This beautifully designed cabana is the perfect place to relax after a game of tennis or a swim.

A Total Concept Landscape Architects was commissioned to design the extensive external entertaining areas of this Brisbane acreage property integrating a cabana, swimming pool and tennis court for relaxing and socialising. The location of the tennis court was set on level areas of the property running east-west, which suggested the location of the cabana and swimming pool. Positioning the pool to take advantage of level changes from the court to the home enabled A Total Concept Landscape Architects to utilise the outside

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This beautiful modern design has a number of unique standout features.

The overall intention for this project was to allow the garden spaces around the dwelling to be optimised. When OFTB Landscape Architects first arrived at the site, its first comment was that, considering the slope and lack of existing retaining structures, the outside spaces were unusable.

It was extremely important to provide a concept to each space that would result in the area being used for a particular purpose. It was equally important that the homeowners could traverse the design easily to move between the spaces. However, the severe


What is simplicity

Many know that the distinctive feature of the Russian character — simplicity. Now you can hear as a fool, and ignorant, and too trusting of us call a simpleton. But is it. All will remember Yemelya tale of "Po-wave of the wand …" or Ivanov, who, as you know, they call the people stupid.

Upon closer inspection of the word "fool" gives a very interesting picture. Vseyasvetnaya charter tell: the first letter "D" is called "good." In another still "OsPoda", where the upper part of the letter does not form a lodge, and a circle, symbolizing the sign

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