Tunnel lover

Documenting big construction jobs.

How did you start shooting construction sites?

I started taking photos of a tunnel project in Portland, OR, as part of our construction work. Originally, the photos were for internal use. Then the City of Portland hired me to document other construction. I have since photographed projects for my current employer, Jacobs Associates, and other clients. It varies, but I visit about 15 to 20 sites per year. Although Jacobs Associates values my photography skills, engineering geologist is my prime occupation.

What kind of access do you get on a tunnel project?

Generally, I have access

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Picture this. The young CEO of one of the coolest companies on the planet hops on stage at SmugMug HQ, San Francisco sporting blue jeans; baseball cap (but not reversed); strident green trainers and a Superman T-shirt.

He announces ‘the dawn of a brand new era’ to an expectant crowd of specially selected customers, world-famous photographers; a glut of assembled media — and live to the world at large (courtesy Ustream.tv) — and receives a rapturous standing ovation even before he can finish his address.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it might be the Second Coming. It wasn’t. It was

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In partnership with nature.

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) were created by the Indian Government with the aim of identifying the brightest intellectual talent available in the student community of India and training it in the best management techniques available in the world, to ultimately create a pool of elite managers to lead the various sections of the Indian economy. IIMs play a leadership role in the nations managerial manpower development and carry out research in emerging areas. These Institutes are recognized as premier management institutions, comparable to the best in the world for teaching, research and interaction with industries.

IIM Udaipur, the

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End of an era

RELOCATION OF THE Defence Research Agency air fleet was completed on October 18, 1994, when the last research aircraft departed from Farnborough for Boscombe Down.

Tornado F.2A TIARA (Tornado Integrated Avionics Research Aircraft) ZD902, flown by Fit Lt Tim Price and Sqn Ldr Dave Southwood, look-off from Farnborough’s runway 07 at 13.10 hours, followed by a fast-and-low pass over the western dispersal area of this famous airfield.

The departure marks the end of research flying and the related aircraft engineering at Farnborough, roles it has fulfilled for 76 years, ever since the Royal Aircraft Establishment came into being. The hangars,

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Documenting urban open spaces heritage.

Various typologies of public spaces in the city of Delhi were documented by the First Year students of Department of Landscape Architecture, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi with objective to study the spatial organization, relationship to the city and various landscape aspects. The study was guided by Prof. Rommel Mehta, Minesh Parikh, Jasleen Waraich, Nandini Rewari and Pankaj Jain.


The Ajmal Khan Park is located at Karol Bagh — a northwestern part of Delhi. This park was named in honor of Hakim Ajmal Khan, a former President of the Indian National Congress and a founder

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DESIGN MAKEOVER spreading the word

Bishop Willie E. Bruce, Jr., is an active minister in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., and with his wife, Rev. Dr. Heather Bruce, founded Word Healing Outreach Ministries, Inc. (WHOM,I) about 10 years ago. The Bruces do missionary work in Jamaica, Lesotho, and Trinidad, and they have a mission in the town of Mbale, Uganda.

WHOMJ’s mission is «one of service,» says Bishop Bruce. They teach people how to use local resources, extend microcredit to help them start businesses, and hold workshops on hygiene, nutrition, and disease prevention.

Bishop Bruce launched the WHOM,I website in 2006—updating it a little in

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A year ago, when AECOM won the bid to master plan the main site of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the proposed development plot was just a disused Formula 1 race circuit. Today, with three years to go until the finishing deadline its, well… its still covered with an old F1 track.

Time was always going to be an issue in this project as they do things with a different sense of urgency in Brazil. AECOM, being already involved in a number of urban regeneration projects in Brazil, was aware of this and used it to its advantage when bidding for the master planning. The practice, which has been closely involved in London 2012 (see page 48), decided to design all the venues as well.

‘It didn’t work master planning with just boxes for the stadia,’ says AECOM principal Graham Goymour. ‘We needed resolution of the spaces around the venues and time

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A tale of two sites.

In October 2010, the first exploratory visit to Kamand, the site, 16 km from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh selected for the campus of a new IIT led to one of those seminal experiences which tend to define ones professional existence. It was clearly an opportunity that comes along but once in a lifetime. I stood in the valley, looking up at the regal snow caps in the distance foregrounded by enormous hill sides carpeted in pine, a variety of bird sounds, their source invisible to the untrained eye, cutting through the crisp air, butterflies oblivious to my presence and a little

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Valery Buffalo: Elections were not held, hosted their boycott

"Most of the Belarusian people did not go to the polls. Such data CCP BPF polling station receives both the capital and several regions. People, especially students, some labor groups administration, deans driven by premature vote, and now on nationwide there is a void at the polls. Come one. Even funny to watch as the police, security, members election commissions bored. We can say with certainty that there were no elections, held their boycott. "

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Brest hosts Land plots for application to the Tribunal for City Council

Practically a year earlier Brest authorities decided, whereby personal construction of houses near the village of New Zadvortsy nearby Brest be suspended, and as compensation for land developers get elsewhere. The basis for such a decision was the fact that the area around New Zadvortsy busy small forest, which continued budavnittsva will be destroyed.But the new excavation sites developers did not get to This time. Authorities explain the fact that free sites for personal development in the precincts of the town no longer exists, but in order to use the territories surrounding villages included in the master plan for Brest,

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