Unforgettable sight

IT WAS WITH great sadness that I read your Editorial, concerning the Ministry of Defence’s attitude towards the last flying Vulcan (XH558).

Over a period of years attending many airshows around the United Kingdom, one of the highlights of every show has been the arrival and display of the mighty Vulcan.

On numerous occasions I have seen various Vulcans (when we had more than one) hold spectators spellbound.

But it was at RAF Mildenhall on Sunday May 24,1992 when I saw the Vulcan bring about 120,000 people to a standstill.

It was a beautiful, sunny day with very little cloud,

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Lighting Up the AR-15

When it conies to an AR-15 that I plan to use exclusively for defensive reasons, there are really only two items I like to add to the gun: some sort of white light and a sighting device other than iron sights. I don’t have anything against iron sights, but in low light situations, they can come up short. There are a many other extras that can be added to a tactical rifle, and special operators may even need others for a particular mission, but the simple AR with these two necessities is not only all a guy needs, but may

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The general public for the first time presented a T-72B3

On passingAlabino tank in biathlonas part of the event was a demonstration of equipment that is in service with the Russian army. Besides the already known to the general public armored vehicles, was shown publicly for the first time T-72B3. It should be noted that the premier reason not caused excitement among visitors, everyone was trying to be photographed at standing next to the T-90A. In principle, in fact, apparently upgraded semdesyatdvoyka different from the previously illuminated on preliminary runs the T-72B model 1988 only in that instead of the usual sight-homing device 1K-13-49 was established multi-sight "Sosna-U." But

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If the person moves during the reading of the book out of sight, or has a "plus-" glasses, so he suffers farsightedness.Hyperopia — A violation of vision, in which deteriorates the ability to see close objects (distance 20-30 cm).

In ancient times, it is this defect of vision provided the impetus for the invention of glasses. It all began in the XV century, when there was the printing press. People who previously had no idea that difficulty seeing close up, realize that they are hard to read: the letters blurred. To help long-sighted, and have set up special glasses

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In A.Zdvizhkova in the bullpen aggravated vision

Alexander Zdzvizhkou put in republican prison clinic on Friday, Feb. 15, but his family did not know the diagnosis. Mom journalist Anna Zdzvizhkou, who lives Borisov, now has specially arrived in Minsk to find out about synavu disease. In the hospital he did not let the lady. She had just read a physician who works in the office nevralyagichnym where Alexander got Sdvizhkou. Mom journalist says after this conversation a little calmer.

It turned out he was aggravated vision.

"Relieved … wondered already, maybe he unhealthy lungs, as he smokes a lot, or seriously cold. States that the cell was

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T-90AM TAGIL: The fire control system

 Photo source:topwar.ru

Continuing the theme of the design analysis of the latest Russian T-90ms, we'll see how it had affairs with the fire control system. After all, a MSA "Kalina" — this is the main feature in all of this wonderful machine.

The basis of complex airborne equipment is modern, world-class SLAs "Kalina" in the multispectral gunner's sight, commander's panoramic sight with a digital ballistic computer and a set of sensors in the shooting conditions. In the FCS integrated combat management information system tactical level. The multispectral MSA is designed to provide high efficiency of the combat vehicle in

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Especially for special forces

It is no accident American gunsmiths went the way of Russian colleagues

/ / Simon Fedoseyev

The year 2012 marks a quarter century since adopting the Soviet 9-mm silent complexes, known mostly for his ciphers — "Vintorez" and "Shaft." They themselves had long since ceased to be a secret samples of domestic and small arms, they say, become familiar. So somehow forgotten how unique these systems.

Family mufflers Soldiers of the Special Forces are well aware that to complete its task required at any time, professionally, accurately, quickly and discreetly. Of course, they should be able to use

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SWAT officer from New York set sight on the rifle backwards


SWAT team in upstate New York has become a victim of bullying and offensive comments. This happened after the officer of this team has been seen with the M4 carbine, which EOTech holographic sight mounted backwards napered.Kak noted military users forum Reddit, such adjustment of sight makes it bespoleznym.Polzovateli mocked training special forces officers, and some have gone so far that even began to doubt the mental abilities of local fighters spetsnaza.Na photo above officer holds a rifle with a sight melee, which costs about $ 500.

"It is amazing that 1) none of his friends did not

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Sniper rifle SV-98 with telescopic sight Dedal DS 3-12×50

Photos of the Russian 7.62mm sniper rifle SV-98. The rifle was developed based on the Sport model, and has been released by Izhmash. Is in service with special units of our many law enforcement agencies.

The rifle is designed to engage targets at ranges up to 1000 m single lamp. Recharging is done manually with the feeding of cartridges for 10 rounds.

The stock SV-98 allows for the firing on both the left and from the right shoulder, has a length adjustment of the butt, butt plate and the position of the crest of the butt vertically and

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In the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok developed a thermal imaging sight

 Photo source:strf.ru

Scientists of the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok created thermal sight. The joint development of the Design and Technological Institute of Applied Microelectronics SB RAS and «Progresstech" was presented by Alexander Golitsyn at a start-campus Forum "Interra" held recently in Novosibirsk.

 Photo source:strf.ru

The device is intended for observation and aimed fire in low visibility conditions such as light availability and total darkness, smoke, fog. Externally, the device looks like a regular video camera, but, in contrast, captures the invisible far infrared radiation (also known as heat) from the observed objects. The device allows you to distinguish between

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