VII: Fodd Forlorare (Spinefarm / Universal I Phot)

Although painted in the output of the Russian edition of the license in 2013, this album — not the newest creation of the Swedish "founders of suicidal black metal" (at the moment is the actual disk ‘Redefining Darkness’ — 2012). Seventh numbering Kvarforta work was published in the civilized world exactly 2 years ago, we have the same joint efforts duo producing labels its release was delayed for quite a rude term … And I must say, saying, "better late than never" in this case, it does not work: this album is

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Review of the heavy music (CD)


‘Maximumbappy T (FeeLee ISoyuz) *****

The maximum happiness just a concentrated form is presented to the listener legendary Cockroaches. Their positive text about peace, love, and other simple human pleasures want to start singing along immediately — from the first listen of the album, let alone how gorgeous this material goes live, you can only imagine! Another plus was the disc while it is sound that does not hold up to half an hour: the like should not be too much at once — in fact, it seems, soon we are waiting for the second part of ‘Maximumhappy’? …

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If impose bilingualism in Ukraine, then they will be one language, as presently we

Woman: "I think you have your own language. That she was. Yushchenko and rights." Man: "There should be two municipal language. Lives there are many different nationalities, especially in eastern Ukraine. And it makes no sense to translate all one language." Young Man: "This is their business. And from our experience shows that they make a mistake." His woman: "We’re here not that many know. But I think that Sasha is right. " Lady: "Rarely have we used the Belarusian language. And, perhaps, that even lost forever. " Reporter: "So Yushchenko still wrong?" Lady: "Maybe so …" Woman: "And why

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Innovations Belarusian border guards have not yet touched the border with Poland

As told in Brest frontier group until the rule of "one stop" put on small border Auto Transition (more on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border).As for Brest Fri skip "Warsaw Bridge" — the biggest move on the border with Poland, the only stopping point is not limited. Guards explain this fact it must improve the entire system of the organization of border and customs control, also consider the fact that right at this transition are serving Polish customs officers and border guards.According to unofficial data, the rule of "one stop" to "Warsaw Bridge" and other big transitions will take effect no earlier

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Grodno — one favorite for election to the Congress

The delegates discussed the issues that will be submitted for consideration by Congress. The biggest controversy has caused the problem of leadership: either vote on the future of Congress for one favorite or joint control democratic forces will be in the coming collectively? The Conference decided that the democratic forces should choose favorite Congress delegates. It was voted 29 people, 26 were against.Besides, the participants of the regional conference was a statement regarding the reconstruction of the historical building authorities Grodno. They require to complete all work in the ancient town and conduct thorough research for the preservation and conservation

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Naumov: Belarus is not planning a visa regime with Russia

By him, Belarus has no plans to enter Russia with a visa. "We plan to keep those visa regimes, which are achieved and act with the Russian side," the minister said. Coupled with the fact He added: "If Our homeland is one-sided in order to initiate the question of introducing a visa regime, the Belarusian side will respond to it properly."On last week Deputy Managing Federal Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation Nikolai Ribalkin said that the border of the Russian Federation and Belarus should remain open, but to strengthen border security "Union countries" Moscow and Minsk in the

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Catsyyal Democrats go to the polls with 4 C

Major party worth it — justice and freedom, solidarity and social responsibility.In the election programmke minimum says: "Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) is convinced that the idea of justice can connect people of Belarus to build a just society. "14 representatives of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) are going to run on the same ticket United Democratic Forces. Several members of the party are gathering signatures for nomination in addition to a list.

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A.Surikov offers zero balance through a single currency

During the first half of 2008 in turnover between Russia and Belarus imbalance increased 2 times, the diplomat said. Adverse balance of Belarus is 6 billion dollars. "The trade balance is compounded Belarus", — he noted.According to Alexander Surikov, August 14 "could be the beginning of negotiations on the single currency, that this balance is zero." "I see no obstacles to the currency in constitutions. European Union lives without a constitution and a single currency. And all are independent and sovereign" — convinced the emperor Surikov.

M. Statkevich implies rival Kalyakin

"Not everyone is willing to voice their intentions, as the fear of pressure from the authorities. Also in the list of party members there who were the founders of "one list" SLM. About 7 persons includes both European and in a single list. And they risk exclusion from one list, "- explained M. Statkevich.Representatives euros list, and among them People community members, activists, entrepreneurs’ movement, unregistered Party of Freedom and Progress, and other structures are going to run a 2-thirds of the districts. "I will run for Kolasauski district in Minsk, because there is a sovereign Sergei Kalyakin, that will

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Why did the authorities do not give 50 seats in all election commissions?

Pochetaemye listeners! Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: + 375 293 912 224. Call and write! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for feedback on the work of Radio Liberty.In Belarus, there is a preparation of elections and the House of Representatives. Expressions listeners on this topic:Man: "Your correspondents often interviewing favorites opposition concerning future elections. And any of them does not rule out a boycott of the elections. I think, no matter how democratic they are, the opposition all the same declare

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