton in the world) and the Conrad Macao. And the boom doesn’t seem to be ending soon, new projects planned for the near future include the

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M/S mastering with Multipressor

Combining the Multipressor with M/S processing can add big benefits to the mastering process in Logic.

Like all multiband compressors, the Multipressor is a powerful and surgically precise tool that’s an asset to any mastering activity. By slicing the frequency spectrum into a series of manageable frequency bands, it enables you to apply compression in a more controlled and instrument-specific way, whether you’re tightening a bass line, for example, or fine-tuning the compression across the overheads to make it a little less pumpy. However, by bringing in the dimension of mid/side processing, we can make the Multipressor an even more

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Larging it

I’ve lost count of the number of these machines I’ve had in my workshop for review, and for the most part they’ve a(l been very similar. This mortiser from Axminster is something of an exception as it incorporates a number of useful developments to improve its performance. The table is much larger than usual, and this is effectively made even bigger by the extension wings at each side. The fence is adjusted forwards and backwards on a rack-and-pinion arrangement, controlled by rotating a lever on the left-hand side of the column. Once it’s in position, it’s locked by the use

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This attractive side courtyard and front garden has more than 40 different plantings within its walls.

The owner of this courtyard is a knowledgeable and passionate gardener who wanted the outdoor space to be a real «gardener’s garden»; one that was botanically rich and also provided space for seating and casual relaxing. Ben Scott, from Ben Scott Garden Design, was approached to design the side courtyard and also the front garden. The design consists of a front and side garden. Neil Jackson undertook construction of both spaces.

The front garden needed to be sympathetic to the Edwardian house facade and

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Form and function from a fish.

It’s funny how some familiar image in a person’s life can end up as a woodworking-project design. Every time I go on the road to scout a crafts fair, I run into woodworkers who love to create replicas of such things as shore birds, flowers, cars, trains, planes, boats-you name it. Typically, these images hold a special place in their memories. I found in my own woodworking a similar item that served meaningfully in my recent past.

Of course, for a woodworker to be without a cutting board seems beyond comprehension, but that, I confess, describes my unfortunate condition at

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Flying Saxon

As the Saxon leaves the British Army for good, we take a closer look at the Internal Security Patrol ‘Plying Saxon’

The GKN Saxon entered service with the British Army nearly three decades ago back in 1983, being used as a wheeled, ‘Battlefield Taxi’, transporting infantry troops across the battlefield. The Saxon is essentially an armoured hull built around the running gear of the Bedford MJ 4-tonne truck, which was then in widespread service and made it considerably cheaper to produce and maintain than the tracked equivalent armoured personnel carriers.

The welded steel hull featured a V-shaped hull to deflect

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Analysts’ estimates

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Valery Karbalevich: "The problem is that the concept of" recognition of the election "very loose, and the various political forces to put in it a different content" . "The two institutions will decide: OSCE observers and management of the European Union. I agree that the likely conclusions of the OSCE observers will be" rubber ": with one side there is some progress, but on the other — the elections failed to meet European standards. And the EU, and guided by geopolitical considerations, will decide.

Alexander Klaskouski: "Pevolution now not take place " "Ordinary citizen, even if

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Beltransgaz has no debt to Gazprom

Until the 23rd of each month, Belarus should pay for Russian gas delivered.Press Secretary "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov said:Checks, "Debt in the contract no."Reporter: "And how many have listed for August, how much?"Checks "Sum — is working moments. Dolgov no."No other disk imaging in "Beltransgaz" not provided. Also in "Gazprom" did not want to read on this topic.Spokesman of "Gazprom" Andrei Dark also declined to comment on the expression of Alexander Lukashenko.The head of the Belarus said that the official Minsk will be a tough motivation in the negotiations on a brand new contract for next year.Why Belarusian side managed so

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