Our planet is doomed?

Astronomers have found two scorched planet. The cause of their destruction, is a dying star that has turned into a red giant. The planet would be destroyed completely, but their huge size saved them from complete incineration.

The same fate awaits our planet, the Sun rise to gigantic proportions. Only our planet is waiting for the complete destruction, it will burn to the ground because of its small size. By the way, bring to your attention the excellent online game Club Penguin, which is available at fishycp.com.

Blasted planet discovered

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Moscow is a huge city of the size of an egg

Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and the Moscow Region has issued a storm warning in Moscow on Friday to 20.00, and in some parts of the city it hails.

"Up to 20.00 in the capital expected strong winds with gusts up to 15 m / s and beyond", — told the Met Office.

According to "Gazety.Ru" in the city center is hail and heavy rain. Some hailstones, reports "Interfax", reach the size of quail eggs. Simultaneously with hail in the capital storm began.

Interfax Herald

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Comparison of celestial bodies and their sizes. Online

Many of us know that all the planets in our solar system are of different sizes, but that's as far as one larger than the other? Moreover, not many people know what the size of the stars and planets outside our system. And most importantly, few can imagine how this would look like a giant cosmic bodies, if they were placed in a row. This will help you to see this video. Thanks to Yuri for the link to an interesting video series

Watch online comparison of cosmic bodies of their size


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Ltd. Port Vysotsky (Leningrad region). Started handling of vessels size Panamah

Ltd. "Port Vysotsky" started processing vessel size Panamah. The first vessel with deadweight of more than 80 tons were loaded at the pier with the metering in the outer harbor on 21-24 August 2012. As of September there are already two applications for the processing of similar size and tonnage.

Originally Vysotsk (Leningrad region) could not handle vessels with a deadweight of more than 25 thousand tons. However due to dredging and other work, the implementation of "Rosmorport" approach channel and port waters have been deepened to 12.7 m Maximum draft of vessels taken increased from 9.3 m to 11.9

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In the west of Henan hail the size of a hens egg

June 24 in the evening in some areas in the western part of Henan Province were rare and devastating downpours. The county Sunsyan hail the size of a hen's egg. In several areas, cut off the power supply.

According to the official Chinese media, the monitoring of the meteorological station of China showed that on June 24 from 20 to 24 hours in the county Sunsyan rainfall reached 55.8 cm in some areas — 1,2 m maximum wind speed reached 24.4 m / s while on the county was hail the size of 6 cm in diameter.

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An unidentified flying object. This celestial phenomenon is the origin of which no one can explain.

Make repairs and want to select a new mirror for the bathroom? In such a case, order a mirror for the bathroom, you can in the company steklofin.by.

In the history of this phenomenon is often observed before the advent of aircraft, missiles and spacecraft. In our time, the UFO most people see in big cities. 100 years ago, the appearance of a UFO in the sky was a miracle that

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You can arrange a small sensation on the spot, the correct method of asking questions and silence of some important qualities. And then the game fonts and inattentive reader begins to raise a panic. Would you like to look at how this is done? I invite you to an article in the Gazete.ru:

At first, is a prominent headline:

Allowances retiredMilitary award for March slashed

Already creepy, huh? Scamper to the text of the article:

Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has sharply reduced the gain for fair service officers. Instead of 35% of salary for March military will receive only 15%.

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The nose is growing not only in the curious




The specialists of the University of Zurich have published data on the size of the nose in the average European. The size of the nose 30, resident in Europe is 5, 8 cm in length and is given by 2, 6 cm in women respectively 5, 1

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Colon Cancer

Thick intestines— This is the end of the digestive tract in 1,5-2 meter. It consists of the cecum with the appendix, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon gut, sigmoid and straight gut.

Colon cancer — a malignant tumor that grows from the mucous membrane that lines the wall of the colon. In most cases the tumor is located in the sigmoid colon, rectum, or blind.

Bowel cancer is most common in the elderly. And every year these patients is becoming more and more, especially in developed countries with a high standard of living.


Occurrence of

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Fly deprives the ants head


. The world's smallest ant decapitating fly. The tiny fly species Euryplatea nanaknihali, belonging to the family gorbatok are storm ants. Putting aside their larvae into the bodies of these insects, they actually deprive them of life.

Hatched, the offspring of ant eats the contents of the head, and she falls off, as if chopped off her skillful executioner. All of these bloodthirsty details become known to entomologists from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County), where they have traced the evolution of a species. It was found that

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