«I was kicking the verse along with him, «Shelowitz said the other day», and he calls out his comer: On 1-3-9 and Lenox Ave. there’s a big park. «I just thought, I want to mark that somehow, his words in that physical place». The following weekend, he rented a car and installed the sign, and twenty-six others, on posts in four boroughs and a few Westchester suburbs. «At first, I felt a little uncomfortable, especially with some of the more gruesome lyrics», Shelowitz said. «I’m this schmuck artist sneaking into these neighborhoods, and I just imagined people being, like, We

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Receiving your attorney

In the old application forms for innovations contained a section «Agreement on the distribution of remuneration between co-workers.» And in the new forms approved by the CSB in 1976 ,, this section is missing. Now proponents write an agreement where someone like. Is there anything common or similar free form? L. Sinyaeva Moscow.

Yes, it may be free form. The agreement on the distribution of royalties can be arbitrary. Note, however, that such an agreement is not necessary when considering the proposals, and after the start of use, provided recognition of its rationalization.

I’m with a group of friends

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REGULATIONS ON «Honorary railwayman»

Order of the Minister of Transport approved the new position of «Honorary railwayman».

GENERAL PROVISIONS. «Honorary railwayman» is the highest award of the Ministry of Railways. Emblem is awarded to railway staff for the best results «in the work, the development and implementation of science, technology, and advanced technology, which were the major contribution to the development and improvement of the activities of railway transport, as well as dedicated actions related to ensuring safety and security of transported goods . By awarding the mark represents the workers, engineers and technical workers and employees for a long time and worked

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New speakers Bowers & Wilkins CM 10 successfully combines the characteristics of a series of elements of the SM and the older 800 Series Diamond. Anyway, this family features speakers Bowers & Wilkins, who, like a signature sound, it is impossible not to know at a glance.

TEXT Maxim Naumov

It seems that creating new flagship CMS developers Bowers & Wilkins decided to bring together a series of SM and 800, otherwise how to explain the appearance of the new model of the external, top mounted tweeter? If you put a number CM10 and former senior CM9, then, in addition to the tweeter, you can also see the difference in the number of emitters. Due to the transfer of the tweeter at the top SM10 free up space on the front panel, allowing to install additional third woofers. The proportions of the body and the size

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Czechs sign Gripen lease deal

DESPITE political controversy over the proposed Czech Republic Air Force lease of Saab JAS 39 Gripens, on June 14 Sweden and the Czech Republic signed the CZK 19.65 billion ($750 million) contract. FMV, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, signed the agreement, covering lease of 14 Gripens for a period of ten years, in Prague with its equivalent department in the Czech Ministry of Defence.

At the same time, an offset and industrial co-operation agreement was signed to the value of 130 per cent of the value of the aircraft lease agreement. After a series of negotiations, the final lease contract

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Shklovschina: found evidence of election fraud

"When handing me the documents were recovered from the villages Bushlyaki protocols and Alexandria. Land election number 10 and 20. Alexandria one protocol completely filled, the second protocol pencil filled with all signatures. Bushlyakov C (№ 20) protocol with all the signatures of at filled with even numbers are not worth it. I said get out of the commission that no signatures will not be set and propose to invalidate the election district Shklovsky, "- says Peter Migursky.According Migursky, protocols Bushlyaki villages and Alexandria are at it. He’s going to send them to the prosecutor.

Tags: elections, protest, vote rigging

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Observers are asked to sign copies

Ira Loikaw, agent of a candidate from the UDF Vadim Saranchukov, said that before the end of the voting process, she was given a photocopy of which she was sign. The text was written almost follow: I agree that elections are held true, in accordance with the law. Ira refused to sign. This she was astonished observers who uttered it, that they are given copies of even earlier in the executive committee. And it was on the 14th section of the Grodno-Zanemanskaya neighborhood N49.

Tags: elections, observers violation

Glasses: a day in the streets to celebrate writing, named in Russian

Served in Russian names and 2-renamed streets — Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas that previously were named Urickogo and Karl Marx. Peranazyvanne made specifically to the days of the official Belarusian writing and printing.Shklou public activists try to prevent the emergence in Shklou tablets with the names of the streets in the Russian — first Council seek out the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. And there — seen — on action Shklovskis officials have not heard.In Shklovsky executive committee did not comment on the situation with the substitution of signs. Chiefs link to employment. According to the manager of the regional

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24 Weeks Pregnant


By the 6th month you add about 5 kg. During this period, you may be concerned about fatigue, back pain, heaviness in the legs. It's time to take care of ourselves —sign up in the pool, pick up a good set of exercises orsign up a course of yoga for pregnant women.


By the 24th week of pregnancy is actively maturing the baby's lungs. They began to form (still in small quantities), the film, which does not allow them to stick together when breathing — surfactant. The production of this important component of the fast

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Russian side is satisfied with the performance criteria of Beltransgas

On the Russian side it was signed vice-chairman Valery Golubev board."Actively worked for a day or now and all questions vtresli. Contract of sale is signed and the conditions suit us. There was the belief that we can all agree in present day, but it worked, and Valery Golubev, all signed. "The press service Belarusian government far refused to comment.

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