PRS Brent Mason Signature

So what does a celebrated Nashville session player with an armoury of guitars at his disposal need from a new axe? Flexibility – and that’s what you get from this new PRS with a twist. Review by Marcus Leadley.

Brent who? If you’re not a country music fan then you might just be let off for not knowing the name – but Mason has been cited as being the most recorded guitarist of all time, which is quite something. Aside from a brief flirtation concentrating upon his own career in the late ’90s, he’s always been a gun for hire.

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Cyrus Mono X 300 Signature

Deceptively compact monoblocs that make their mark with a real flourish


Price £2750 each ★★★★★

Highlight a class-leading combination of agility, resolution and dynamic subtlety that’s rare at any price, let alone for this money

Consider if You put a higher priority on sound quality than on external size, massive weight, bombproof build or a luxury finish


Type Mono

Power 225W

Bridgeable No

Phono in 1

XLR in 1

Dimensions (hwd) 8 x 22 x 37cm

Weight 6.5kg

At the start of this year Cyrus began celebrating its 30th birthday. To mark the occasion the company launched

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Policemen let pass signatures against repeal of benefits

On the square in the structure are the police, security officers and special forces soldiers president.Head On» Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko tried to reach the building to convey a signature, but riot police prevented him.If Lebedko got inside the building, he claimed the book of complaints to lock the facts from the police barriers.

MPs who eliminated the exemptions wish to withdraw

The question of recall of a deputy could be raised at the meeting. Initiate its conduct can group numbering 150 voters. In some surroundings for this already collected signatures.In Borisov group of voters means to initiate a review of the deputy Leonid Kozik, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus. Campaigner Victor Gorbachev said:"People are well aware that people in such positions and votes for cancellation of benefits … Because public support is. Kozik opposite must fight for social protection benefits, as he raised his hand. We have materials to its promises, and we will put together and

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In the Belarusian Christian Democracy is being searched

Initiative activist Aleksei Shein said Radio Liberty, that the apartment also has forms for collecting signatures for configuration of the Religion.Representatives of the "Belarusian Christian Democracy" explain the search that the soon they have started to collect signatures for the fact that to change the law on religion and for the fact that the authorities ended the persecution of believers of the Orthodox faith.

Mogilev district does not know about the law on the abolition of privileges

Activists deputies offered to join petition against the law.The authorities responded to the appeal of a letter signed by chairman Vladimir Svistunova. It reported that the district does not have complete information about the Act abolition of privileges, because it is not ready to comment.

Collect signatures in support of the museum is prohibited?

As said pioneer collecting signatures Atamanchyk Kirill, head teacher explained to that collecting signatures School number 11 is not in accord with the Department of Education executive committee, because she confiscates signature.Acts young teacher is going to appeal the prosecutor’s office.Recall that on March 1 the young activists Zhlobin begun collecting signatures in support of urban residents History Museum. The museum was closed in Last year in connection with the emergency condition of the structure in which it is located. Former kindergarten room that gave local authorities a museum, not repaired for twelve years.Chap. also: Zhlobin: young people collecting signatures

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With 12 received only 4

Registered in Minsk Tatiana Mironova, Baranovichi — Oleg Pasko, Buda-Koshelevo — Victor Kantseenku, Soligorsk — Victor Yavmeenku. Eight candidates denied largely because of invalid signatures."Sergey Koval representatives of special services was forced to abandon the role in the election, although he gave a thousand signatures "- said one of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Ales Makaeu.Ales Makaeva also registered Tipo because of false information in the declaration.

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Mogilev: 10,000 signatures against the closure of the household shop

July 22 executive committee decided to implement an auction center building. Bureaucrats need to argue closing reconstruction structure. From official sources, it is clear after Home repair household will be part of a shopping and entertainment center. Collected signatures entrepreneurs are going to send to the president and the government.House of life is at the center of Mogilev, exactly opposite the city executive committee. It was built in 1973 and to This time never repaired. In the management of the property they say that are going to repair the building two years. That instead of offering businessmen? Employee council says:"Everyone

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I am against the boycott and will not impale those behind me

Jaroslav Bernikovich nominated to parliament on Gluboksky surrounded by number 22, which includes Glubokskiy, Dokšycy and Usha district. Over the short term team Yaroslav Bernikovich collected more than 3.5 thousand voter signatures. But in the near future in a democratic environment talking about boycotting the elections. How about this idea sovereign Bernikovich which occupies one of the first places in the country to collect signatures of voters?"Yesterday I was in Minsk and beheld stickers" Boycott! "" Boycott! "But I am personally against the order to withdraw your candidacy. We started the company, convinced that hardly any of the so-called opposition

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