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Sidorsky goes to the European Union

As reported by Interfax, Sergei Sidorsky and the Prime Minister of Latvia Ivars Godmanis perceive the role the opening ceremony of the State Exhibition of Belarus in Latvia "Belarus-EXPO 2008". During the visit, scheduled talks between the governments of 2-one on one and in an expanded format, signing a number of Belarusian-Latvian interagency agreements.This is the first in recent years visit of Belarusian government in EU country.

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Sidorsky to visit in Latvia

Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky held talks with Prime Minister of Latvia Ivars Godmanis. Both Prime Ministers assumed the role of the opening of the State Exhibition of Belarus in Riga. The sides spoke for the future development of economic and trade cooperation between the countries. Sergei Sidorsky said at a press conference that the Belarusian government is considering purchasing part of the Ventspils port. Also outlines the issues of cooperation in the energy sector and the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. At a press conference Ivars Godmanis said Latvia activates cooperation with Belarus in the framework

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